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South Dakota Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in South Dakota?

Things to remember...
  • When South Dakota residents schedule an auto glass replacement service, they should read the estimate carefully in order to determine what type of glass will be used for the project
  • South Dakota residents may need to pay a deductible when filing a car insurance claim for auto glass replacement
  • South Dakota car insurance companies cannot discriminate between replacing a windshield with OEM or aftermarket parts
  • Regardless of whether a South Dakota files an auto insurance claim or not for glass replacement service, the driver has complete control over which glass company works on their vehicle

A cracked or chipped windshield is a rather common type of vehicle damage that many South Dakota drivers may face multiple times over the years.

Remember that your windshield serves multiple purposes when fully intact such as:

  • Preventing bugs and other objects from hitting you and your passengers
  • Providing clear visibility of the road
  • Promoting temperature control in your vehicle

At first glance, a damaged windshield may seem like an inconvenience that you are willing to live with for a few months or more until you have enough funds available in your budget to pay for a glass replacement service. Finding cracked windshield insurance coverage is important.

However, it is unsafe to drive with a damaged windshield for several reasons. For example, any structural weakness in your auto glass may cause the glass to completely shatter or rupture if something else strikes it.

The crack or other damage may also hinder visibility as you drive through South Dakota.

While repairing your windshield right away is important for any South Dakota driver facing this type of issue, but you may be struggling to find an affordable way to complete this repair service.

After all, damaged glass can develop when you least expect it, and you may not be prepared to pay for this expense on your own. Compare rates for auto coverage with our free quote tool above! 

Some drivers may have window glass replacement coverage on their auto policy, and filing a claim against your auto policy is one financial option to consider.

Table of Contents

Filing a Zero-Deductible Glass Replacement Claim in South Dakota

If you choose to file a claim against your South Dakota auto insurance policy for glass replacement service, you may have to pay a deductible up-front.

For most types of claims, drivers must pay their full deductible amount before the insurance company will pay for any expenses.

For example, if your deductible is $250, you will pay the first $250 of the replacement cost, and your auto insurance company will pay the remainder of the cost.

The issue arises for South Dakota motorists when they have a higher deductible. A standard deductible amount may be as much as $500 or $1,000 in some cases.

However, the glass replacement service may be substantially lower than $500 in many cases.

If this is the case for you, your entire deductible will pay for the replacement service, and your auto insurance company will not pay for any of the expense. Essentially, filing a claim against your South Dakota insurance policy in this type of situation is not worth the effort.

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The Legal Requirements for Glass Replacement Coverage

Minimum coverage for auto insurance in South Dakota by state law does not require a zero-deductible auto glass replacement benefit as several other states do. Your insurance company can, therefore, set the deductible amount for this service at any amount that it desires.

While some insurance companies may still have a zero-deductible option for this type of claim, other companies set the deductible amount at $50, $100, or higher.

In addition, many South Dakota drivers have not purchased a policy that has window glass replacement coverage.

This special type of coverage is most commonly available in conjunction with comprehensive car insurance, and it is usually not available for drivers who buy a collision or liability policy.

Remember that comprehensive insurance is a special type of coverage that pays for a replacement or repair work for many types of vehicular loss events that you may face.

However, you may have to specifically request that glass coverage is added to comprehensive insurance, and you should not assume that this coverage is included in your policy regardless of the type of insurance you purchased.

The terms for auto glass replacement coverage may also vary substantially. For example, one auto insurance company may have a higher deductible and a lower limit than another car insurance company may have.

These factors can affect how beneficial it may be to file a claim versus to pay for the service on your own.

You can adjust your coverage terms or even shop for better terms before you file your next glass claim if you are unhappy with your current glass coverage.

What You Need to Know about Glass Replacement in South Dakota

South Dakota has established a state law that permits the use of aftermarket crash parts on vehicle repair or replacement projects, and this includes aftermarket crash glass on a window replacement.

Any time a glass company uses this type of material, it must be disclosed to you in writing up-front. Your insurance company does not have to pay for new or OEM glass unless the policy specifically states it.

Understanding your coverage terms before you file a claim can help you to enjoy the best overall experience possible.

When you need a South Dakota glass replacement service or any other type of repair work done on your vehicle, it is understandable that you would only want the most qualified and reputable company working on your vehicle.

State law in South Dakota indicates that consumers can choose their own vendor for glass replacement service. This pertains to self-pay glass projects and insurance claims projects.

Through the process of examining your options to pay for an auto glass service, you may determine that your current insurance coverage is less than ideal.

Shopping for better auto glass terms today may help you to be better prepared for the next glass replacement service that you need. Use our free quote tool below now! 


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