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What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Vermont?

Things to remember...
  • Vermont car insurance companies legally permits glass replacement companies to use aftermarket and used parts, but the materials must have a similar quality
  • Vermont does not have laws regarding the deductible amount that a car insurance company may charge for a windshield glass replacement claim
  • Some auto insurance providers in Vermont may offer a zero-deductible benefit for a windshield replacement claim

Vermont is a stunningly beautiful state with a wide range of gorgeous landscapes. When you are not cruising through its towns, your journeys may take you through the countryside.

Regardless of where you travel in this state, your windshield could potentially take a beating. Rocks, birds, and numerous other items could damage your windshield.

Remember that a small chip in a window may spread into a huge crack within a few hours or less in some cases. Any size of crack or chip is a cosmetic issue that you may want to dress, but it is also a risk to your overall well-being on the road.

From an increased risk of your window completely shattering to the possibility of your visibility of the road being limited, the chances of injury may be higher until your windshield has been replaced or repaired.

However, the small issue of cost must be addressed, and you can easily request several repairs or replacement quotes, depending on the extent of the damage.

Nobody wants to pay money for a repair when they do not need to, so you may be thinking about filing a claim against your auto insurance policy.

However, not all Vermont drivers have a policy that covers a windshield replacement, and those that do may still need to pay a deductible that could cost several hundred dollars or more in some cases.

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Table of Contents

Zero-Deductible Glass Coverage in Vermont

When a Vermont driver files a claim against his or her auto insurance policy, the driver typically must pay a deductible.

After the deductible is paid, the insurance company may pay the remainder of the cost to repair the damage up to the coverage limits established in the policy.

In some cases, Vermont auto insurance may offer a special zero-deductible benefit that specifically pertains to auto glass services. The zero-deductible benefit, however, is not mandated by law.

Because there are no legal requirements pertaining specifically to the deductible that can be charged for auto glass claims in Vermont, each insurance company has a unique policy. For example:

  • Some have a zero-deductible benefit
  • Others may charge a reduced amount for this type of claim
  • Some require drivers to pay the full deductible amount just as they would if they file a claim for a car accident

While the deductible amount for auto glass benefits is one matter to research thoroughly, another matter involves the type of coverage that you purchased.

Some drivers in Vermont only purchased a liability auto policy or a collision policy, and neither of these coverage types offers glass replacement benefits in most cases.

Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, pays for repairs to your vehicle for many types of damaging events, including rocks flying at your car and more.

Full glass replacement coverage is not always included in a comprehensive auto policy. In addition, the deductible amount for your full glass replacement service may be different than the rest of your policy.

You also need to confirm the coverage limit for this coverage before you file a claim.

Spend a few minutes comparing the glass replacement quotes that you have obtained against the terms of your coverage. By doing so, you can better ascertain the true financial benefits associated with filing a claim.

For many drivers, the rather affordable cost of a windshield replacement may be more affordable than paying a car insurance deductible.

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Vermont’s Requirement for Window Replacement Materials

With many types of automotive repairs, you may assume that new parts are being installed in your vehicle unless you are specifically notified beforehand.

However, Vermont law allows windshield repair companies to use aftermarket or used materials for replacements.

The only legal requirement Vermont has regarding windshield replacement is that the new glass must be of like-kind.

If you pay for this service outside of an auto insurance claim, you may have a greater opportunity to shop around for a provider that does not use aftermarket or used glass for a replacement if this is important to you.

If you choose to file an insurance claim, your auto coverage company may only pay for the more affordable material option to be used.

Choosing the Right Vermont Glass Repair Company

Some states require drivers to use the glass repair company that the insurance company prefers if you file a claim, but Vermont does not have this legal requirement. Drivers are free to choose any glass repair company they desire regardless of if a claim is filed or not.

When selecting a glass company to hire, pay attention to cost, the type of materials used, availability, and other relevant factors.

Your windshield can crack or shatter at any time, and it may even shatter within the week or two following your current replacement service.

This is a risk that you face each time you drive down the road, and you may prefer to update your coverage now so that you can more easily take advantage of auto insurance benefits.

Look for a reputable provider that offers zero-deductible or low deductible coverage for auto glass services. Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your ZIP code and start comparing rates now!


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