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Washington Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Washington?

Things to remember...
  • Washington motorists can choose their preferred glass repair company even when filing an insurance claim for the damage
  • Each insurance provider in Washington has a unique glass replacement policy, and some charge a discounted deductible or no deductible for this type of claim
  • Aftermarket and used glass may be used by some repair companies for the replacement service

Most drivers have had the unfortunate experience of having a rock or other item fly directly into their windshield while they are driving. When this happens to you, you may notice a small chip or even an immediate crack in the window. Looking for damaged windshield auto insurance is important.

If you have a small chip, you may be pleased that the damage was not worse than it otherwise could have been. However, chips that are not quickly repaired can easily spread into a huge crack that spans the entire length of your window.

Washington motorists need full visibility out of their windshield to drive safely at all times.

A cracked or shattered windshield can impair visibility, and it also may make the windshield more vulnerable and less protective than it should be against other types of projectiles and damaging objects.

If you are thinking about filing a claim against your auto insurance policy to repair the damage in a more affordable way, it is important to learn more about Washington laws regarding windshield repairs and replacements.

You also need to examine your existing coverage carefully to determine if this type of damage is covered and what your deductible amount is. Compare rates today with our FREE quote tool above today! 

Table of Contents

Your Deductible for a Glass Replacement Claim in Washington

Because driving down Washington roads with a damaged windshield can potentially be very dangerous, you do not want to delay scheduling repair service with a reputable glass repair company.

However, the first step to take is to review your auto insurance policy to determine if you have this type of coverage.

Glass repair or replacement coverage is not usually included in a liability-only or collision insurance policy. Instead, you may need to have comprehensive insurance coverage to enjoy this benefit.

Comprehensive auto insurance may pay for any damages to your vehicle regardless of the cause, but full glass coverage is not always included.

When you review your policy to see if you have full glass coverage, you should also pay attention to policy limits and to your deductible amount. Remember that your auto insurance company will only pay benefits up to the limits established in your policy.

Some states have a legal requirement for auto insurance companies to have a zero deductible clause for glass replacement in all policies, but Washington does not have this law.

Instead, each auto insurance provider has the ability to establish its own policy for glass replacement deductibles. Here are some possibilities:

  • You may be charged the full deductible amount
  • You may be offered a zero deductible benefit
  • You may have a partial deductible for glass replacement

Remember that it is too late to shop around for a provider that has an affordable or no deductible for a glass replacement service if your windshield is already damaged.

You may have to pay your full deductible for this repair service, or you may decide to not even file a claim at all. However, in order to be better prepared for a future incident, consider updating your coverage as soon as possible.

Should you pay your deductible and file a claim?

Before you file a claim against your Washington auto insurance policy, you need to request a few quotes for coverage from reputable auto glass service providers.

By doing so, you may find that your total repair cost is substantially lower than the deductible amount you would need to pay if you file a claim.

In this case, there may not be any financial benefit associated with filing claim. In fact, you may even have your insurance rate increase in the future because of your claim.

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Types of Replacement Windows in Washington

When you file a window replacement claim against your auto policy, Washington law dictates that the provider gets to choose if used or aftermarket glass is installed on your car. This material must be of a similar quality.

You may choose to opt out of this per state law, but you will need to pay any difference in cost between these materials and a brand new windshield.

On the other hand, if you choose to pay for a new windshield out of your own pocket and not file a claim, you should inquire about the type of glass that will be used.

Many vendors will disclose this fact up-front, but you should be proactive about requesting the type of glass that you desire.

Remember that used or aftermarket glass may be more affordable than the other option.

Choosing the Right Glass Coverage

There are many glass repair and replacement companies that you could reach out to across the state, but your selection may be limited by the type of coverage that you have.

When you are setting up coverage, pay attention to the policy terms regarding who chooses the glass company for an auto window replacement.

Shopping around to compare quotes for the cost of service and type of material used to complete the project is a great first step to take. You may also want to compare consumer reviews and look for a company that offers mobile service as an additional benefit.

After the work is done, consider taking the time to update your coverage so that you can minimize out-of-pocket costs for a future windshield issue. Don’t miss out on our FREE quote tool below! Just enter your ZIP code and start comparing rates now!


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