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What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Minnesota?

Things to remember...

  • The right comprehensive coverage choice could cut windshield replacement costs down to zero
  • Minnesota car insurance companies can choose both the shop and parts to repair your windshield
  • Drivers in Minnesota are not limited to an insurance company’s choice of a repair garage
  • Requesting numerous quotes helps with getting the best overall coverage on an auto insurance policy

Driving in either the metropolitan regions such as St. Paul and Minneapolis or in the suburban and rural areas of Minnesota can be a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, life and driving both come with unpleasant surprises. Sitting behind the wheel and discovering the windshield suffered a crack can be aggravating, to say the least. Be prepared to feel annoyed.

Even the strongest windshields may crack due to the following situations:

  • Rocks
  • Hail
  • Ice

With minor cracks, filler kits may be used to straighten the problem out. More severe cracks could require an outright replacement of the glass. While the cost of replacing a windshield can be hefty, your insurance might cover most or even all of the bill.

One benefit to living and driving in Minnesota is you can choose the location of the repair/replacement work. The insurance company doesn’t have the final say in that matter. Regardless of an insurance situation, be sure to move quickly to fix a damaged windshield.

Minnesota law specifically states no one can “drive or operate any motor vehicle with a windshield cracked or discolored” to the point that the driver’s vision is obstructed.

Driving with a cracked windshield that obstructs vision is illegal and may result in a ticket.

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Table of Contents

Zero-Deductible Full Glass Coverage Law in Minnesota

As noted, auto insurance could cover the costs associated with the replacement or repair of a damaged windshield. The driver would need to pay a deductible amount unless he/she carries a zero-deductible policy.

No law in Minnesota places any requirements on insurance companies regarding any minimum or maximum deductible.

Not every insurance company offers zero-deductible plans so comparison shopping would be the best way to find no, low or high deductibles.

The insured must pay the deductible amount out of pocket before the insurance company handles any payments. Spending a little extra on a premium to acquire a zero-deductible amount may be worthwhile.

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The Full Glass Coverage Option

The policy does need to contain comprehensive coverage in order to pay for non-collision losses. These losses do include damage inflicted to a windshield. An insurance company may even offer “full glass coverage” under a comprehensive provision.

Repair work on the windshield won’t come with a deductible. Better yet, full glass coverage doesn’t just pay for damage to the front windshield. The rear, passenger, and driver’s windows could be covered as well.

With so many different deductible amounts and categories of coverage available, drivers should look at as many auto insurance quotes as possible. Requesting a quote from only one insurance company probably wouldn’t be the best plan of action.

Examine three or four quotes to be sure you are getting the best deal on solid coverage.

Law Governing Replacement Parts in Minnesota

Auto manufacturers install high-quality parts in their vehicles. The owner of a damaged vehicle may want the same OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts installed in the car.

Minnesota car owners might not be thrilled to discover that state law allows insurance companies to select aftermarket parts for windshields provided the new windshield meets safety standards. The insurer may even choose used OEM parts for other types of repairs.

Customers may run into trouble when they agree to parts without checking with their insurance company. Installing OEM parts when the insurer demands aftermarket parts can create troubles.

A quick call to an insurance provider can help you understand what limitations the policy may impose.

Law Governing Choice of Repair Vendor in Minnesota

Unlike other states, drivers in Minnesota have the right to take their vehicle to the repair garage of their choice. The insurance company cannot provide a limited list and use coercion to force a customer to follow the insurance company’s directive.

Customers do need to be aware the insurance company might only pay a portion of the settlement when the insured makes a decision to take the vehicle to a particular garage.

How does this work? The repair cost might be $800 and the insurance company only pays $650. The $150 difference falls on the shoulders of the insured.

To avoid such unpleasant surprises, review the insurance policy to understand the rules and limitations. Directly contacting the insurance company’s claims line for further clarification wouldn’t hurt.

How can you find excellent auto insurance in Minnesota?

The internet reveals all. Running a search for quotes online makes reviewing premiums and coverages a simplified process. Reviewing quotes every six months increases the chances of always purchasing the best coverage.

And you do need the best coverage to deal with the following:

  • Windshield woes
  • Liability issues
  • Uninsured drivers

Compare car insurance quotes to find the best rate for the coverage you need! Enter your ZIP code below to begin.


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