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State Auto Insurance Hub

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Location Matters

When it comes to car insurance, no question can be fully answered until the where is determined. It’s shocking how much car insurance prices and laws vary from state to state. The states that make up the United States of America are far from united when it comes to how they govern their drivers.

For this very reason, our team of researchers created complete guides on each state and even major cities within them (links below).

These essential area-specific guides are packed full of everything from the minimum coverage drivers are required to carry to how long commuters are stuck in traffic on their way to work.

In our comprehensive guides will find car insurance rates by zip code, provider, and how they vary by unique driver profiles. You can even find out what you would be expected to pay after one ticket or accident in that specific location.

Rates by State

Before you are wowed by one of our state or city guides, take a look at the two charts below to see how drastically insurance prices vary across America. Check out the ten least and most expensive states for car insurance with their average rates broken down by type of coverage.

You think that’s interesting? Just wait until you scroll through one of our guides.

The 10 States with the Cheapest Car Insurance

StateCollisionComprehensiveLiabilityFull Coverage
South Dakota$209$258$300$767
North Dakota$244$231$298$773
North Carolina$294$136$359$789
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Even when just looking at the ten cheapest states for auto insurance, Maine and South Dakota’s rates for comprehensive vary by over $150. And, while Idaho has the cheapest full coverage in the U.S., other states have cheaper prices in the specific lines of coverage.

Car insurance prices are sneaky like that. You have to pay close attention to all the minor details—they sure add up fast.The 10 States with the Most Expensive Car Insurance

The 10 States with the Most Expensive Car Insurance

StateCollisionComprehensiveLiabilityFull Coverage
Rhode Island$412$132$760$1,304
New York$385$171$805$1,361
New Jersey$382$131$870$1,383
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You’d be hard-pressed to find an insurance provider in any of the above ten states that will offer you full auto coverage for under one thousand dollars a year. If you live in one of these most expensive states, you can expect to pay $800 or more for liability coverage alone.

Again, you’ll find quite the variance in rates . . . an average $131 difference between collision coverage in Florida and its neighbor, Louisiana. And, a $264 price difference on liability coverage between New Jersey and Massachusetts.

When comparing car insurance rates across the country, you’ll quickly come to an alarming realization: residents in the cheapest states are paying over $700 less each year for their car insurance coverage than residents in the most expensive states.

Dig Deeper

Comparing average car insurance rates across the U.S. is helpful, especially for those who are moving or travelling out of state. But, you really need to know the insurance laws and rates where you live, work, and spend the most time on the roads.

Below you will find links to our comprehensive guides for the top cities in every state.

These auto insurance guides are an indispensable source for all things relating to traffic, driving, and of course, insurance in the specific cities where you will be driving.

We don’t sell car insurance, but we can help you find the best providers out there who do. We’re a team of experts who work daily to bring you the most up-to-date crash stats, auto insurance rates, and much more. We’re here to make sure you have the knowledge you need to protect your investments and family each time you brave the open road.

Follow the links below to get your insurance questions answered for the specific states and cities where you and your loved ones will be driving.


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