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Is Mitsubishi’s safety rating on small SUVs better than Chevy’s?

Things to remember...

  • Driving is the number one method of transportation around the world, and due to this, the number of cars keeps growing on a daily basis
  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests many models for their safety so that those purchasing the cars will not be exposed to danger
  • Mitsubishi Outlander is a small SUV produced by the Japanese creator that is headquartered in Tokyo
  • Chevrolet is one of the most powerful American brands that specialize in many automobile types, especially larger ones such as the Trax model

SUVs have grown to be very popular due to many factors such as size, power, speed, and convenience. The merge between elegance and functionality gave birth to this car type that many families rely on.

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Table of Contents

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tests SUVs, and many other car types, for their safety skills.

Their testing helps the buyer be aware of any defects that might present a risk.

The Institute categorizes its reviews into three separate categories that are as follows:

  • crashworthiness
  • crash prevention
  • child anchors (LATCH)

Crashworthiness and child anchors can be rated with a good, acceptable, marginal, or poor grades. Crash prevention is proportioned out of six total points and the ratings can be basic, advanced, or superior.

Crashworthiness further possesses multiple sectors that are tested:

  • Small Driver and Passenger Overlap Test
  • Moderate Overlap Test
  • Roof’s Strength-to-Weight ratio
  • Side Impact
  • Head and Neck Restraints

Similarly, crash prevention will have a low and high-speed result based on a 12-mph and 25-mph evaluation. Child latches are the easiest category that is tested through observation.

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Mitsubishi Outlander Versus Chevy Trax


Surprisingly, Chevy Trax is one of the few models that have a rating for its small overlap passenger test that has been released a few weeks ago. This gives it an upper hand since Mitsubishi Outlander received no rating for that field thus-far.

As far as the other test scores are concerned, both models were rated “good” for all five categories.

The vehicles are as high-quality as it gets, thus the manufacturers dedicated the necessary time and resources to creating safe products.

The roof ratio was a little better in Chevrolet’s case, although no major discrepancies existed. The side impact triggered airbags in both models appropriately, and these were capable of stopping the driver’s head from hitting the A-pillar, instrument panel, or the glass.

Overall, Chevy took the lead as it had more scores in its review, but both models showed true capabilities that are reflective of great manufacturers.

Crash Prevention & Mitigation

Unfortunately for the American brand, its lead was short-lived. The next category brought some major victories for Mitsubishi as it had a perfect six out of six ratings for its crash prevention abilities.

The spotless performance of Outlander easily defeated a “basic” rating that Chevy received due to its one out of six points from the frontal warning systems.

The lack of auto brake scores in the low and high-speed tests cost this manufacturer five points that will turn out to be very important in the final evaluation.

Also, Mitsubishi somewhat made up for its lack of the small overlap test for the passenger as it had acceptable headlights whereas Chevrolet Trax had no results to show.

Child Seat Anchors (LATCH)

Both models received the same score for the child seat anchors, which was “acceptable.” As these are SUV vehicles, it is very important that parents have the ability to connect their children’s seats to the vehicle since there are laws requiring special seats to be used for infants.

Some areas where there were deficiencies were as follows:

  • the location of the anchors, which was too deep for the seat
  • other hardware that could be confused with an anchor

Nonetheless, an acceptable score is not a deal-breaker for either of these prominent models.

2017 Top Safety Pick and/or 2017 Top Safety Pick+

The Institute gives out two awards to those models that showcase extraordinary capabilities.

The first award is the Top Safety Pick award that is given to those models with perfect crashworthiness scores (an acceptable small overlap passenger score is allowed) and an advanced or superior crash prevention abilities.

The other award, Top Safety Pick Plus, goes a little further as it requires acceptable or good headlight ratings on top of the ones aforementioned.

Mitsubishi met all the standards to get the Plus award, while Chevy Trax fell short of both of these awards.

Ultimately, Chevy started off with a great performance that was very promising. As the comparison progressed, however, its crash prevention and lack of headlights caused it to fall behind.

The victory in the small passenger overlap score was not enough to overpower the Outlander that won this comparison.

Insurance Is Mandatory

Although most drivers are well aware of the fact that vehicles come with numerous implied costs, one should do extensive research on this.

Fuel, insurance, maintenance costs, repairs, and registration are all mandatory expenses that can add up to thousands of dollars over the years.

When it comes to insurance, no two drivers will get the exact same quote with the same company because factors such as age, gender, driving records, and so on, are all included in the calculation that derives one’s premium and deductible.

Thus, one should take advantage of the websites that facilitate an easy overview of multiple insurance companies and take the most convenient offer! Get started viewing multiple insurance quotes right here by using our free tool below.


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