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Safety ratings for midsize luxury SUVs Cadillac v. Infiniti

Things to remember...
  • In 2017, the IIHS ran safety tests on one Cadillac model and three Infiniti models in the luxury midsize SUV vehicle class
  • Two of the Infiniti SUVs rated for the Luxury midsize SUV class in 2017 received low grades in many safety categories, but the Cadillac XT5 and the Infiniti QX60 received the Top Safety Pick for 2017 acknowledgment from IIHS
  • Reviewing safety ratings could help you to feel more secure on the road, and it may result in a lower auto insurance premium

To many automotive buyers, luxury vehicles are seen as the cream of the crop, and buyers often assume that such vehicles have cutting-edge innovations and the most superior or advanced features.

If you are included in this group of auto buyers, you may even think that this conveys into exceptional safety on the road.

This is a false assumption, and a review of the safety test results issued by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) will open your eyes to how much variation there actually is in safety ratings for luxury midsize SUVs.

Cadillac and Infiniti are two of many automakers that have luxury vehicles in this class, and these impressive vehicles may be at the top of your list of possible vehicles to buy in the near future.

The safety ratings for these specific vehicle models are significantly different in a few important areas.

Safety ratings may be a strong indicator of your overall well-being and confidence on the road, and these ratings could potentially affect your auto insurance premium for as long as you own the SUV. Make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool above!

Comparing the Cadillac XT5 to the Three Infiniti SUV Models

In 2017, the IIHS tested and prepared safety ratings for the Cadillac XT5, the Infiniti QX50, the Infiniti QX60, and the Infiniti QX70.

To complete thorough safety testing and analysis, these and other vehicles in the luxury midsize SUV class were rated across eight unique safety tests, and these eight tests were grouped together into three main categories.

As you compare the safety ratings, you may notice that each test area has a rating of:

  • Good
  • Average
  • Marginal
  • Fair

However, one area, the Front Crash Prevention test, gives vehicles a “basic” grade, an “advanced” grade, or a “superior” grade.


You understandably want to choose a vehicle that will protect you and other occupants in the SUV if you are involved in an accident, and this is the purpose of the five Crashworthiness tests.

The Cadillac XT5 and the Infiniti QX60 were given a “good” score for each of these five tests, which includes Side, Front Moderate Overlap, Roof Strength, Head Restraints and Seats, and Front Small Overlap.

The QX60 received a “good” score for Front Moderate Overlap, Side, and Head Restraints and Seats, but it was not tested in the other two Crashworthiness areas.

The QX70 had a “good” score in Front Moderate Overlap and Head Restraints and Seats, but it was not rated in the other three test areas in this safety group.

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Crash Avoidance and Mitigation

You may also be looking for a vehicle that could help you to avoid crashes or to lessen their severity, and this is analyzed in the two test areas under the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation safety group.

The XT5 and the QX60 both had a “superior” Front Crash Prevention score, and the QX50 and QX70 had an “advanced” score in this area.

The QX70 had an “average” score in the Headlights category, and the QX50 and XT5 rated “marginal.” The QX60, however, only received a “poor” Headlights score.

LATCH for the Child Seat Anchors

In order to transport young children safely in an SUV, their car seats must be securely and properly fastened in the rear of the vehicle’s cabin, and the LATCH safety section from the IIHS explores how easily drivers can correctly anchor the safety seats.

The Cadillac SUV model was rated “average” for the LATCH safety test. The QX60 and QX70 were scored “marginal” in this area, and the QX50 had a “poor” score for the LATCH test.

2017 Top Safety Pick and/or 2017 Top Safety Pick+

The IIHS rates each vehicle individually for each of the eight tests, but comparing each of the test results individually can be difficult. To simplify the comparison process, the IIHS has put some vehicles in the Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+ categories.

The Top Safety Pick category is for vehicles that had a higher rating in the test for Front Crash Prevention and a “good” rating in all five of the tests for Crashworthiness.

The Top Safety Pick+ category had these same requirements, and it had the additional requirement of a high Headlights score.

The Cadillac XT5 and the Infiniti QX60 both were honored by the IIHS for their high safety ratings. They received the title of Top Safety Pick for this year.

Is Cadillac safer than Infiniti in 2017 for midsize luxury SUVs?

Even though the Cadillac XT5 and the Infiniti QX60 both received the Top Safety Pick honor for 2017, the Cadillac model rated slightly higher in the Front Crash Prevention category.

On the other hand, the QX60 model had a better LATCH rating. The other two Infiniti models ranked by the IIHS in 2017 both had very low ratings in comparison to other SUVs in this class.

In fact, the Infiniti QX70 had the lowest safety ratings for all of the midsize luxury SUVs reviewed in 2017.

Reviewing SUV Insurance Quotes

Before you make a final decision about which SUV you should purchase as your next vehicle, you should carefully compare auto insurance quotes.

After all, while the sales price and loan payments for your new SUV will impact your budget for the next few years, the auto insurance premium will also affect your budget.

You can shop for auto insurance quotes online now with our free quote tool below, keeping in mind that many auto insurance providers take safety ratings and statistics into consideration when preparing new coverage quotes.


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