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Is Buick’s safety rating for midsize luxury SUVs better than Lincoln’s?

Things to remember...
  • Driving a midsize SUV has become a very affordable way to get one’s family and friends around
  • To distinguish among traditional models and these vehicles, one can take a look at the features provided on the inside, the seating options, the relevant size and weight, fuel efficiency and power
  • Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers’ goal of being the most prominent brand in the market causes their safety precautions to take a back-seat to everything else
  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety serves as an accountability check-point that will protect potential buyers from irresponsible sellers
  • This description provides no clear-cut insight, but a detailed comparison between Lincoln MKX and Buick Envision will undoubtedly do so

As a part of their main selling point, SUVs’ size comes with some underlying issues that can be mortal. Even the ones that have been reduced to the mid-size category are still vehicles that have over 4,200-4,300 pounds easily.

The rims and the tires that the manufacturers utilize tend to be generic models unless the buyer specifically orders heavy-duty equipment.

This causes a disconnection between the light tires and a heavy frame which facilitates a dangerous environment where drivers can very often skid, hydroplane, and fail to come to a complete stop.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

To prevent any of the issues mentioned above, as well as to ensure that the driver will survive any accidents that are caused by these issues, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) oversees assessments based on three components.

The first one is crashworthiness that serves as a five-sub-tests-category where an SUV can be graded as one the following:

  • good
  • acceptable
  • marginal
  • poor

Evaluations that go along this category are roof weight-to-strength ratio, side, small and moderate front overlap collisions, and head restraints assessments.

After deciding how well a vehicle preserves a driver during a crash, the IIHS tests to see if the crash could have been avoided with a crash prevention procedure.

The grades differ as one can have basic, advanced, or superior abilities within this area.

The last endeavor is a simple observatory procedure of the child anchors which are relevant to those with infants. Grades for this test mirror the ones in crashworthiness.

Lincoln MKX Versus Buick Envision


To kick-off the comparison, both vehicles started on a high-note with five “good” scores.

The small overlap front test of Buick and Lincoln showcased the models’ ability to preserve a safe survival space and the dummy that was used to demonstrate potential damages did not indicate grave injuries.

The roof’s weight-to-strength ratio for Buick was 4.65 which is well above the threshold of 4.0 for the “good” category, while Lincoln got a 5.21 thus winning this sub-category by a small margin.

As far as the recent history, Lincoln has been performing very well in this category for two years at this point, which is the same for Buick.

Therefore, the cars are technically new to their high scores and they continue to meet the high standards that are setting a great upward trend for their businesses. The winner of the crashworthiness cannot be declared as the scores were so close.

Crash Prevention and Mitigation

Next, the prevention evaluation showed that Lincoln was a lot more prepared. MKX got a superior rating that won over the advanced rating that was given to the Buick Envision.

The point-wise battle yielded to six out of six points for the Lincoln while the Buick only obtained four.

The area where Buick came short was the 25-mph test as it only reduced its speed by nine miles per hour. This means that the collision was not avoided and the auto-brake did not do its job.

Regardless, the “advanced” score is still a decent accomplishment as it will enable the model to get some recognition given by the IIHS.

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Child Seat Anchors (LATCH)

The last category goes to Lincoln once again as its “acceptable” achievement was better than Envision’s “marginal.”

Some common issues were the fact that there was other hardware that could have been confused for a latch, the anchors were located too deep in the seat, and the overall accessibility was not up to par.

Thus, both models have clear room for growth in this area which is why the winner is not as relevant for the area of latches.

2017 Top Safety Pick and/or 2017 Top Safety Pick+

Both models were recognized for one of these awards.

Lincoln obtained a Top Safety Pick as it had perfect crashworthiness and superior crash prevention, while Buick got the Top Safety Pick Plus since it met the crashworthiness and crash prevention thresholds while also having “acceptable” headlights.

Lincoln’s headlights were only “marginal” which is why it was capped at the recognition that lacks the “Plus” distinguishment.

The Winner


Although the Buick model had better recognition, Lincoln seems to have won the overall comparison. It had better crash prevention abilities as seen by a two-point win that was also an entire rating above the Buick’s efforts.

Further, MKX had better child seat anchors that have less room for improvement as they did not get critically downgraded to “moderate” as Envision’s did.

Combining these two categories, one can say that some of the major tests conducted were not as substantially performed by Buick, and with two out of three tests going to Lincoln, the battle was obviously won by MKX.

Regardless of the explicit winner, more information goes into buying a brand new car.

Visiting online reviews is useful, no doubt, but one needs to consider other qualitative factors such as insurance.

Since the IIHS posts all of their reviews online, one would not have to look for some extravagant outlet to research insurance brands and offers, simply look it up online!

Drivers need to get educated on premiums and deductibles and how these might set each-other off, what are the minimum liability thresholds for a certain state, what type of coverage one is looking for, and so on.

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