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Male vs. Female Auto Insurance Rates [New Study + Suprise Results]

Things to remember...

  • A lot would need to change for us to achieve true gender equality in the U.S.
  • Even car insurance companies use gender discrimination in calculating rates
  • In 84 percent of the United States, a woman pays more for their car insurance.
  • In six states, women pay 21-51 percent more than men for identical coverage
  • Fortunately, insurance companies offer many discounts to both genders equally

Gender equality and gender bias are hot topics in America and for good reason.

Are males and females charged equal rates for insurance premiums if they have the same exact profile and driving record?
In 48 states (including D.C), no they are not. Continue reading to find more about the influence of gender on insurance rates.

Does gender play a role? Does a woman pay more than a man for auto insurance?

Major differences in rates have been reported between a man and a woman auto insurance customers across the U.S., and our study further proves this to be true. However, most people even insurance experts believe that a male pay more than a woman. . . but that is a myth!

In this article you’ll find:

  • The Profile Used to Retrieve Quotes for this Study
  • The States Where Women Pay More for Car Insurance
  • The States Where Men Pay More for Car Insurance
  • The States with Equal Rates for Men and Women
  • List of Discounts Many Insurance Companies Offer
  • Our Complete Methodology and Coverage Details  

Table of Contents

What Are Males vs Females Car Insurance Rates Across America?

Women who have the exact same job, background, and driving history are often charged more than males.

“40- and 60-year-old women with perfect driving records pay more for basic coverage nearly twice as often as men having equivalent histories.” –Forbes

And, nearly half of our nation’s population is convinced that males pay more!

“48 percent of Americans think auto insurers charge males more for coverage than women, while only 23 percent of Americans think women are charged more…” –Travelers United

Women make only 82 percent of what males earn for doing the same job but pay more for car insurance. Sounds far from fair, right?

Read on to find out which gender is paying more for their car insurance in each state.

What Are the Differences in Insurance Premiums?

In all 50 states plus D.C., we collected two to three quotes from leading car insurance companies based on the exact same profile for individuals with the only difference: gender.

Profile for every insurance quote provided:

  • Personal – single, 25 years old, homeowner, employed
  • Vehicle – five-year-old, four-door sedan; 13 to 14k annual miles traveled
  • Record – one speeding ticket, insured two+ years (no lapse)

To ensure consistent results, all quotes were standardized for the cheapest monthly payment plan available with no additional discounts selected.

Our study results below fully disprove some of the most popular myths regarding car insurance and gender differences. It’s another reason why it’s invaluable to always compare multiple car insurance quotes before you buy!

What Are the Results of the Study and Analysis?

Why are the quotes for the exact background and driving history so different with just one variable? Why does a gender gap exist and make such a big difference? It has been explained that men drive, speed, drink, and crash more than women. So, who can explain the below study results for 2018?

In 43 states (including D.C.), women are charged more for their car insurance than males. In five states, males are charged more, and in only three states, the rates are equal with gender being the only difference.

Here are the 43 States Where Women Pay More for car insurance and how much more they pay:

StateRate IncreaseStateRate Increase
District of Columbia10.9%Florida11.7%
Nevada8.2%New Hampshire9.1%
New Jersey16.4%New Mexico16.3%
New York14.5%North Dakota10.5%
Oregon10.2%Rhode Island3.3%
South Carolina4.6%South Dakota4.7%
West Virginia25.1%Wisconsin5.9%
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Detroit ABC News published an article in September 2018 quoting Steve Gursten, head of Michigan Auto Law:

“It is not legal. There is a law right on point that says women cannot be charged more than men, nor should they by the way, because statistically women are safer drivers.”

Here are the Five States Where Men Pay More for their car insurance and how much more they pay:

State: Rate Increase:

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There are only three states in the U.S. where men and women pay equal car insurance rates: Hawaii, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

In the five states where males are charged more, it is only an average of 7.8 percent more. However, in 22 states, an adult female is charged over 10 percent more than adult males for the same exact car insurance coverage!

And, that’s not the worst of it . . .

Here are the Six States Where Women Pay 21-51 Percent More than men for their car insurance:

State:Rate Difference:
West Virginia25.1%
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On October 9th, 2018, Detroit ABC News Channel 7 released the below video explaining how a transgender woman in Michigan experienced a nearly $1,000 car insurance rate increase after her sex change from male to female.

“She thought she was the victim of discrimination against transgender people. When she fought for justice, she learned she is the victim of legal discrimination all women in Michigan are subject to…Car insurance companies are allowed to charge women a lot more for car insurance, simply because they are women.”

How can you beat gender bias in your state?

Is your gender causing you to be charged higher insurance rates where you live? Fortunately, there are other ways you can save money on your car insurance coverage.

 Here are the 60 most popular discounts car insurance companies offer:

Common Auto Insurance Discounts Offered by Insurance Companies
Vehicle DiscountsDriver/Customer DiscountsPersonal Discounts
Active Disabling DeviceClaim FreeEmergency Deployment
Adaptive Cruise ControlContinuous CoverageFamily Legacy
Adaptive HeadlightsDefensive DriverFamily Plan
Anti-lock BrakesDriver's EducationFederal Employee
Audible AlarmDriving Device/AppFurther Education
Automatic BrakingEarly SigningGood Student
Blind Spot WarningFull PaymentHomeowner
Daytime Running LightsGood CreditLife Insurance
Economy VehicleLoyaltyMarried
Electronic Stability ControlMultiple PoliciesMembership/Group
Farm/Ranch VehicleMultiple VehiclesMilitary
Forward Collision WarningNew Customer/New PlanNew Address
Garaging/StoringOccasional OperatorNew Graduate
Green/Hyrbid VehicleOnline ShopperNon-smoker/Non-drinker
Lane Departure WarningOn-time PaymentsOccupation
Newer VehiclePaperless/Auto BillingRecent Retirees
Passive RestraintPaperless DocumentsStable Residence
Utility VehicleRoadside AssistanceStudent Away
Vehicle RecoverySafe DriverStudent or Alumni
VIN EtchingSeat Belt UseVolunteer
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Also, just because one car insurance company in your state charges your gender more, it doesn’t mean they all do. Make sure you compare a few quotes so you can beat gender bias and get the best deal available.

Please note: Effective January 1st, 2019 three states require insurance providers to offer non-binary gender options for all policies: California, Washington D.C., and Oregon.

Get started now simply by entering your zip code in the box below.

What do you need to know about car insurance?

Quotes were given by at least two, sometimes three, major insurance companies in every state and the District of Columbia.

What documents do you need for car insurance? Some companies require more personal and background information from the customer before they will provide a quote. The profile information we listed was kept identical to ensure comparable quotes across the various states and companies. The only variable for any state with any company was gender. In addition to the profile listed in the article “setup” section above, when additional information was needed, we provided the following:

  • Home owned for two+ years
  • College graduate
  • Job: computer programmer
  • Car: 2012 Nissan Altima bought new, owned for five years
  • Speeding ticket: within last three years, < 20mph over
  • Licensed and insured for over two years

Unless listed, the rates do not include uninsured motorist, collision, or comprehensive coverage.

The insurance prices we compared for the averages and rate differences were for the cheapest monthly payment plans available that meet state minimum requirements. Some companies automatically apply discounts, but no additional discounts were selected for any of our quotes.

If at least one company charged women more in a state, we went with that company’s quotes and then determined the rate difference to disprove the popular misconception that men pay more.

Regardless of how much you pay based on your gender, you should still seek out affordable rates.


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