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Ford F150 Insurance vs Chevy Silverado Auto Insurance

Things to Remember...

  • If you are in the market for one of these trucks, you had better know what you plan to spend each year, before you make your decision
  • The base model Ford F150 has an average asking price of approximately $23,500 and the Chevy Silverado is about $22,195, so they are pretty close
  • The Ford F150 model options range in price from $23,500 to $25,550
  • The Chevy truck model options range in price from $22,195 to $39,640
  • Make sure to compare features against price before deciding one of these truck options

There is a big difference between the cost of Ford F150 insurance versus Chevy Silverado insurance, whether the comparison of both types is similar or not.

If you are in the market for one of these trucks, you had better know what you plan to spend each year, before you make your decision.

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Many people do evaluations between the Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado because some models have similar features and retail prices.

The base model Ford F150 has an average asking price of approximately $23,500 and the Chevy Silverado is about $22,195, so they are pretty close.

Both vehicles have numerous sub-models with the F150 having 22, while the Silverado has a whopping 35 from which to choose.

This leads many to believe that their car insurance rates should also be comparable. However, when you dive a little deeper into the particulars, you will see how far this is from the actual truth.

The fact is that the cost to ensure these two trucks has a large variance, which can add up over a period of time. This may indeed change your mind, especially if you have a limited budget.

To measure these two trucks realistically and detail your finances appropriately, you might have to review each one separately. Afterward, you can pick the one that presents the better overall value.

Table of Contents

The Various Ford F150 Trucks

The Ford F150 comes in 10 distinct models with the most cost-efficient being the XL. It ranges in price from $23,500 to $25,550. The next least expensive is the STX, which has a retail price range of $25,760 to $28,000.

The XTL is the last standard model you can purchase for under $30,000 with a cost of approximately $28, 215. If you add additional features, the price soars well above $30,000.

The higher priced F150 models include the FX2, which begins at $34,425, the Lariat at $35,320 and the FX4. The FX4 has a starting price of $38,005, but again, this is the most basic model with zero extras.

Next, comes the King Ranch, this model has a selling price of $42,825, followed by the SVT Raptor at $42,975, and the Platinum at $44,635.

The final Ford F150 model, which also has the highest cost, is the Harley Davidson. The suggested retail price is $49,030.

If you want to add anything to the base model, you can expect the cost to rise quickly past $50,000.

Sub-Model Ford F150 Specifics

Since rates for coverage also depend on certain factors, the Ford F150 sub-models have certain features worth bearing in mind.

After all, once you get your car insurance company on the line, they will definitely delve into this line of questioning.

Typically, it is not enough to state the type of truck; they will ask you detailed questions about the sub-model, so you need to have prior knowledge.

You should also be aware that each sub-model has a completely different price. Some are lower and others are higher.

For example, the basic, 2012 F150 that costs $23,500 is a two-door, two-wheel drive with a V6 engine and short cab.

The most expensive model, the Harley Davidson is a SuperCrew truck and has four doors with a V8 engine and two-wheel drive.

The annual cost for insurance coverage should average between $1,361 and $1,409. Of course, you should take every precaution to ensure these rates by securing proper storage.

According to the Tucson Arizona Police Department’s auto crime statistics, the F150 made the top 10 stolen cars list for 2012 in this state.

Their chief reason for high theft occurrences is visibility.

There are more Ford F150 trucks on the road than many other manufacturer models which makes them a huge target for thieves.

One of the main concerns the auto insurance company will have surrounds where you park this type of truck.

Street parking or parking in a lot is not a good idea. You may have to spend a little extra money each month on a private or secure parking facility.

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Ford F150 Truck Safety and Rating Scores

Each Ford F150 has standard safety features that include three types of airbags, front, and side to protect against impact as well as side curtain to absorb shock.

They also use stability and traction control with the anti-lock braking system. This allows for better handling during emergencies.

The tires have protection in that keeps the driver alert to leaks, which lead to unstable driving conditions. If a crash does occur, the horn sounds three times every four seconds to make passersby or any pedestrians aware after the deployment of the airbags.

The optional safety features include parking assistance, a back-up camera, and daytime running lights to improve overall visibility during hours of daylight.

When it comes to crash test scores, the Ford F150 stands up well against front and side impacts. You can go to Consumer Reports to review the video and see the results.

Independent rater Auto Trader gave the Ford F150 four out of five stars for the driver crash grade.

A score of five means the chance of injury during a collision is less than 10%.

Ford still needs to work on security for passengers, however. The crash grade for passengers only received three out of five stars. This lowered their average results.

The 2012 Chevy Silverado Passenger Models

Unlike the Ford F150, the Chevy Silverado only has four basic passenger models.

They include the Silverado 1500, which starts at $22,195. The remaining three are the Silverado 2500HD, which costs $29,100, the Silverado 3500HD at $30,595, and the more expensive Silverado Hybrid with an MSRP of $39,640.

On the surface, it appears as though the Silverado has fewer options to choose from, especially when you compare the models side-by-side. However, the Silverado does have several advantages that the Ford F150 does not.

In addition to introducing a hybrid truck, Chevy has also paid close attention to details, such as the engine size. The Silverado actually has five different types to choose.

This is more than the rest of the competition. The sizes begin with a 195-horsepower V6 and end with a 403-horsepower V8, making the Silverado one of the most versatile trucks on the market today.

The best part about Chevy’s ingenuity is their ability to build a hybrid truck that has the power of a V8 engine combined with exceptional fuel economy.

In other words, it may have a serious engine, but the fuel-efficiency is like that of a V6. It also gets an impressive 20 MPG while driving around the city and 23 MPG during highway rides.

Basing Car Insurance Prices Using the Silverado Sub-Models

As mentioned, the Silverado has an unbelievable number of sub-models for you to review. Let’s start with the first and most basic of them all, the 1500.

This truck is a two-door, two-wheel drive, V6 with a short cab.

The annual cost of coverage is $1,181. If you go back and review the price for the F150, you will see this is a difference of $130 per year.

The same holds true for the high-end sub-model, which is of course the Hybrid. However, unlike the F150, the auto insurance range is not as vast.

The cost for insurance for the Silverado Hybrid is only $30 more each year, even with all of the options. It seems as though the Silverado is a better value not only in retail price, but also for auto insurance.

Perhaps the reason why the Silverado is so much less to insure has to do with the number of collision and comprehensive claims the owner’s file each year.

On average, Silverado owners only place one-third of the number of comprehensive claims compared to F150 owners. A lot of this has to do with the low theft count for the Chevy Silverado.

Another reason could be the number of low-cost anti-theft devices that General Motors designs.

For just over $100, any Silverado owner can purchase a wheel theft prevention system which deters thieves from stealing tires and unauthorized towing efforts.

It works with the current anti-theft system and activates the alarm by flashing the lights and sounding the horn. It is so sensitive that it notices the slightest change in the angle of your parked vehicle.

2012 Silverado Customer Safety and Security Measures

Chevy really puts thought into keeping their customers safe and secure. The 2012 Silverado has a number of standard safety and security packages for every model.

They include three types of airbags for the driver and passengers as well as a sensor that detects the number of occupants within the vehicle. Of course, anti-lock brakes with traction control along with a vehicle diagnosis system.

Each time you start the truck the system indicates any possible issues and alerts the driver proactively. This gives you the option of driving directly to the nearest dealer to have your truck serviced immediately.

In addition to daytime lights, the Silverado has a unique feature that washes the headlights also. This is essential to keep them bright and clear to enhance your vision during the night or in fog.

In the rear, child locks prevent small children from accidentally popping their doors open and the tires have sensors to warn of low pressure to improve steering maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

Security is also something they thought over. They installed the standard panic alarm, of course. In addition, the PASSLock II helps disable the ignition and they even have a deterrent system to protect the contents of the truck.

The radio remains safe thanks to TheftLock and if someone actually does manage to steal the vehicle, it has a tracking device too.

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