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Ford Auto Insurance at the Best Rates

Things to Remember...

  • The make, model, and age of a vehicle are factors that play a major role in the cost of your insurance
  • Ford has a slew of different vehicles on the market, ranging from snazzy sports cars to full-size pickups, the Ford website notes
  • You can reduce the risk of theft by installing a number of anti-theft devices, which are another way too often receive car insurance discounts

Finding the best rates for Ford auto insurance can entail more than searching for the lowest cost for a policy on your existing vehicle.

You can instead do your homework even before you buy your vehicle to review what factors will help keep your insurance costs down.

You are certainly not out of luck even if your current Ford car or truck does not seem to have any of the traits that typically keep auto insurance at its lowest.

You can always make additions to the vehicle that can help decrease the cost of insurance. You can also change your driving habits to ensure you receive the best rates available.

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Ford Vehicle Types

Ford has a slew of different vehicles on the market, ranging from snazzy sports cars to full-size pickups, the Ford website notes.

The company’s lineup also includes a range of crossovers and SUVs, various styles of trucks, a line of commercial vehicles, and several hybrids and EVs.

Also, don’t forget the classic Ford vehicles, such as its well-known Mustang.

How Vehicle Type Plays a Part in Insurance Costs

The make, model, and age of a vehicle are factors that play a major role in the cost of your insurance.

If the Ford vehicle you drive is costly to repair or has a history of many insurance claims, the cost of your insurance generally increases proportionately.

You’ll see the cost increase when it comes to your collision and comprehensive coverage, where the premiums may be higher than they would be for other vehicles.

Collision coverage takes care of damage to your vehicle caused by a collision.

Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your car from factors other than a collision, such as bad weather, falling trees, vandalism, or theft.

Both are directly affected by the repair costs of your vehicle, regardless of the cause of the damage.

Ford Safety

If your Ford car or truck is a newer model, it may come with a number of safety features noted on the company site. These include:

  • Rear safety camera
  • Trailer sway control
  • Inflatable rear safety belts
  • Device that helps you park in tight spaces without hitting objects
  • Cruise control with a built-in collision warning
  • Terrain management system for four-wheel drives

Others include torque control to help maintain a steady ride and cross-traffic control that monitors your blind spots.

At the very least, most newer vehicles come with airbags in the front and anti-lock brakes. Older Fords can be updated with safety devices to help keep you secure and to help cut down on insurance costs.

How Safety Plays a Part in Insurance Costs

Safety devices are one of the typical factors that can lead to a car insurance discount. That’s because safety devices help decrease the damage and injuries stemming from an

That’s because safety devices help decrease the damage and injuries stemming from an accident or even help prevent the accident altogether.

If the damage or injuries from an accident are less severe, the insurance company will have to pay out less money that it would without the devices.

Therefore, it only makes sense insurance companies would encourage motorists to stock their vehicles with safety devices by offering discounts. The exact amount of the discount and what devices are worthy of

The exact amount of the discount and what devices are worthy of a discount depends on the individual insurance company.

Some of the more popular discount-nabbing devices include airbags automatic seat belts and anti-lock brakes.

Ford Thefts

Just as many newer Fords have a number of safety devices, some also come with anti-theft devices.

Ford offers a high-tech keyless entry for security as well as safety, along with a key-free intelligent starting system as long as you have the key fob to activate the system.

Both may work as a deterrent for car thefts and could merit you a lower insurance rate.

On the negative side of the coin for Ford, the company has several vehicles on the top 10 list of most stolen cars for 2010, an annual report issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The 1997 Ford F150 series pickup clocked in at number five, the 2002 Ford Explorer made number nine, and the 1999 Ford Taurus was number 10 on the list.

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How Car Theft Plays a Part in Insurance Costs

Because replacing a car is a costly endeavor, you can safely bet an auto insurance company will charge more to insure a vehicle that is frequently stolen.

This also plays a part for classic cars that are high in value and appealing to thieves.

That means insurance for the three Ford vehicles that made the top 10 list for 2010 may cost you a bit more to insure than other vehicles, even if those vehicles are similar.

You can reduce the risk of theft by installing a number of anti-theft devices, which are another way too often receive car insurance discounts.

Car insurance companies are typically huge fans of anti-theft devices for their obvious benefits, and a number of them may get you a break on insurance costs.

Some of the more common include car alarms, wheel or brake locks, and tracking systems that help you hunt down and recover your car if it is, in fact, stolen.

Ford Technology

In addition to the technologically advanced safety and anti-theft measures newer Fords contain, they may come with several other high-tech features.

The website gives a rundown that includes a Ford mobile plan, HD radio, and audio devices that include traffic and travel options to enhance your trip.

Another feature is a special key system you can program to recognize your teenage driver when he or she uses that key.

The car then records total miles, highest speed, and other trip details you can later review.

How Technology Plays a Part in Insurance Costs

Technology can be a double-edged sword when it comes to insurance costs. While insurance companies may appreciate some of the features, such as the teenage key system, they may not cover them.

High-tech devices can be expensive to repair and replace, which generally makes them expensive to insure.

While companies may be more likely to cover high-tech features that came with the vehicle, rather than after-market add-ons, they still may charge extra to cover their own potential costs.

Ford Car Insurance Discounts

Discounts for safety and anti-theft devices are just two of the many that may be available from car insurance companies.

Companies may also offer discounts for having a good driving record, being a good student, being a mature driver over a certain age or for taking defensive driving or other driving education courses approved by the company.

Additional discounts may come your way for having low annual mileage, participating in a car pool, or if one of the drivers on the policy is a college student away from home who does not take the vehicle.

Insuring more than one vehicle with the same company may merit you a discount, as can holding more than one type of policy with the same company, such as an auto insurance policy along with a home insurance policy.

Other Ways to Keep Your Ford Auto Insurance Costs Low

If you are still deciding on a Ford to purchase, reviewing the factors that play a part in your insurance costs can be extremely helpful.

You can also ask an insurance company about the rates to insure a particular vehicle before you buy it.

Going for a higher deductible usually results in a lower premium. It does mean, however, you will have to foot a larger portion of the bill before any insurance coverage kicks in.

Your driving record is a key factor for insurance rates. Obeying all traffic laws and steering clear of accidents, violations, and claims is very important.

Even if your record is already spotty, keep in mind you can drive safely and cautiously to prevent further violations and accidents.

In addition, keep in mind most accidents are cleared your record after a specific amount of time, generally around three years.

Your credit record is another factor car insurance companies may take into account when setting your insurance rates.

If you have a good credit record and strong history, your rates may be lower than those with poor credit records.

Paying your bills on time, not applying for too many credit cards at one time, and paying off outstanding debts are ways to improve your credit record and history.

Perhaps the best way to help ensure you receive the lowest insurance rates is to shop around to several different companies.

Two different companies may charge dramatically different rates for the exact same coverage. Comparison-shopping only works if you are comparing the exact same types of coverage on the same vehicle.

Making a comparison sheet can be a helpful tool to keep track of the options you looking for as well as the rates you are quoted.

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