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Auto Insurance in Fontana, CA (The Complete Guide)

Fontana City StatisticsDetails
Population 211,815

City Density 5,865 people per square mile
Average Cost of Insurance in City $5,406.78
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies Geico
Road ConditionsPoor share: 40%
Mediocre share: 38%
Fair share: 12%
Good share: 9%
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The City of Fontana has grown from rural farmland into a major urban hub with a deep history tied to motor vehicles. Not only is it the home of NASCAR’s famous Auto Club Speedway, but the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club was founded there in 1948. The city also serves as a hotbed for the trucking industry, with major distribution centers for Sears, Target, Toyota, and other national companies.

If you’re ready to start your engine and hit the highway, you need adequate car insurance. To help you in your quest for coverage, this complete guide to auto insurance in Fontana will teach you about average auto insurance monthly costs, what goes into setting them, local laws, statistics, and so much more.

Before you learn more, if you want to start comparing prices, enter your ZIP code in the free tool above.

Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Fontana

For some car insurance shoppers, the cost is a big concern. The average annual price of a full coverage auto insurance premium in Fontana is $5,406.78, which can be hard for some drivers to afford.

To help you save money, we’ll go over the factors that determine your auto insurance rates, including age, gender, marital status, and more. We’ve partnered with Quadrant Data to give you the information in the sections below.

Keep reading to find out more.

Male vs. Female vs. Age

Data USA reports that Fontana residents’ median age is 31, which means that many drivers there have accrued enough experience to pay less for their car insurance premiums. Below are average prices for different age groups in Fontana.

17253560Cheapest RateCheapest Age
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Like in other cities, 60-year-olds pay the lowest car insurance rates.

Regarding the practice of basing car insurance rates on gender, California numbers among a few states — Hawaii, Montana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and parts of Michigan — that outlaw it.

The news report below goes into more detail about the recent ban regarding auto insurance in California:

Gender and age have affected the cost of auto insurance premiums in Fontana; we’ll go over past results below.

  • $3,962.85 – Males
  • $3,762.34 – Females

The cost difference between the genders amounted to only $200, so the influence was minimal. Based on higher accident rates, insurers can see male drivers as riskier to insure. But as we mentioned, going forward, this form of rate discrimination is a thing of the past in California.

Another interesting item to note is that the state recently started letting drivers choose from among three different sexes for their licenses: male, female, and “X,” or nonbinary.

Here’s how rates vary for single versus married drivers of different ages and sexes:

DemographicRate (Cheapest)
Married 35-year-old female$2,677.28
Married 35-year-old male$2,632.17
Married 60-year-old female$2,352.88
Married 60-year-old male$2,361.12
Single 17-year-old female$6,670.33
Single 17-year-old male$8,198.81
Single 25-year-old female$3,348.88
Single 25-year-old male$3,461.30
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Married female 60-year-old drivers pay the lowest rates of all.

Next, let’s look at how ZIP codes factor in Fontana car insurance costs.

Cheapest ZIP Codes in Fontana

Where you live is a major factor in the value of your car insurance premiums. As you’ll notice below, they can even vary by ZIP code in the same city.

CityZipAverage Annual Rate
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Among the three ZIP codes, costs vary by a little over $100. Check your ZIP code above to see if you pay the highest or the lowest rates in Fontana.

What’s the best car insurance company in Fontana?

That probably seems like a loaded question, especially given the many insurers out there. This section will help you decide which company is right for you. We’ll explore car insurance rates by company, commute, coverage level, credit history, and driving record.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

If cost drives your search for the best insurer, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how rates compare among the top insurance companies in Fontana.

GroupMarried 35-year-old femaleMarried 35-year-old maleMarried 60-year-old femaleMarried 60-year-old maleSingle 17-year-old femaleSingle 17-year-old maleSingle 25-year-old femaleSingle 25-year-old maleAverage
Liberty Mutual$2,203.46$2,077.25$2,058.31$1,989.96$4,763.46$5,099.94$2,473.46$2,507.69$2,896.69
State Farm$3,780.00$3,780.00$3,379.27$3,379.27$6,965.99$8,643.09$4,183.82$4,314.13$4,803.20
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Geico offers the lowest rates, and State Farm provides the highest car insurance prices in Fontana.

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

Your annual mileage affects car insurance rates as well. In California, the average driver covers 13,414 miles annually. How far do you drive?

Here’s how much the biggest insurance companies charge for 10 versus 25-mile commutes.

Group10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.25 miles commute. 12,000 annual mileage.Average
Liberty Mutual$2,658.30$3,135.08$2,896.69
State Farm$4,628.25$4,978.14$4,803.20
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Though California no longer factors gender into the car insurance equation, insurers there give mileage a lot of weight. State Farm offers the lowest difference between the two mileages, at slightly more than $300.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

The amount of coverage you buy, whether you get the required minimum liability or full coverage, affects how much you pay. Let’s see how much prices vary based on the different coverages available.

Liberty Mutual$3,089.28$2,677.63$2,923.16$2,896.69
State Farm$5,199.82$4,325.78$4,883.99$4,803.20
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Liberty Mutual featured the smallest spread from the lowest to the highest coverage, of $400.

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

California has banned setting insurance rates based on credit history. Hawaii and Massachusetts have also outlawed the practice.

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

Your driving record and any penalties you’ve racked up also influence your insurance rates. That’s why auto insurance companies check your driving record as well. Let’s see how common driving penalties can affect them based on the insurer.

GroupClean recordWith 1 accidentWith 1 DUIWith 1 speeding violationAverage
Liberty Mutual$2,514.32$3,366.82$3,041.11$2,664.50$2,974.08
State Farm$3,427.61$4,087.84$7,719.52$3,977.81$5,078.32
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Overall, the more minor violation of speeding triggers the lowest rate increases. Even so, Farmers charge drivers $1,500 more if they get a speeding ticket.

Car Insurance Factors in Fontana

In this section, we’ll look at more car insurance rate factors, including the city’s economy, residents’ earnings, education levels, and jobs.

Metro Report – Growth and Prosperity

The Brookings Institution’s Metro Monitor shows that the closest metropolitan area, Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, ranks 19th out of 100 cities nationwide for economic growth and 83rd out of 100 for prosperity.

That means that though the area is growing economically, other aspects related to residents’ incomes need to keep pace for further development.

Let’s look more closely at the statistics:


Prosperity captures changes in the average wealth and income an economy produces. When worker productivity contributes to a metropolitan area’s growth through innovation or training, for example, the value of those workers’ labor rises.

This is how the area grew from 2007 to 2017:

  • Productivity: -1.1 percent (93rd out of 100)
  • Standard of living: +0.9 percent (68th out of 100)
  • Average annual wage: +0.5 percent (75th out of 100)

Worker productivity lagged behind the standard of living and the average yearly salary. If productivity increased, wages might follow suit to match the standard of living.


Growth indicators measure the change in the size of an urban area’s economy and its level of entrepreneurial activity. Growth and entrepreneurship create new opportunities for people and can help a metro economy become more efficient.

These figures measure growth in the gross metropolitan product, the number of jobs, and the number of positions at young firms.

Here’s how the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario area grew from 2007 to 2017:

  • Jobs: +3.3 percent (5th out of 100)
  • Gross metropolitan product (GMP): +2.2 percent (53rd out of 100)
  • Jobs at young firms: +5.0 percent (31st out of 100)

Jobs showed the most growth, including those at young firms. In turn, the GMP, the total market value of the goods and services the local economy produced, climbed and served as an outgrowth of workers’ steady wages.

Now, let’s see how the economy drives Fontana residents’ incomes, occupations, and levels of homeownership.

Median Household Income

According to Data USA, Fontana households have a median annual income of $68,304, which exceeds the U.S. average yearly income of $60,336. Compared to the 2016 median income of $65,995 in Fontana, there was a 3.5 percent annual growth rate.
Based on the average Fontanan’s yearly earnings and annual car insurance costs there ($5,406.78), drivers pay eight percent of their incomes to car insurance. How much of your earnings pay for auto insurance? Try our free calculator below.


Homeownership in Fontana

Homeownership shows that a driver may be more reliable and able to pay car insurance premiums. If you own a home, you could pay less for car insurance than if you rent. To save more, homeowners can also bundle their car and home insurance.

In 2017, per Data USA, 64 percent of the housing units in Fontana were owner-occupied. This ratio matches the previous year’s rate of 64 percent, and the national average.

The median property value in Fontana, however, grew to $323,300 in 2017, up from the previous year’s value of $289,400. The largest share of houses were worth $300,000 – $400,000.

Education in Fontana

In 2016, universities in Fontana awarded 357 degrees. The largest universities in Fontana by the number of degrees awarded are Westech College (321 and 90 percent) and Salon Success Academy-Fontana (36 and 10 percent).

Community colleges, which provide several degrees and certificates in a range of programs, are a lower-cost alternative to traditional schools. Chaffey College, which has a campus in Fontana, is a prime example, and offers programs centered on business and applied technology, health sciences, language arts, and other popular concentrations.

The most popular majors in Fontana are a veterinary technician and veterinary assistant (123 and 35 percent), medical assistant (92 and 26 percent), and general cosmetology (36 and 10 percent).

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

Regardless of race or ethnicity, most workers in California are in management positions. Elementary and middle school teachers and drivers/sales workers and truck drivers rank a distant second and third, respectively. Here’s how much the top-earning races and ethnicities make and how much they pay on average for annual car insurance premiums.

Annual Car InsuranceAnnual Income% of IncomeNotes
$5,111.80$51,7769.87%Two or More Races
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Asians earn the highest wages of all races and ethnicities in Contra Costa County. As such, less of their income, just over seven percent, goes to car insurance. By contrast, eight to nine percent of the income of whites and those of two or more races cover car insurance.

Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

In 2017, male employees in California made $72,235 annually on average, which was 1.26 times more than female workers, who averaged $57,252. Overall, across the professions, there was a wage gap; however, it was most apparent in management positions.

Based on the average annual car insurance premium cost of $5,406.78 in Fontana, males who earn $72,235 yearly pay seven percent of their incomes to car insurance. Females who earn $57,252 spend nine percent of the earnings on their premiums.

Poverty by Age and Gender

Data USA reports that 14 percent of Fontana residents live below the poverty line, which is slightly higher than the national average of 13 percent. The largest demographic living in poverty are females ages 35–44, followed by females 25–34, and young males age 6–11.

The U.S. Census Bureau uses a set of money income thresholds that vary by family size and composition to determine who classifies as impoverished. If a family’s total income falls below their limits, the Census Bureau classifies that family and every family member as living in poverty.

Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

The most common racial or ethnic group living below the poverty line in Fontana, per Data USA, is Hispanic, followed by “other” and white.

Employment by Occupations

From 2016 to 2017, employment in Fontana grew at a rate of four percent.

The most common job groups, by the number of people living in Fontana, are office and administrative support occupations (14,725 people), sales and related occupations (9,902 people), and material moving occupations (6,962 people).

Driving in Fontana

Driving in Fontana in and of itself might not be frustrating, but along the roadway, you may face accidents, crumbling pavement, and occasional traffic jams.

To ease the strain, you’ll find everything you need to know about local highways here, including toll roads and road conditions.

Keep reading to learn even more.

Roads in Fontana

You may wonder about the condition of the pavement you drive on in Fontana, and where you may face toll charges. You’ll find answers to these and more road-related questions below.

Major Highways in Fontana

Twelve major highways run throughout California, covering 2,457.34 miles of roadway. The map below details the major routes in and around Fontana.

The major highways are listed below:

  • I-10 San Bernardino Freeway
  • I-15 (CA) Ontario Freeway
  • California 66 Foothill Boulevard (Historic U.S. Route 66)
  • U.S. 99 Valley Boulevard (Historic U.S. Route 99)
  • California 210 Foothill Freeway

Among toll roads in the area are the I-10 and I-15 freeways. Rates can vary based on the vehicle you drive, the number of occupants, and your route.

On the I-10 Express Lanes, two-person carpools are charged a toll Monday-Friday 5–9 am and 4–7 pm.

The FasTrak Flex transponder lets drivers pay tolls electronically so that they’re automatically deducted from a prepaid toll account. Solo drivers can get FasTrak online or at Costco to use the I-15 Express Lanes for a fee, which may vary from 50 cents to a maximum of $8 depending on trip length and traffic in the lanes.

The BigRigTravels video below shows the route along I-15 rolling south into Fontana.

Popular Road Trips/Sites

Among the variety of attractions available in Fontana are an art gallery, basketball courts, a theater, and skate parks.

The city itself has listed several suggestions for fun things to do, as has TripBuzz and the Crazy Tourist.

The video below features even more thrilling ideas for your next adventure in Fontana:

Road Conditions in Fontana

Below are pavement conditions and vehicle operating costs in Fontana from TRIP, a national transportation research group:

Vehicle Operating
Costs (VOC)
Compare RatesStart Now →

Most roads are in poor and mediocre shape. Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC) for repairs related to road safety conditions, such as tires, reflect the state of the routes drivers take there.

Does Fontana use speeding or red-light cameras?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Fontana doesn’t have any speeding or red-light camera laws.

Vehicles in Fontana

With car ownership, you may face some hurdles, such as traffic congestion, busy highways, road hazards, and potential vehicle theft. We’ll cover those problems and some more facts about car ownership below.

Most Popular Vehicles Owned

YourMechanic tracks the types of cars it services nationwide and breaks down the information by each major city to show Americans’ car preferences.

According to their survey, 41 percent of the cars they repair in the Riverside-San Bernardino area are American-made. The most popular vehicle is the Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

Consumer Reports ranks the 2020 Toyota Tundra 62nd out of 100 overall, based on safety, road tests, reliability, and owner satisfaction. The truck ranked second on its list of 28 full-size pickup trucks.

In its review, the publication stated that “Easily the Tundra’s best attribute is its 5.7-liter V8, which produces effortless power and a still-competitive 15 mpg. Off-road capability is impressive, as is towing capacity. A neat feature is a hydraulically-damped tailgate that you can raise and lower easily. The Tundra is also the most reliable full-size truck on the market.”

In safety tests, IIHS gave it mostly good scores, however, it received poor marks for its front small overlap tests on the passenger side and “marginal” scores for the driver side. Roof crush tests achieved acceptable results. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the truck four and five-star safety ratings.

The video below features and reviews the truck.

How Many Cars Per Household

Data USA statistics show that most households in Fontana own two cars, followed by three vehicles. Nationally, 10 percent more residences own two cars, and seven percent more Fontana households own three vehicles compared to the U.S. average.

Households Without a Car

The table below reveals how many Fontana households on average own and don’t own cars.

2015 Households
Without Vehicles
2016 Households
Without Vehicles
2015 Vehicles
Per Household
2016 Vehicles
Per Household
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From 2015 to 2016, the number of households without cars decreased by more than one-third, yet the number of vehicles owned rose by only a tenth of a percentage point.

Speed Traps in Fontana

Speedtrap.org keeps track of speed traps all across the United States, as ranked by its users. Among the Fontana roads visitors have debated are truly speed traps, the following received the most votes:

  • Sierra Avenue – South of San Bernardino Avenue to Marygold
  • Fire Station – Citrus Ave. just north of Baseline

If you’re in those areas, it makes sense to obey speed limits to avoid worrying about speed traps and potential penalties. And best of all, you’ll help keep yourself and others safe.

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Vehicle Theft in Fontana

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that in 2017, 881 motor vehicle thefts occurred in Fontana.

The map below, courtesy of Neighborhood Scout, shows Fontana’s safest neighborhoods. The site ranked Lytle Creek Road/Duncan Canyon Road, in the northeastern part of the city, number one.

The site gives Fontana a crime index of 32, which means it’s 32 percent safer than other U.S. cities. In Fontana, your chances of being a victim of violent crime are one in 289, which is lower than the statewide average of one in 224.

For a closer look at the crimes committed in Fontana, below is a chart showing figures from 2017:

Number of Crimes74032964036
Crime Rate
(per 1,000 residents)
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Property crimes occurred nearly four and a half times more than violent crime.

Traffic in Fontana

Read on for information about traffic congestion in the Fontana-Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area, the busiest highways, and the safety of the streets and roads.

Traffic Congestion

According to the Tom-Tom Traffic Index, in 2018, the congestion level in Riverside was 23 percent. On highways, it decreased to 20 percent and off the highway, rose to 27 percent.

Therefore, travel time at peak morning and evening rush hours increased by 40 percent and 51 percent, respectively. In the morning, a typical 30-minute trip ended up taking 12 minutes longer, and in the evening, it extended to 15 minutes longer.


Data USA has found that the average Fontana resident has a longer commute (31.5 minutes) than the typical American (25.1 minutes). Additionally, eight percent of Fontanans face a “super commute” longer than 90 minutes.

The most popular method of commuter travel is driving alone, at nearly 79 percent, followed by carpooling (13 percent).

Busiest Highways

The Federal Highway Administration reports that Route 91 in Riverside-San Bernardino, with 12 lanes, is one of the most heavily trafficked routes in the area.

How safe are Fontana streets and roads?

In this section, you’ll find out how many fatal accidents happened in San Bernardino County courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). We’ll cover everything from the total fatalities by the county to vehicle and railroad accidents.

Below are the total crash deaths by county in 2018:

  • Fatalities (all crashes) = 298 total
  • Fatalities in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver (BAC = .08+) = 100
  • Single-vehicle crash fatalities = 171
  • Fatalities in crashes involving speeding = 84
  • Fatalities in crashes involving a roadway departure = 146
  • Fatalities in crashes involving an intersection (or intersection related) = 61
  • Passenger car occupant fatalities = 105
  • Pedestrian fatalities = 66
  • Pedal cyclist fatalities = 1

Most of the fatal crashes involved single vehicles and roadway departures; many of them also resulted in passenger deaths.

Now, let’s look at the number of fatalities by road type and function class in Fontana.

Interstate (Rural)Interstate (Urban)Freeway and ExpresswayOther Principal ArterialMinor ArterialCollector ArterialLocalUnknownTotal Fatal Crashes
Compare RatesStart Now →

Most of the crashes occurred on other principal and minor arterial roads. An arterial road is a high-capacity urban road. Depending on the amount of traffic, the arterial road may be classified as a highway or a minor arterial road. A collector road gathers traffic from local highways and takes drivers to arterial roads.

Based on U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) data, the table below shows the number of railroad and highway crash incidents that happened in San Bernardino County from 2012 to 2016:

Calendar YearCountyHighwayHighway User TypeRail Equipment TypenonsuicidefatalitynonsuicideinjuryCity
2012SAN BERNARDINOJERSEY BLVD.Truck-trailerYard/Switch00
2012SAN BERNARDINOCHOICEANAPick-up truckFreight Train00
2013SAN BERNARDINO1STPick-up truckFreight Train00
2014SAN BERNARDINOC ST.AutomobileSpecial MOW Eq02
2014SAN BERNARDINOPRIVATE ROADTruck-trailerFreight Train10
2014SAN BERNARDINOCADIZ ROADAutomobileFreight Train00
2015SAN BERNARDINOHINKLEY ROADTruck-trailerFreight Train00
2015SAN BERNARDINOCA SH 58Truck-trailerFreight Train00
2015SAN BERNARDINOO STREETPick-up truckFreight Train00COLTON
Compare RatesStart Now →

During the five years, many railway accidents occurred that involved pedestrians, cars, and tractor-trailers. A handful led to fatalities.

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report tracks the numbers of accident claims drivers make nationwide. According to Allstate claims data, the average driver in the U.S. will experience a collision once every 10.57 years.

In 2019, Fontana ranked 140th out of 200 major cities on the report, down from 119th the prior year. The chart below shows the residents’ insurance claim statistics.

Average Years Between Collisions2018 Best Drivers Report RankingChange in
Ranking From
2018 to 2019
Relative Claim
(Compared to
Drivewise® Hard Braking Events
per 1,000 Miles
Compare RatesStart Now →

Drivers in Fontana went an average of eight years between accident claims, and they were nearly 32 percent more likely to file a claim compared to the national average.


Beyond regular taxi rides, below are the ridesharing services available in Fontana.

  • Blacklane – Blacklane luxury vehicles seat one to five people.
  • Carmel – This company gives users the choice of riding in a sedan, a minivan, a stretch limousine, an SUV, or an SUV super-stretch limo.
  • Lyft – This lowest cost Lyft service will grant you a request for a regular four-seat car.
  • Lyft Lux – A premium black car service limited to only the most luxurious makes and models.
  • Lyft Lux SUV – A premium black SUV service with space for up to six passengers.
  • Lyft Plus – This is the best Lyft option for larger groups. A Lyft Plus car can seat six or more passengers. Fare prices tend to run higher than a regular Lyft ride to compensate van and SUV drivers for their higher vehicle running costs.
  • Lyft Premier – Lyft’s luxury service. A request for a Lyft Premier will grant you a high-end four-seat car.
  • Talixo – Talixo riders can choose from an economy, business, or luxury class vehicle at different prices with seats for up to seven passengers.
  • Uber X – This budget service gives riders a regular-size car that seats four.
  • Uber XL – Uber’s service for larger groups will seat up to six passengers.

EStar Repair Shops

A program from Esurance, EStar helps drivers find the best repair shops in their areas. According to EStar, these are the top 10 repair shops in and around Fontana:

Caliber – Rialto
421 West Rialto Ave.
Rialto, CA 92376
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 874-4470
F: (972) 906-7164

1stCertified Collision-Riverside
2523 Main Street
Riverside, CA 92501
email: [email protected]
P: (951) 784-7401
F: (951) 784-7394

Carstar Intrepid Collision
1206 via Roma
Colton, CA 92324
P: (909) 433-9948
F: (909) 433-9048

1stCertified Collision-San Bernardino
1790 S E Street
San Bernardino, CA 92408
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 763-4490
F: (909) 763-4458

Carstar Avalon Fontana
15090 Hilton Drive
Fontana, CA 92336
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 452-7578
F: (909) 452-7550

Bates Auto Body, Inc.
161 W Mill St.
San Bernardino, CA 92408
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 884-6468
F: (909) 889-9031

Fix Auto Ontario
4930 Vanderbilt St.
Ontario, CA 91761
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 605-7575
F: (909) 494-7474

Hamblin’s Body Paint and Frame
7590 Cypress Ave.
Riverside, CA 92503
email: [email protected]
P: (951) 689-8440
F: (951) 689-7363

1stCertified Collision-Highland
26847 Baseline St.
Highland, CA 92346
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 425-3900
F: (909) 425-3903

1stCertified Collision-Redlands
705 W Colton Ave.
Redlands, CA 92374
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 798-1388
F: (909) 798-8709

When your car needs repair, check out EStar shops to ensure you get quality service.

Weather in Fontana

The average temperature in nearby Fontana is 65 degrees. Fontana is Italian for “fountain,” yet the city receives little rain on average throughout the year. But, as you’ll see below, among other disasters, it sometimes gets heavy rains and floods.

Riverside weather averagesConditions
Annual high temperature:79.5°F
Annual low temperature:51.4°F
Average temperature:65.45°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:10.32 inch
Compare RatesStart Now →

City-Data shows that San Bernardino County averages 44 natural disasters yearly, which is much higher than the U.S. average of 13. Every year, an average of 27 natural disasters lead to an emergency declaration, and two are presidential declarations.

Below is a breakdown of the causes of disasters. Note: some incidents may be assigned to more than one category.

  • Fires: 23
  • Floods: 18
  • Storms: 9
  • Winter Storms: 6
  • Landslides: 5
  • Mudslides: 4
  • Heavy Rains: 2
  • Earthquakes: 1
  • Flash Flood: 1
  • Freeze: 1
  • Hurricanes: 1
  • Tornado: 1
  • Tropical Storm: 1
  • Wind: 1

Most of the natural disasters that hit the area involve fires and floods. Given the auto insurance risks involved, it makes sense to buy comprehensive car insurance for protection from these and other hazards that can damage your vehicle.

Public Transit in Fontana

Regular bus and light rail services are options for commuters who seek alternate forms of transportation.

Metrolink San Bernardino Line operates the Fontana rail station near the Downtown District. Omnitrans public bus service maintains a transit center next to the station, and connections are available to certain bus routes and Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) Line 15. Bus and rail services are open seven days per week.

Metrolink offers multiple types of tickets for all kinds of riders. All tickets and passes include free transfers to connecting buses and trains. The cost of fares varies with the kind of trip you take. Single-day, one-way, and round-trip tickets are available, as are $10 weekend day, multi-day, monthly, and seven-day passes

Passengers may also use tickets on more than one line, such as Riverside, 91/Perris Valley, and the Inland Empire-Orange County line. Riders may take the 91/Perris Valley line between stations of equal or lesser distance with an origin and destination between Corona and Riverside.

Omnitrans buses run throughout the San Bernardino Valley. Riders can pay cash for the exact fare for each trip, or save money with one-day, seven-day or 31-day bus passes. Reduced fares are available for youth, seniors, veterans, Medicare recipients, and people with disabilities.

Children 46 inches and under may ride for free. You can also pay your Omnitrans fare quickly and easily with your smartphone through the Token Transit app.

Students at participating schools, colleges, and universities in the San Bernardino Valley enjoy unlimited rides on all Omnitrans fixed-route buses, OmniGo, and sbX express service through the GoSmart Student Pass discounted fare program. Under the program, students at the following schools can get unlimited rides with their student ID cards:

  • California State University San Bernardino
  • Chaffey College
  • Crafton Hills College
  • San Bernardino Valley College

Students must be actively enrolled in one or more units to qualify. Students who prequalify for the Access ADA service get a 20 percent discount on Access one-way base fare tickets.

Cost of Alternate Transportation in Fontana

No major bike or scooter rental companies, such as Lime and Bird, currently operate in Fontana.

Parking in Fontana

Several parking lots and garages are available throughout Fontana, along with street-level parking.

ChargeHub lists the most popular electric car charging stations within 10 miles of Fontana. Some of them are free. Most of them are Level two; however, some Level three charging stations are also available. ChargePoint and Blink are the main charging networks.

Air Quality in Fontana

Pollution from vehicle exhaust has been linked to health issues and even climate change. The pollution not only goes directly into the earth’s atmosphere, but it also reacts with other pollutants, which make the situation worse.

Children and people with chronic illnesses can be most sensitive to the effects.

Below are the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality levels for San Bernardino County from 2016 to 2018. The EPA calculates the Air Quality Index (AQI) for four major air pollutants under the Clean Air Act: ground-level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. For each of these pollutants, the EPA has established national air quality standards to protect public health.

San Bernardino County Air Quality Index (AQI)201620172018
Days with AQI366365365
Days good283143
Days moderate200186168
Days unhealthy for sensitive groups787496
Days unhealthy485151
Days very unhealthy12237
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In the three years, there were more “good” days and days “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” But, the amount of “very unhealthy” days decreased, a sign that pollution in the area is more under control.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires biennial smog checks at every other renewal period. Owners of vehicles eight or fewer model years old will pay an annual smog abatement fee for the first eight registration years instead of having to provide a biennial smog certification.

Your vehicle may be exempt from smog inspections, however, if it meets the following conditions:

  • Gasoline-powered 1975 model year or older
  • Diesel-powered 1997 model year and older or with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of more than 14,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • Natural gas-powered with a GVWR rating of more than 14,000 lbs.
  • Motorcycle

San Bernardino County requires smog checks only in certain ZIP Codes. Members of the military aren’t exempt. For more information about the requirements, visit the California DMV website.


If you’re an active member of the military or a veteran, you may feel that the top car insurers don’t offer enough military discounts. And you can struggle to find out about them.

No need to worry. We’ve gathered the most vital information about military discounts, together with some facts about nearby military bases and when members of the military served in San Bernardino County.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Veterans by Service Period

Data USA figures show that a large population of military personnel in Fontana served in Vietnam, 1.31 times more than any other conflict. Veterans of the recent Gulf War follow them. These statistics closely match the national numbers.

Military Bases Within an Hour

March Air Reserve Base in northwest Riverside County and San Bernardino County serves a large and diverse population. Reservists — Air Force Reserve Technicians and National Guard — and active duty from all branches of the military are represented at March ARB.

The video below features highlights from a past air show at the base:

Military Discount by Providers

If you are or were in the U.S. military, most car insurance companies will want to give back by serving you. Many of them offer military discounts.

Below is a list of known providers who give military discounts. We excluded those who offer military discounts only to certain states.

Military Discounts by Provider
Insurance CompanyPercentage Saved with Discount
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%
USAA60% off when deployed
15% for garaging on base
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*USAA gives a 15 percent military garage discount for garaging cars on a military base.  

USAA Available in State

USAA provides car insurance only to U.S. military personnel and their families. The company’s insurance premiums tend to cost less than those of standard insurers.

Below, you’ll see how USAA’s and other insurers’ rates compare to the average annual full-coverage premiums in California.

GroupAnnual PremiumCompared to State Average (+/-)Compared to State Average (%)
Liberty Mutual$3034.42-$654.51-0.1774
State Farm$4202.28$513.350.1392
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Statewide, USAA has the lowest priced insurance.

Unique City Laws

With so many laws enacted in different cities and towns, it can be hard to keep up with them. What’s legal in one community could be against the law in another.

Below we’ll cover a few laws unique to Fontana to help you obey the rules. We’ll go over hands-free cell phone laws, food trucks, tiny homes, and parking regulations.

Are you ready to read on for more interesting insights?

Hands-Free Laws

Fontana doesn’t have any specific hands-free cellphone laws. These are the state laws regarding cell phone use and texting while driving:

California Cellphone Use Laws
Laws on Cellphones while Driving in CADriver
Hand-held use bannedAll drivers
Primary Enforcement
All use bannedDrivers under 18
Secondary Enforcement
Texting bannedAll drivers
Primary Enforcement
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Primary enforcement means that a police officer can pull over a driver just for committing an offense. With secondary enforcement, an officer needs another reason to pull a driver over, such as a broken taillight, to catch them for the crime.

Food Trucks

The City of Fontana has several laws that regulate food truck vending.

Primarily, vendors must get a permit to park their vehicles on the street. They must also apply for a permit to participate in food truck events. Applicants must submit a completed form at least 60 calendar days before the event.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes appeal to people who want to simplify their lives. Before you abandon standard housing, you should be aware that small homes often must meet specific regulations.

A tiny house is often considered a mobile home and must comply with the same laws. Fontana city codes include standards for manufactured homes and limits on the location and parking of mobile homes or recreational vehicles.

Parking Laws

In Fontana, when signs or markings are in place indicating angle parking, no one shall park or stand a vehicle other than at the angle to the curb or edge of the roadway, as the signs or markings show.

Fontana Car Insurance FAQs

Though we’ve covered several topics in this guide, you may still need some answers. If you want to know more about Fontana and your car insurance options there, we answer some of the most common questions below.

Read on for more insights.

Is Fontana, California a good place to live?

With a population of more than 211,815, Destination Scanner considers Fontana an excellent place to live with plenty of things to do. “It’s highly suited to those who travel to Los Angeles County, and the cost of living is much less than it is in Orange County.”

What is Fontana, California known for?

Fontana started as an agricultural town of citrus orchards, vineyards, and chicken ranches along U.S. Route 66 (now known as Foothill Boulevard). Fontana became industrialized during World War II.

How far is Fontana, California from Los Angeles?

Distance Between Cities states that Fontana and Los Angeles are 46.39 miles apart going west and 50 miles (80.47 kilometers) by car following the I-10 W route. If you drive non-stop, Fontana and Los Angeles are 48 minutes apart.

What kind of car insurance is required in Fontana?

In California, whoever causes an accident is legally and financially responsible for paying the damages.

All drivers there must carry the following minimum liability insurance levels of 15/30/5 to meet basic coverage:

  • $15,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident the owner of the insured vehicle caused
  • $30,000 for total bodily injury or fatality in an accident the owner of the insured vehicle caused
  • $5,000 for property damage per accident the owner of the insured vehicle caused

Drivers in California can choose to buy Medical Payments or MedPay insurance of at least $1,000 to cover medical expenses after a crash regardless of who caused it.

What are the penalties for driving without car insurance in Fontana?

The following penalties show why it’s unwise to drive without car insurance in California:

California Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance
1st OffenseFine up to $200 + penalty assessments
Possible vehicle impounding
2nd OffenseFine up to $500 + penalty assessments
Possible vehicle impounding
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Also, the California DMV can suspend your vehicle registration as a result of the following:

  1. Canceling your insurance policy and not renewing or replacing it within 45 days
  2. Failing to provide proof of coverage to the DMV within 30 days of vehicle registration or transfer of ownership
  3. Registering your vehicle with false information or evidence of insurance

Upon suspension of your vehicle registration, the California DMV will mail you a notice. To re-register your vehicle, you must provide valid proof of insurance and pay a fee.

How much is car insurance in Fontana?

Depending on your ZIP code, the average annual cost of full coverage premiums in Fontana is less than $6,000. And, based on your needs and situation, you may pay more or less than average.

What do you think? Did we answer all of your questions? If you’re ready to see how much car insurance costs in Fontana, try our FREE calculator below for rates.


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