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Auto Insurance in Glendale, AZ (The Complete Guide)

Glendale City Statistics 
Population 246,709

City Density 4,430 people per square mile
Average Cost of Insurance in City $4,196.86
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies USAA and Geico
Road ConditionsPoor share: 23%
Mediocre share: 29%
Fair share: 20%
Good share: 27%

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Not to be confused with Glendale, California, the City of Glendale, Arizona, boasts that it’s the state’s “antique capital.” Home to more than 70 antiques and specialty shops, Glendale, Arizona, was formed in the late 1800s and lives up to its nickname.

And, according to Trivago, it’s a top “emerging” travel destination.

If you’re commuting in and out of Glendale, chances are, at some point, you’ll take a car. To drive yourself around, you’ll need to carry auto insurance. For some, that might be easier said than done.

But this complete guide to auto insurance in Glendale is here to help. We’ll explore car insurance rates and coverage, the factors that go into setting prices, and much more.

Are you ready for this journey through all things car insurance? Hop aboard and join us for a riveting read that will give you all the information you need. But first, to start comparing rates, enter your ZIP code in the tool above.

Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Glendale

Car insurers often raise their rates yearly for many reasons, which can be frustrating for drivers. In Glendale, the average cost of an annual auto insurance premium is $4,196.86. If you’re lucky enough to qualify for a discount, however, you may pay less. So, your “financial” mileage can vary.

Which city you live in will have a major affect on car insurance. That’s why it’s essential to compare Glendale, Arizona against other top US metro areas’ auto insurance rates.

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It’s not all about the money, though. You might find other aspects of car insurance are essential, such as the types of coverage you need for the most protection. We’ll go over those, together with the biggest factors involved in setting rates.

Let’s find out more about them below.

Male vs. Female vs. Age

Data USA statistics show the average age in Glendale is 34. By then, many drivers have accrued several years of experience and may pay less for car insurance.

These states no longer use gender to calculate your auto insurance rates — Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, and North Carolina, Pennsylvania. But age is still a big factor because young drivers are considered high-risk drivers in Gledale. Arizona does use gender, so check out the average monthly auto insurance rates by age and gender in Glendale, AZ.

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Below are average coverage rates for different age groups:

35601725Cheapest RateCheapest Age

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Glendale, Arizona auto insurance rates by company and age is an essential comparison because the top auto insurance company for one age group may not be the best company for another age group.

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Based on accident risk and other factors, in Glendale, 60-year-olds pay less for car insurance than younger drivers. Let’s explore how costs vary between genders.

According to Quadrant Data, male drivers in Glendale pay $4,563.99 yearly for their premiums, yet insurers charge females $4,309.47. Again, this comes down to risk.

Insurance companies generally consider women to be safer drivers. This form of gender bias is legal, but many states, including nearby California, have outlawed the practice.

Next, let’s see how age, gender, and marital status combine to affect auto insurance prices.

DemographicRate (Cheapest)
Married 35-year-old female$2,827.05
Married 35-year-old male$2,836.71
Married 60-year-old female$2,577.50
Married 60-year-old male$2,673.76
Single 17-year-old female$8,752.24
Single 17-year-old male$10,400.00
Single 25-year-old female$3,081.09
Single 25-year-old male$3,363.60

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On average, insurers charge the least experienced drivers, single, 17-year-old males, the highest rates.

Cheapest ZIP Codes in Glendale

Where you live, often based on crime rates and weather-related claims, also influences car insurance costs. These are the average annual premium prices in different Glendale ZIP codes:

Find more info about the monthly Glendale, Arizona car insurance rates by ZIP Code below:

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ZipAverage Annual Rate

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At just over $800, there’s quite a cost spread from 85310 to 85301 — and to make things confusing, it can be easy to transpose their last two numbers.

What’s the best car insurance company in Glendale?

The level of customer service a company offers, together with discounts, coverage options, and reviews, can influence which company you consider to be the best.

The cheapest Glendale, AZ auto insurance company can be discovered below. You then might be asking, “How do those rates compare against the average Arizona auto insurance company rates?” We cover that as well.

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Let’s look more closely at other factors that can affect your rates and help you find the right car insurance company for your needs.

– Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

If you’re primarily shopping by price, you’ll be most interested in this section. It covers cheap auto insurance in Arizona and the average annual rates the top car insurers in Glendale charge drivers.

GroupMarried 35-year-old femaleMarried 35-year-old maleMarried 60-year-old femaleMarried 60-year-old maleSingle 17-year-old femaleSingle 17-year-old maleSingle 25-year-old femaleSingle 25-year-old maleAverage
American Family$3,240.44$3,240.44$2,975.78$2,975.78$8,574.85$11,216.53$3,240.44$3,789.87$4,906.77
State Farm$3,523.62$3,523.62$3,124.11$3,124.11$11,079.44$13,932.29$3,791.90$4,790.57$5,861.21

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USAA and Geico offer the lowest rates, which vary from $700 to more than $3,000 less than some competitors’ prices.

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

Your average commute mileage also factors into your car insurance premiums. How far do you drive regularly? If you’re like the average Arizonan, you cover at least 12,829 miles yearly.

Below, you’ll find prices for 10- and 25-mile commutes in Glendale:

Group10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.Average
American Family$4,859.88$4,953.65$4,906.77
State Farm$5,709.84$6,012.57$5,861.21

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Nearly half the insurers listed don’t base their rates on driving distance. Among those who do, State Farm and USAA, a niche insurer for the military, charge less than $100 between the two mileages.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

The amount of coverage you buy also affects how much you pay for auto insurance.

Your coverage level will play a significant role in your Glendale, AZ auto insurance rates. Find the cheapest Glendale, Arizona auto insurance rates by coverage level below:

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Generally, you pay less for the state-required minimum liability coverage than you do if you add collision and comprehensive for full coverage. Here’s how your rates change with different coverage levels in Glendale:

American Family$4,936.13$4,721.23$5,062.94$4,906.77
State Farm$6,371.01$5,232.24$5,980.37$5,861.21

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From the highest to the lowest coverage, with American Family, the price difference is just past $200, and for Farmers customers, it’s 10 times more — over $2,000.

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

If you have a poor credit record, you’ll likely pay more for car insurance than if you have a good, strong history. Here’s how rates vary based on credit scores in Glendale:

Your credit score will play a major role in your Glendale, AZ auto insurance rates unless you live in these states where discrimination based on credit is not allowed: California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. Find the cheapest Glendale, Arizona auto insurance rates by credit score below.

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American Family$4,595.39$3,960.98$6,163.93$4,906.77
State Farm$4,175.54$2,613.81$10,794.27$5,861.21

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State Farm places the greatest emphasis on credit history. The company had the highest cost difference from poor to good credit, which amounts to more than $8,000.

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

If your driving record has some defects, you know how much even one penalty can increase your auto insurance rates. Here’s how much they can change with common driving infractions in Glendale.

Your driving record will affect your Glendale auto insurance rates. For example, a Glendale, Arizona DUI may increase your auto insurance rates 40 to 50 percent. Find the cheapest Glendale, Arizona auto insurance rates by driving record.

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GroupClean recordWith 1 accidentWith 1 DUIWith 1 speeding violationAverage
American Family$3,495.83$5,343.61$6,730.00$4,057.63$5,189.81
State Farm$5,323.06$6,399.35$5,861.21$5,861.21$5,861.21

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Among the top insurers, one accident can raise your rates by almost $1,000 or more.

Car Insurance Factors in Glendale

We’ve seen how much some of the major insurance companies emphasize certain aspects of a driver’s life and habits to set their car insurance rates. Now, in this section, we’ll look more closely at other factors, such as the local economy, your earnings, education level, and job.

Factors affecting auto insurance rates in Glendale, AZ may include your commute, coverage level, tickets, DUIs, and credit. Controlling these risk factors will ensure you have the cheapest Glendale, Arizona auto insurance.

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Metro Report: Growth and Prosperity

The Brookings Institution’s Metro Monitor shows that the closest metropolitan area, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, ranks 12th out of 100 cities nationwide for economic growth and 51st out of 100 for prosperity.

Economic growth is active in the area, but productivity, wages, and the standard of living are more in the middle of the national average and could use a boost.

Let’s look more closely at the statistics:


Prosperity captures changes in the average wealth and income an economy produces. When worker productivity contributes to a metropolitan area’s growth through innovation or training, for example, the value of those workers’ labor rises.

This is how the area grew from 2007 to 2017:

  • Productivity: +0.5 percent (67th out of 100)
  • Standard of living: +1.4 percent (58th out of 100)
  • Average annual wage: +1.2 percent (38th out of 100)

All sectors of prosperity showed small increases. The cost or standard of living yielded the highest gain.


Growth indicators measure the change in the size of an urban area’s economy and its level of entrepreneurial activity. Growth and entrepreneurship create new opportunities for people and can help a metro economy become more efficient.

These figures measure growth in the gross metropolitan product, the number of jobs, and the number of positions at young firms.

Here’s how the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area grew from 2007 to 2017:

  • Jobs: +2.8 percent (12th out of 100)
  • Gross metropolitan product (GMP): +3.3 percent (23rd out of 100)
  • Jobs at young firms: +7.9 percent (16th out of 100)

Like the prosperity statistics, every sector showed growth, with the GMP  — the total market value of the goods and services the local economy produced — and jobs at young firms producing the most robust results.

Now, let’s see how the economy drives Glendale residents’ incomes, occupations, and levels of homeownership.

Median Household Income

As of 2017, Data USA reports that Glendale households had a median annual income of $49,383, which was well below the U.S. average of $60,336. The average yearly income grew 5 percent from $46,817 in 2016.

Based on the 2017 median annual income, the average driver in Glendale paid 8.5 percent of their earnings to car insurance. How much do you pay? Try our free calculator below.


Homeownership in Glendale

Homeownership shows that a driver may be more reliable and able to pay car insurance premiums. If you own a home, you could pay less for car insurance than if you rent. To save more, homeowners can also bundle their car and home insurance.

Data USA numbers reveal that from 2016 to 2017, 54 percent of the housing units in Glendale were owner-occupied. The percentage of owner-occupation is lower than the national average of 64 percent.

In 2017, the median property value in Glendale grew to $180,500 from the previous year’s value of $163,400.

Education in Glendale

In 2016, according to Data USA, universities in Glendale awarded 6,269 degrees.

The largest universities in Glendale by the number of degrees granted are Glendale Community College (4,145 and 66 percent), Midwestern University-Glendale (913 and 15 percent), and Arizona Automotive Institute (451 and 7 percent).

The most popular majors in Glendale are liberal arts and sciences (2,177 and 35 percent), general business administration and management (427 and 7 percent), and Emergency Medical Technician or EMT (320 and 5 percent).

Community colleges, which provide several degrees and certificates in a range of programs, are a lower-cost alternative to traditional schools. The video below takes viewers on a visit to Glendale Community College:

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

In 2017, the highest paid race/ethnicity of Arizona workers was Asian. These workers were paid 1.22 times more than whites, who made the second-highest salary of any race/ethnicity.

Here’s how much the top three races/ethnicities earned in Arizona and the percentage of their incomes that paid for car insurance:

Race or EthnicityAverage SalaryPercentage of Income Going to Car Insurance
Native American$40,84510.28%

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The lowest-paid race/ethnicity, Native Americans, paid more than 10 percent of their wages toward insuring their cars.

Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

In 2017, full-time male employees in Arizona made 1.31 times more than females. Their earnings, on average, amounted to $60,619, while females made $46,169.

Based on their incomes and the average annual cost of car insurance ($4,196.86), males paid 7 percent of their incomes and females paid 9 percent for car insurance.

Poverty by Age and Gender

Data USA reports that 20 percent of Glendale residents live below the poverty line, which is higher than the national average of 13 percent. The largest demographic living in poverty are females ages 25-34, followed by females ages 35-44 and young males ages 6-11.

The U.S. Census Bureau uses a set of money income thresholds that vary by family size and composition to determine who classifies as impoverished. If a family’s total income falls below their limits, the Census Bureau classifies that family as living in poverty.

Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

The most common racial or ethnic group that lives below the poverty line in Glendale is white, followed by Hispanic and black.

Employment by Occupations

From 2016 to 2017, per Data USA figures, employment in Glendale grew at a rate of 1 percent.

The most common job groups, by the number of people living in Glendale, are office and administrative support occupations (16,649 people), sales and related jobs (12,408 people), and management occupations (9,136 people).

Driving in Glendale

Glendale might not have the most congested traffic, but as you head into Phoenix, you can get stuck in some long lines. Traffic jams can turn an enjoyable drive into an annoying trip pretty quickly.

To reduce your stress, we’ll cover the essential aspects of Glendale’s roadways: major highways, pavement conditions, traffic laws, and popular road trips.

Keep reading to find out more.

Roads in Glendale

What are the roads like in Glendale? Will you need to pay tolls? Will a speeding or red light camera catch you? We’ll answer all these questions and more below.

Major Highways

Arizona has six active highways that span 1,168.64 miles throughout the state. The major highways in Glendale include:

  • Arizona State Route 101
  • U.S. 60

Currently, no toll roads exist in Arizona. That’s one less frustration for drivers.

The news report below, however, shows a road rage incident along Route 101 caught on a dashboard-mounted camera:

Popular Road Trips/Sites

As part of the greater Phoenix area, Glendale offers its own special and fun things to do. Below is a sampling of what’s in store for visitors and residents alike:

  • These 5 Charming Apple Orchards In Arizona Are Great For A Fall Day — An apple farm in Glendale made this list of orchards worth a visit.
  • Special Events and Festivals — Find out about some of the entertainment happening in Glendale year-round.
  • Things to Do — For everything from play to arts and culture and parks and recreation, you’ll find a variety of activities to enjoy.

And, for more suggestions, see the video below.

Road Conditions

Below are pavement conditions and vehicle operating costs in Glendale from TRIP, a national transportation research group:

Vehicle Operating
Costs (VOC)

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Most roads are in good and mediocre condition. Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC) for repairs related to road safety conditions, such as tires, are below $600. This is less than in other cities, reflecting the relative stability of the highways.

Does Glendale use speeding or red light cameras?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Glendale doesn’t currently use speeding or red light cameras at its intersections. The city council recently rejected another attempt to install red light cameras.

Vehicles in Glendale

Next, we’ll cover the most popular cars owned in the area, car ownership, and crime rates (including vehicle thefts).

Most Popular Vehicles Owned

YourMechanic tracks the types of cars it services nationwide and breaks down the information by each major city to show Americans’ car preferences.

According to their survey, 47 percent of the cars they repair in nearby Phoenix are American-made. The Nissan 350Z, produced for only six years until the 2009 model year, is the most popular car.

The sporty roadster was known for its smooth handling, especially in turns, and its sleek, stylish look. Regarding safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the 2009 edition four- and five-star ratings in frontal crash tests.

The video below goes into more detail about this car:

How Many Cars Per Household

Data USA statistics reveal that most Glendale households own two cars, followed by one car. These figures match the national averages.

Households Without a Car

The table below shows how many Glendale households on average own and don’t own cars.

2015 Households
Without Vehicles
2016 Households
Without Vehicles
2015 Vehicles
Per Household
2016 Vehicles
Per Household

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From 2015 to 2016, the number of households without a car increased by nearly two-thirds of a percentage point, while the number of vehicles owned rose slightly.

Speed Traps in Glendale

Speedtrap.org keeps track of speed traps all across the United States, as ranked by its users. Among the Glendale roads visitors have debated are truly speed traps, the following received the most votes:

  • Grand Ave.
  • 75th Avenue near 101 Loop

If you’re in those areas, it makes sense to obey speed limits to avoid worrying about speed traps and potential penalties. And best of all, you’ll help keep yourself and others safe.

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Vehicle Theft in Glendale

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that in 2017, 1,163 vehicle thefts occurred in Glendale.

Neighborhood Scout also tracks crime statistics for U.S. cities.

The site gives Glendale a crime index of five, which means it’s 5 percent safer than other U.S. cities. In Glendale, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are one in 203. That’s only slightly worse than the statewide average of one in 197.

Neighborhood Scout’s list of the 10 safest neighborhoods in Glendale includes:

  1. N 59th Ave / W Beardsley Rd
  2. N 71st Ave / W Pinnacle Peak Rd
  3. N 75th Ave / W Beardsley Rd
  4. N 75th Ave / N 76th Ave
  5. N Litchfield Rd / W Northern Ave
  6. N 67th Ave / W Deer Valley Rd
  7. Longhorn Ranch II / Royal Estates West
  8. N 67th Ave / W Union Hills Dr
  9. N 83rd Ave / W Augusta Ave
  10. N 68th Ave / W Morrow Dr

For a closer look at the crimes committed in Glendale, below is a chart showing figures from 2017:

Number of Crimes12171129312510
Crime Rate
(per 1,000 residents)

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Property crimes (vandalism, theft, etc.) are reported nearly ten times more often than violent crimes.


This section features information about traffic congestion in the Phoenix metropolitan area, the busiest highways, and the safety of the streets and roads.

Traffic Congestion in Glendale

Glendale itself might occasionally experience traffic jams during special events, such as when the Super Bowl was held there in 2015. But, if you wander into Phoenix, it’s a whole different ball game.

Though Phoenix is the fifth-largest U.S. city, it ranks 125th worldwide for congestion. But, it’s not among the worst offenders on Inrix’s Traffic Scorecard. At 73 hours of commute time wasted in traffic, nationwide, the city ranks 25th.

The chart below shows how much time commuters spend in traffic there.

CityHours Spent in TrafficPeak Speed MPHOff-Peak MPHFree Flow MPHCost of Congestion (Per Driver)
Phoenix, AZ73324754$1,013

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The news report below reveals more about how Phoenix compared in 2017 to other cities:


On average, Data USA reports that Glendale drivers spend 26.2 minutes on their commutes, which is longer than the typical U.S. worker (25.1 minutes). Additionally, nearly 2 percent of the Glendale workforce faces “super commutes” longer than 90 minutes.

In 2017, most commuters in Glendale drove alone (76 percent), followed by those who carpooled (13 percent). These figures match the U.S. average.

Busiest Highways

This map of current highway traffic shows that parts of Route 101, as it connects to Route 202 through the Phoenix metro area, are among Glendale’s busiest highways.

How safe are Glendale streets and roads?

In this section, you’ll find out how many fatal accidents happened in Maricopa County, courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). We’ll cover everything from the total fatalities by county to vehicle and railroad accidents.

Below are the total crash deaths by county in 2018:

  • Fatalities (all crashes) = 490 total
  • Fatalities in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver (BAC = .08+) = 139
  • Single-vehicle crash fatalities = 289
  • Fatalities in crashes involving speeding = 131
  • Fatalities in crashes involving a roadway departure = 156
  • Fatalities in crashes Involving an intersection (or intersection-related) = 168
  • Passenger car occupant fatalities = 140
  • Pedestrian fatalities = 160
  • Pedal cyclist fatalities = 10

Many of the deaths involved single vehicles and intersections. Surprisingly, in third place were fatal accidents with pedestrians.

Now, let’s look at the number of fatalities by road type and function class in Arizona.


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Most of the crashes occurred on other principal and minor arterial roads.

An arterial road is a high-capacity urban road. Depending on the amount of traffic, the arterial road may be classified as a highway or a minor arterial road. A collector road gathers traffic from local highways and takes drivers to arterial roads.

Based on the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) data, the table below shows the number of railroad and highway crash incidents that happened in Glendale from 2012 to 2016:

Calendar YearHighwayHighway User TypeRail Equipment TypenonsuicidefatalitynonsuicideinjuryCity
201243RD & CAMEL BACK RDAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE
201243RD & CAMELBACKPick-up truckFreight Train00GLENDALE
201359TH AVE/GLENDALEPedestrianYard/Switch01GLENDALE
2013BETHANY HOME RD.AutomobileYard/Switch00GLENDALE
2013BETHANY HOME RDPedestrianLight Loco(s)01GLENDALE
201343RD AND CAMELBACKAutomobileYard/Switch00GLENDALE
201443RD AND CAMELBACKAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE
2014BETHANY HOME RDAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE
2014BETHANY HOME RDAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE
2014BETHANY HOME RDAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE
2015BETHANY HOME RDAutomobileLight Loco(s)00GLENDALE
2015BETHANY HOME RDAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE
201659TH AVE/GLENDALEAutomobileFreight Train00GLENDALE

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Most of the vehicle/train incidents occurred on 43rd and Camelback Road and Bethany Home Road. This data highlights where traffic safety may still need to be improved.

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report tracks the numbers of accident claims drivers make nationwide. According to Allstate claims data, the average driver in the U.S. will experience a collision once every 10.57 years.

In 2019, Glendale ranked 89th out of 200 major cities on the report, up from 97th the prior year. The chart below shows residents’ insurance claim statistics.

Average Years Between Collisions2018 Best Drivers Report RankingChange in
Ranking From
2018 to 2019
Relative Claim
(Compared to
Drivewise® Hard Braking Events
per 1,000 Miles

Compare RatesStart Now →

Drivers in Glendale went an average of nine years between accident claims, and they were nearly 15 percent more likely to file a claim compared to the national average. This means drivers there file fewer claims, and that shows in the city’s ranking on the report.


Below are the ridesharing services available in Glendale beyond regular taxi rides.

  • Blacklane — Blacklane luxury vehicles seat one to five people.
  • Lyft — This lowest cost Lyft service will grant you a request for a regular four-seat car.
  • Lyft Lux — A premium black car service limited to only the most luxurious makes and models.
  • Lyft Lux SUV — A premium black SUV service with space for up to six passengers.
  • Lyft Plus — This is the best Lyft option for larger groups. A Lyft Plus car can seat six or more passengers. Fare prices tend to run higher than a regular Lyft ride to compensate van and SUV drivers for their higher vehicle running costs.
  • Lyft Premier — Lyft’s luxury service. A request for a Lyft Premier will grant you a high-end four-seat car.
  • Uber Black — Uber’s original luxury service. When you select an Uber Black car, a high-end sedan with seating for up to four people will arrive to pick you up.
  • Uber Select — This service is similar to Uber Black, but the car with four leather seats doesn’t have to be black. It’s a step above UberX, and costs slightly less than Uber Black.
  • Uber X — This budget service gives riders a regular-size car that seats four.
  • Uber XL — Uber’s service for larger groups will seat up to six passengers.

E-star Repair Shops

A program from Esurance, E-star helps drivers find the best repair shops in their areas. According to E-star, these are the top 10 repair shops in and around Glendale:

    17311 NORTH 91ST AVE.
    PEORIA, AZ 85382
    email: [email protected]
    P: (623) 876-4444
    11044 N. CAVE CREEK RD.
    PHOENIX, AZ 85020
    email: [email protected]
    P: (602) 371-1700
    7161 N. 61st Ave.
    GLENDALE, AZ 85301
    email: [email protected]
    P: (623) 934-9000
    F: (623) 939-8658
    13148 W. Foxfire Dr.
    SURPRISE, AZ 85378
    email: [email protected]
    P: (623) 915-2886
    999 W. Bell Road
    PHOENIX, AZ 85023
    email: [email protected]
    P: (602) 866-6180
    AVONDALE, AZ 85323
    email: [email protected]
    P: (623) 935-6133
    F: (623) 925-9451
    8045 S. PRIEST DRIVE
    TEMPE, AZ 85284
    email: [email protected]
    P: (480) 422-3870
    F: (480) 705-3212
    2100 W. UNIVERSITY DR.
    TEMPE, AZ 85281
    email: [email protected]
    P: (480) 774-9999
    F: (480) 774-9997
    16000 North 75th Ave.
    PEORIA, AZ 85382
    email: [email protected]
    P: (623) 486-4810
    F: (623) 486-3334

When your car needs repair, check out E-star shops to ensure you get quality service.


U.S. Climate Data reveals the average temperature in nearby Phoenix is 75 degrees. The city gets little rain throughout the year and receives 3,832 hours of sunshine.

Phoenix weatherAverages
Annual high temperature:86.7°F
Annual low temperature:63.4°F
Average temperature:75.05°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:8.04 inch
Days per year with precipitation - rainfall:36 days
Annual hours of sunshine:3832 hours

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City-Data shows that Maricopa County averages 15 natural disasters yearly, which is higher than the U.S. average of 13. Every year, an average of one natural disaster leads to an emergency declaration, and 11 are presidential declarations.

Below is a breakdown of the causes of the disasters. Note: some incidents may be assigned to more than one category.

  • Floods: 10
  • Storms: 9
  • Fires: 3
  • Flash Flood: 1
  • Heavy Rain: 1
  • Hurricanes: 1
  • Tornado: 1
  • Wind: 1

Most of the natural disasters that hit the area involve floods and storms. Given the risks involved, it makes sense to buy comprehensive car insurance for protection from these and other hazards that can damage your vehicle.

Public Transit

The City of Glendale offers a range of convenient, low-cost transportation options that include fixed-route bus service (Glendale Dial-A-Ride), the Glendale Urban Shuttle (GUS), and a taxi voucher program. Transit hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Glendale Dial-A-Ride is available seven days a week, with same-day and reservation service Monday-Friday. Weekend and holiday service is by reservation only. You must make requests for service on weekends and holidays by noon the prior business day.

Dial-A-Ride provides transportation in Glendale only. If you’re traveling to another city in the region, you must use the Valley Metro Regional paratransit service, and you must be eligible through Valley Metro to use it.

Passengers must pay the exact fare (cash only) when they board. Drivers don’t carry change, and fare prices are for one-way rides only.

• General public (ages 14-64) – $5
• Paratransit/paratransit companion – $3
• Seniors (65 years and older) – $2*
• Riders with a disability – $2*
• Junior (age 6-13) – $2
• Children (age 0-5) – free
• Regional paratransit: $4

*Riders must show a reduced fare card.

Groups of four or more paying passengers:

• General Public – $3
• Senior/Disabled/Junior (age 6-13) – $1

You must bring photo identification and, when applicable, the Glendale Transit Reduced Fare Application signed by a physician.

The Taxi Voucher Program is for people who need to make regular trips for medical treatments and therapies.

The free Glendale Urban Shuttle (GUS) provides a great way to bring local destinations closer with three convenient circulator routes. Maps are at the Glendale Transportation website. All GUS buses are wheelchair-accessible and include bicycle racks.

Alternate Transportation

Pedago Electric Bikes provides bicycle rentals throughout the area. Prices to rent a Pedago vary by hour and by day depending on the type of bike you rent.

Parking in Metro Areas

Several parking lots and garages are available throughout Glendale.

ChargeHub lists the most popular electric car charging stations within 10 miles of Glendale. Some of them are free. Most of them are Level 2; however, some Level 3 charging stations are also available. The main charging networks are Blink and Volta.

Air Quality in Glendale

Pollution from vehicle exhaust has been linked to health issues and even climate change. The pollution not only goes directly into the earth’s atmosphere, but it also reacts with other pollutants, which makes the situation worse.

Children and people with chronic illnesses can be most sensitive to the effects.

Below are the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality levels for Maricopa County from 2016 to 2018.

The EPA calculates the Air Quality Index (AQI) for four major air pollutants under the Clean Air Act: ground-level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. For each of these pollutants, the EPA has established national air quality standards to protect public health.

Maricopa County Air Quality Index (AQI)201620172018
Days with AQI366365365
Days good595154
Days moderate270250247
Days unhealthy for sensitive groups365057
Days unhealthy054
Days very unhealthy103

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The AQI measurements stayed about the same during the three years; however, the number of days unhealthy for sensitive groups more than doubled.

To improve air quality and reduce vehicle emissions in these dense traffic areas, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) administers a mandatory vehicle emissions testing and repair program: the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP).

Vehicles registered outside of the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas aren’t required to pass an Arizona vehicle emissions inspection.

ADEQ has certain requirements for vehicle emissions tests. If you’re not sure if you qualify, try the ZIP code locator at the ADEQ website. Depending on the situation, new vehicles and those out of state for part of the year may be exempt.

New vehicles — If your car was made within five years of the current year, you are most likely exempt from emissions inspections until the vehicle is older than five years. However, if you have a reconstructed or special-constructed car, it will need an emissions test regardless of its age.

Out-of-state cars — ADEQ has gone paperless for out-of-state exemptions. To qualify, your vehicle must be out of the state for at least 90 days before your registration expires. Then:

  • If your car is in an area of a state (other than Arizona) that requires emissions testing, you must have your vehicle emissions tested there and submit a copy of the passing inspection report to ADEQ.
  • If your vehicle is in an area of a state (other than Arizona) that doesn’t require emissions testing, you can apply for an out-of-state exemption. And, if someone else will drive your vehicle, you can use this exemption.

If you’re a member of the military, to qualify for an exemption, you must show proof that your active military status has stationed you outside Arizona, and that you’re not driving your car.


If you’re an active member of the military or a veteran, it can be hard to find time to research car insurance discounts that may apply to you. What’s available, and with whom?

To ease the task, we’ve collected the most crucial information you need about military discounts together with some facts about the military in Glendale.

If you’re ready to learn more, read on.

Veterans by Service Period

Data USA figures show Glendale has a large population of military personnel who served in Vietnam, nearly two times more than any other conflict.

Veterans of the recent Gulf War follow them. These statistics closely match the national numbers.

Military Bases Within an Hour

Luke Air Force Base‘s mission is to train the world’s greatest F-16 fighter pilots and maintainers while it deploys air combat troops.

It was named for Second Lieutenant Frank Luke Junior, the first aviator to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Luke’s 56th Fighter Wing was first activated on January 15, 1941, as the 56th Pursuit Group.

The 56th left for England on January 6, 1943. During the next two years, pilots of the 56th destroyed more enemy planes and listed more champions than any other group in the 8th Air Force, including the top two aces in Europe.

Military Discounts by Providers

If you are or were in the U.S. military, most car insurance companies will want to give back by serving you. Many of them offer military discounts.

Below is a list of known providers who give military discounts. We excluded those who offer military discounts only to certain states.

Military Discounts by Provider
Insurance CompanyPercentage Saved with Discount
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%
USAA60% off when deployed
15% for garaging on base

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*USAA gives a 15 percent military garage discount for garaging cars on a military base.  

USAA Available in Arizona

USAA provides car insurance only to U.S. military personnel and their families. The company’s insurance premiums tend to cost less than those of standard insurers.

Below, you will see how USAA and other insurers’ rates compare to the average annual full coverage premiums in Arizona.

State Farm$4,756.25$985.2826.13%

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USAA very narrowly edges out Travelers with the lowest average annual cost of premiums in The Grand Canyon State by only 45 cents. Their rates are equal to 18 percent less than the state average.

Unique City Laws

With lots of laws on the books, it’s impossible to remember all of them. What you don’t know could hurt you. If you’re not aware of the most important ones, you could break a law without realizing it.

To help you obey the rules, we’ll go over some laws specific to Glendale: hands-free laws, food truck laws, tiny home laws, and parking regulations.

Keep reading to find out what’s legal and illegal in Glendale.

Hands-Free Laws

The IIHS reports that Arizona currently only bans new drivers from using hand-held devices during the first six months after licensing.

Regardless, the City of Glendale passed a law in January 2019 that lets law enforcement officers pull drivers over for using handheld devices, even if they’re stopped at a red light. Fines can cost offenders as much as $250.

Food Trucks

Food truck operators must get a peddler’s license and a vending permit. They also need to have a fire department inspect their vehicle before they open for business unless they have already passed inspection in another Arizona city within the past year.

Vendors who operate in city parks and downtown must also follow certain guidelines, which include only selling food for immediate consumption, fresh-cut flowers, or inflated balloons. They must also show their license, permit, and identification card.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes appeal to people who want to simplify their lives. Before you abandon standard housing, you should be aware that these homes often must meet specific regulations.

A tiny house is often considered a mobile home and must comply with the same laws. Glendale city codes include standards for manufactured homes and limits on the location and parking of mobile homes or recreational vehicles.

Parking Laws

Glendale requires drivers to park vehicles parallel to the edge of the roadway facing traffic, with the right wheels within 18 inches of the curb or side of the road.

Glendale Car Insurance FAQs

We’ve given you lots of information. Despite the data, you may have some questions about Glendale and the car insurance available there. Below, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions to complete your knowledge of all things Glendale.

So, read on to learn more.

Is Glendale a part of Phoenix?

The so-called hub of the West Valley, Glendale is northwest of Phoenix and part of the Greater Phoenix area. It’s Arizona’s fifth-largest city and is among the fastest-growing in the U.S.

Is Glendale, AZ, far from Phoenix?

Glendale is roughly nine miles southwest of Phoenix and 10 miles by car along route US-60 E. If you drive non-stop, Glendale and Phoenix are 15 minutes apart.

Does it snow in Glendale, Arizona?

Glendale receives an average of nine inches of rain per year, which is only a quarter of the national average (38 inches annually). The city doesn’t usually get any snow.

What kind of car insurance do you need in Glendale?

The state of Arizona requires drivers to buy minimum liability car insurance coverage in the following amounts:

Insurance RequiredMinimum Limits –15/30/10
Bodily Injury Liability$15,000 per person
$30,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability$10,000

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Liability car insurance will pay only for damages you cause to the other parties involved, not your own losses.

If you don’t carry enough coverage to pay for all of the expenses, you may have to pay the rest of the costs yourself. According to the news segment below, 60 percent of Arizona drivers are uninsured or drive with the minimum $15,000 liability coverage:

What are the penalties for driving without insurance in Glendale?

If law enforcement pulls you over or if you’ve been in an accident, you’ll need to show the following forms of proof of insurance:

  • insurance card — electronic or paper
  • bond or certificate of deposit for $40,000

You must report any changes in your insurance status to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), which include:

  • Cancellation
  • Non-renewal
  • Getting a new policy

If the MVD finds out your policy isn’t active, they will send you an inquiry.

Among the penalties below, if you don’t maintain proper coverage, your registration and/or driver’s license can be suspended.

PenaltyFirst OffenseSecond Offense within three years
Fine$500 minimum$750 minimum
License, registration, and license plate suspensionThree monthsSix months

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Also, if you have a vehicle you intend not to drive or insure, canceling your policy isn’t enough. You’ll need to fill out a “de-insurance” form to get a certificate for that vehicle to prevent a license or registration suspension.

How do I get cheap car insurance in Glendale, Arizona?

One of the best ways is to build a strong record of safe driving. As we explained earlier, a decent credit score and living in the right neighborhood can also lower your rates. Depending on the insurer, discounts for safe driving and other attributes can help you save even more.

How did we do? Did we answer all of your questions? We hope you learned enough to help you find the right car insurance for your needs.

If you’re ready to see how much you may pay for car insurance in Glendale, try our FREE calculator to compare rates.


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