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Auto Insurance for 2 Months

Things to remember...

  • Short-term car insurance policies offer unique opportunities for people who need to drive for a few months
  • Saving on short-term policies begins with sound comparison shopping
  • Discounts are available for a surprising number of safety options

Getting auto insurance with specialized terms for short periods of time has become easier than ever. One option that offers individuals the freedom to set their standards is known as a temporary auto insurance policy.

These policies can run from very short to intermediate terms. For example, someone who wished to rent a moving van might need a four-hour policy. Conversely, an individual who needs transportation on vacation may require auto insurance for two months or less. 

This article will examine these intermediate-term policies and lay out some of the options for car insurance for two months, free from longer terms, that automobile insurance comparison shoppers may want.

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Table of Contents

Policy Options Useful For Short-Term Auto Insurance Shoppers

Can you buy car insurance for a month? The answer is yes. You may need more coverage if you’re using a temporary auto insurance option. Temporary auto insurance usually covers state minimum limits. According to the Insurance Information Institute, every state carries different liability limits. You may be in a state where a little more is needed to be considered covered. Review the sub-sections below to learn more.

Underinsured and Uninsured Driver Coverage

The issue of drivers operating their vehicles without adequate insurance coverage is an ongoing one and presents a clear and present danger to other drivers.

Watch this video on the differences between underinsured and uninsured driver coverage.

Drivers who may be on the road for only a month or two stand a lot to gain from carrying this option on their auto insurance portfolios.

These options protect customers by paying for damages caused by an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured vehicle.

This coverage can be especially useful in no-fault jurisdictions. If the cause of the accident is ambiguous, each of the parties may have to pay for their damages. In cases like these, having uninsured driver coverage can make all of the difference.

Towing Coverage

If the worst does happen and an accident does occur, individuals who are on the road for a couple of months can be well-served by towing coverage. This can allow for the damaged vehicle to be moved to a shop for repair without extra cost to policyholders.

Short-term policies truly offer drivers more freedom of choice than ever. Comparison shoppers who make use of the information presented in this article may find that they can provide extraordinary savings opportunities as well.

Auto Insurance Policy Basics

Automobile insurance comes in two main varieties that include mandatory coverage and optional coverage.

Mandatory coverage can be divided into two subgroups, including bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

  • Bodily injury liability mandate provides medical compensation for anyone injured in an accident involving the insured vehicle. For example, if the policyholder rear-ends someone else, bodily injury liability would cover the medical bills.
  • Property damage liability provides payments for property damage resulting from a collision with the insured vehicle. This includes coverage against damage to structures such as homes.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) is mandatory in many jurisdictions, and with good reason. Personal injury protection provides medical payments for anyone who is injured inside of the insured vehicle during an accident.

Furthermore, personal injury protection can provide support in a variety of other situations.

A good PIP plan would cover for lost wages and even rehabilitation costs.

Considering the high cost of health care and the steep costs of personal insurance deductibles, PIP is a smart choice for addition to any auto insurance portfolio.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage

Even though the decision whether or not to carry these coverages rests with the individual, they can be especially useful to someone who will be driving for a limited time.

  • Collision coverage insurance covers any accident-related damages sustained by the vehicle of the policyholder. In an age of hit-and-run incidents in parking lots, this is the right choice.
  • Comprehensive coverage insurance provides payments for damages sustained by the client’s vehicle due to hailstorms, vandalism, theft, and more. A little of this kind of protection can go a long way toward protecting personal bank accounts.
  • Glass coverage can automatically pay for the replacement of any cracked or otherwise compromised glass in an insured vehicle.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reports the average coverage rates of car insurance each year. Let’s look at the latest average car insurance rates of basic coverage types.

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Coverage Type
Basic Auto Insurance Coverage TypesAverage Annual Auto Insurance Insurance RatesAverage Monthly Auto Insurance Rates
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Comprehensive coverage is the cheapest out of the four auto insurance options. However, your coverage rates will change once you enter specific information.

3 Ways to Save on Automobile Insurance Coverage Costs

There are a large number of car insurance companies vying for customers, and this presents possibilities for those who are willing to shop around a little. Luckily, comparing auto insurance shopping websites can take all of the hassles out of the process.

Bundling may sound complicated but simply involves purchasing multiple types of coverage from the same company. For example, an individual might source their car and their home insurance from the same firm and receive a discount as a result.

You can be eligible for a Safe Vehicle Discount if the vehicle is on the newer side New vehicles have many built-in safety features like anti-lock brakes. These features often qualify for discounts and should be factored in when comparison shopping.

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Auto Insurance For 2 Months FAQs

The final section of this guide will go over frequently asked questions that you see on search engines across the internet. Some of these questions are a recap to remind you. Visit our main page for more articles, guides, and reviews on auto insurance.

Do you need auto insurance for two months or less? Compare auto insurance rates today by entering your ZIP code below!

#1 – How much is Geico auto insurance a month?

Geico auto insurance cost $100.33 for one month. Geico’s temporary auto insurance, DriveEasy, can save you even more on auto insurance per month.

#2 – What is the average cost of monthly auto insurance?

The average cost of auto insurance is $86 per month. Month-to-month auto insurance options could be cheaper, depending on your needs.

#3 – Can you buy 1-month auto insurance?

Yes. Usage-based auto insurance is the best way to do that. If you enroll in a standard auto insurance policy, you may be locked into a contract. Canceling is an option, but you’ll face a penalty for canceling for the policy is expired.

#4 – What is the cheapest way to insure a second car?

Save more money on auto insurance when you insure more than one car under the same auto insurance policy. Auto insurance companies provide discounts to customers who insure more than one car on their auto insurance policy.

#5 – Who really has the cheapest auto insurance?

USAA, Geico, and State Farm have the cheapest auto insurance companies in the nation.

#6 – Can I find temporary auto insurance in Texas?

It depends if auto insurance companies offer it there. Shop around and compare rates.

#7 – Where can I find auto insurance for 6 months?

You can find six-month auto insurance policies any where in the nation. Most auto insurance companies offer a six-month policy.


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