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Can you buy auto insurance on the weekend? (Tips + Best Rates)

Things to remember

  • Buying auto insurance on the weekend isn’t a problem with most national auto insurance companies.
  • If you’re getting quotes from agents locally, there’s no guarantee that the agency will be open on the weekend.
  • It’s most common for agencies to operate during normal business hours on weekdays and by appointment on weekends.
  • Direct writer companies that don’t use sales agents can be contacted 24 hours a day online or on the phone.
  • When a sales office is closed, you can call a toll-free number to get quotes, make a payment, or file a claim.

You can buy auto insurance on the weekend, just like any other day of the week. However, you may have trouble getting car insurance on the weekend from agents.

Are auto insurance companies open on Saturdays and Sundays? While there are some insurance agencies open on Saturday, it’s usually by appointment only.

A lot of errands get put on hold until the workweek is over. But, you still want to find the best company with cheap auto insurance rates whenever you can.

If you’re looking to switch your car insurance companies or you’re going to be buying a car on the weekend, you’ll have to do business with a company that’s open on Saturdays or Sundays. Most national auto insurance companies allow you to buy auto insurance any day and any time of the week.

First, you need to decide the type of auto insurance company you want to do business with and then find the quotes you need before applying for auto insurance.

If you need to buy auto insurance on the weekend, enter your ZIP code to compare FREE quotes from multiple auto insurance companies.

Table of Contents

Can you buy auto insurance on the weekend?

Yes. Thanks to the internet, you can buy car insurance any day of the week. You don’t have to ask, “are insurance companies open today,” and you can even skip a trip to an auto insurance agent.

If you already have a car insurance policy, you may be able to access policy documents as well. Most auto insurance companies have online account systems set up for customers so they can access policy information.

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Auto Insurance on the Weekend

While there are a lot of reasons you may need to buy insurance on the weekend, these are some of the most common.

You’re Buying a New Car

Some people wait until the weekend to buy a new car. However, the dealership won’t allow you to drive off the lot without auto insurance.

However, you can reach auto insurance companies by phone, and you can set up an auto insurance policy as you’re buying a new vehicle. Or you can purchase car insurance using your smartphone.

It’s More Convenient

If you have a busy work week, it could be complicated buying auto insurance, but weekends are perfect for those who have a lot of spare time. Use your free time on the weekend to buy car insurance.

You Want to Replace Your Old Car with a New Car

Now that you have a new car, you can replace your car insurance on your old vehicle and insure your new car. This is common when you trade-in your car for a new or used car.

Contact your auto insurance company and let them know you’re getting a new car. They’ll ask you a series of questions about the VIN, the loan (if you have one), and the type of coverage you need.

New cars and cars that have loans attached to them need full coverage. Liability-only coverage is cheaper, but it’s not in your best interest if you get into an accident. Read the financing and leasing agreements very carefully.

Auto Insurance Agencies May Have Limited Business Hours

Are insurance companies open on weekends? Absolutely yes. The most prominent car insurance providers have sales agents and customer service representatives available 24/7.

Agencies and other auto insurance offices are much different. Some agencies aren’t open on the weekend. The open offices are usually by appointment only.

Most of the time, agencies set their schedules. It’s uncommon for car insurance agents to set hours on Saturday and Sunday. However, this may vary by each city in the United States.

If you need coverage, you should know that it’s not always so simple to get in touch with local agents with offices in your city when you’re shopping on the weekend.

You should look up the business hours of agents that you’ve worked with or those with whom you’d like to work.

Nearly all local agencies are open on business days between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Some offices will have extended hours depending on how many agents are employed there.

While it’s standard practice for agencies to close on the weekends, some will open their doors if you make an appointment in advance.

Can I speak to an auto insurance agent after buying a new car on the weekend?

If you know you’re going to buy a car on the weekend and you want to work with an agent, you may be able to get quotes in advance. Then ask the agent to accept your call to bind the coverage over the phone.

It’s not convenient, but it is an option that you can consider when you like local, face-to-face service.

You can also choose to buy insurance from a company that sells policies directly to the consumer. When it comes to how quickly you can get auto insurance, a direct-to-consumer model can be the fastest way to get a policy.

You won’t get the benefits that come with using an agent, but you will be able to buy a policy immediately while sitting in the dealership, which is a significant benefit to buying online.

Will district offices have more flexible hours?

An exclusive or independent agent runs an agency. They rent the office space, pay for the expenses to run the office, and set their hours.

Since most agents prefer to be in the office during business hours, they can’t realistically stay open 12 to 14 hours a day.

If you like face-to-face service but want more flexibility to do business on the weekend, you might fare better at a district office. Not all carriers have district offices, but service sales agents will work at the site operated by the company when they do.

If you’re getting auto insurance quotes on the weekend from agents locally, there’s no guarantee that the agency will be open on the weekend. District offices are open longer hours and will have staff on the weekends so that you don’t have to set an appointment.

Can you buy auto insurance on the weekend by phone?

If you’d prefer not to have to go to an agent’s office or a district office to do business, you can call the auto insurance company on the weekend.

It’s helpful if you do some preparation beforehand, so you know what to ask when calling an auto insurance company. You could contact the agent directly but not if the agent’s office is closed.

During the hours when the local offices are closed, you can call a toll-free number and talk to a sales agent by phone.

Auto insurance companies that don’t use agents to sell their auto insurance products are called direct writers. Direct writers advertise and offer their services by phone and the internet.

Can I get insurance on Sunday? If you want free quotes 24 hours a day, you can call direct writers toll-free to get them.

Thus, you can quickly get insurance from your home or a dealer’s office during the week or even late on Sunday night.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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Why should you get a quote before you buy auto insurance?

Prices can vary significantly from insurance company to insurance company, which means it is essential to get multiple quotes to ensure you are getting the lowest rate.

For example, the chart below compares the rates for the largest insurance companies in Maryland with the average annual rate for drivers in the state:

Maryland Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Company
CompaniesAverage Annual RatesRates Compared to State Average
Allstate Indemnity$5,233.17$650.47
Liberty Mutual Fire Ins Co$9,297.55$4,714.85
Progressive Select$4,094.86-$487.84
State Farm Mutual Auto$3,960.86-$621.83
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The rates in this chart reflect several factors, one of which is the type of car you drive.

The year, make, and model of a vehicle can dramatically impact your insurance rates. If you are getting an auto loan, you need to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance, which increases your rates.

Banks and finance companies require their customers to get these coverages to protect their assets.

Because of these factors, it is important to get a quote for a policy before purchasing a vehicle, if possible.

If you currently have auto insurance, contact your agent or your insurance company to determine what it will cost to add your new vehicle to your policy.

If you are purchasing a policy for the first time, you may want to get a sample quote before buying a car to get an idea of what your new policy will cost.

Can you get a quote and buy auto insurance online?

How quickly can you get auto insurance? Incredibly fast if you buy online. The Internet has changed the way that consumers can shop for anything from cars to auto insurance.

Auto insurance policies are personalized. You can’t just pull up an online marketplace to compare pricing.

You can compare available numbers, but insurance rates are always unique to the individual. For example, below is a chart of average auto insurance rates in each state:

Average Auto Insurance Rates by State
StateAverage 2015 RatesAverage 2014 RatesAverage 2013 RatesAverage 2012 RatesAverage 2011 RatesAverage Auto Insurance Rates
District of Columbia$628.82$629.25$634.70$624.34$623.34$628.09
South Dakota$300.22$297.38$289.39$281.04$277.16$289.04
New Hampshire$400.56$395.51$391.92$390.72$387.51$393.24
New Jersey$869.57$881.58$882.82$860.59$833.20$865.55
New Mexico$488.03$484.62$464.51$441.11$432.78$462.21
New York$804.51$796.39$791.14$780.41$752.43$784.98
North Carolina$359.42$358.56$355.19$356.63$358.16$357.59
North Dakota$298.18$295.87$285.12$272.71$260.86$282.55
Rhode Island$759.80$739.87$719.53$702.52$678.60$720.06
South Carolina$527.09$510.04$495.96$485.30$469.12$497.50
West Virginia$491.83$505.40$506.60$503.05$500.31$501.44
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Why not share the numbers of the current year? These are definitive numbers that project and predict the current year. After the data from the current year is concluded, you’ll have information on auto insurance rates.

Someone with an excellent driving record who chooses liability-only coverage will pay significantly less than someone with two tickets on their record and needs full coverage.

You’ll have to get quotes to see how much the insurer will charge you. Many companies have online quoting systems.

You could get quotes online directly from the insurer on their official page. If you are set on buying coverage through one company, that’s a convenient option. If you’re looking for the best prices, you can use an online rate quote tool.

You Need Coverage Right Away When You Buy a Car

You can’t procrastinate when it comes to auto insurance. If you’re going to purchase a car, you better be sure that you’re prepared to buy insurance as well.

According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, the number of cars sold annually has generally increased year over year. Every one of those cars purchased must be insured immediately, even the vehicles sold outside normal working hours.

Number of Registered Cars by State
StateNumber of Registered Vehicles 2014Number of Registered Vehicles 2013Number of Registered Vehicles 2012
District of Columbia329,881328,603318,206
New Hampshire1,234,0981,335,3241,222,564
New Jersey6,724,1376,909,2327,579,004
New Mexico1,866,1081,817,1451,739,124
New York10,557,41010,329,01710,103,331
North Carolina7,682,3877,618,3617,593,350
North Dakota833,484809,353776,344
Rhode Island832,892820,900821,281
South Carolina3,902,9453,873,2593,784,593
South Dakota943,245928,463930,219
West Virginia1,495,9141,395,3741,400,881
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As soon as you purchase a car, you’re the car’s legal owner, and it’s your responsibility to comply with auto insurance laws.

How do I insure a car I just bought?

While every state’s law is different, there’s a minimum insurance requirement. To avoid being fined right when you become a car owner, you have to secure coverage on the vehicle.

Can I get auto insurance on the weekend at a dealer? When you’re buying a car from a dealer, the dealer will verify that you have the coverage you need to satisfy mandatory state laws. You must provide the evidence before you can drive away in your car.

When purchasing a car, you can either add it to a current auto policy you have already in place, or you can buy a new policy before leaving the dealership.

If you’re shopping for insurance on a busy schedule, buy online, or look for companies that sell insurance on the weekends.

How long do you have to get auto insurance after buying a used car?

Do I need insurance before I buy a used car, or can it wait? The law is the same whether you buy a new car or a used car — you must have insurance immediately upon purchasing a vehicle.

Whether you purchase a used car from a dealer or an individual, the insurance requirements are the same. You are responsible for insurance when buying a used car, and you’re responsible if you don’t purchase auto insurance when you buy your vehicle.

This could mean you are charged a fee for having a gap in your insurance coverage, or it could mean you must pay for any damages caused in an accident out-of-pocket, so don’t take that chance.

Does an existing policy cover a car bought on the weekend?

If you already own a car, you might not have to shop for coverage from a carrier that’s open to doing business on the weekends.

One of the great things about existing insurance contracts is that they extend coverage to some other qualifying cars. A newly acquired vehicle is classified as a qualified car.

Under the “newly acquired” auto-provision written into your auto policy, it says that the coverage you currently have on your policy will protect a private passenger car that you purchase in your name after the term starts, giving you some extra time to shop around.

Unfortunately, the automatic coverage will only last for a limited time.

How long will automatic coverage extend to a new car?

You can’t rely on the protections afforded under your existing coverage for too long. The policy will have a time restriction.

In most cases, the coverage will only remain in force for about 14 to 30 days. Only the broadest coverage limits and options that you have will protect you.

Some ask: Can you get auto insurance for a day? If you foresee a small, day-long gap in your insurance coverage in your future, you can look into getting separate coverage for just this day.

If full coverage doesn’t show on the declaration page, you will get only four days of automatic comprehensive and collision coverage.

If you’re shopping on the weekend and you can’t get in touch with your agent, this gives you protection for just long enough to call to add the car with full coverage after the weekend is over.

Top Auto Insurance Companies by Market Share

Here are some of the largest providers you should consider shopping to find a policy over the weekend. We’d also be crazy not to mention that you can quickly get weekend auto insurance using our free tool above, which makes buying auto insurance on weekends easy.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies by Market Share
CompanyMarket ShareDirect Premiums
1. State Farm17.07%$42 Billion
2. Geico13.45% $33.1 Billion
3. Progressive11.01%$27.1 Billion
4. Allstate9.22%$22.7 Billion
5. USAA5.89%$14.5 Billion
6. Liberty Mutual4.79%$11.8 Billion
7. Farmers4.27%$10.5 Billion
8. Nationwide2.74%$6.7 Billion
9. Travelers1.91%$4.7 Billion
10. American Family1.91%$4.7 Billion
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These companies with a large market share tend to have weekend business hours for quotes, questions, and claims. This makes it very convenient for people who need weekend services.

Buy Auto Insurance on the Weekend: The Bottom Line

Auto insurance rates on the weekend are the same as rates during the week. The internet has made it very convenient for auto insurance shoppers to find the right policy on the weekend if they buy a new car or they shift auto insurance policy options for better services.

Before you buy auto insurance on the weekend, enter your ZIP in our FREE quote tool to compare multiple companies in your area. Then you don’t have to look for auto insurance companies open on Saturdays or Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions: Buying Auto Insurance on the Weekend

Hopefully, the information above answered your questions about insuring a car on the weekend, but we are including some of the most frequently asked questions below to provide additional information.

#1 – Can you insure a car on Sunday?

Yes, you absolutely can insure a car on a Sunday. Many companies that write direct insurance policies can insure you anytime, day or night.

If you are looking for a smaller insurance company or want to do business through an independent agent, you may find it more challenging to get a policy on the weekend.

#2 – How long do you have to get insurance on a car after buying it?

All cars need to be insured immediately upon purchase. If you already have active auto insurance in place for another vehicle, you may have a grace period during which your car is covered automatically without being added to the policy.

This is typically a very short time, usually between two weeks and 30 days, so you will still need to get your new car added to your policy right away.

#3 – Do car dealerships verify insurance?

Because the dealer fills out the application to transfer ownership, they must collect all the necessary paperwork to submit your application. Because of this, no car dealer will let you drive a car off the lot with no insurance.

#4 – When buying a new car, is there an insurance grace period?

No, when you are buying a new car, you must have insurance immediately upon purchase. Be prepared that new auto insurance is more expensive for a new car.

If you have active coverage for another vehicle, your insurance company may offer a grace period where they cover you even though you haven’t added the car, but this is entirely dependent on their internal rules and standards.

#5 – Can you drive a car without insurance if you just bought it?

No, it is never okay to drive a car without insurance. While your company may offer exceptions in some unusual auto insurance situations, this isn’t one of them.

You are responsible for insuring your vehicle from the moment of purchase.

If you are in an accident as you leave the car lot, you will still be responsible for any damages. If you get pulled over as you leave the car lot, you will be ticketed for driving without insurance if you did not purchase a policy.

#6 – Do you need insurance to buy a car with cash?

Yes, you will still need insurance to purchase a car with cash.

Insurance isn’t connected to the financing of your vehicle, so whether you pay for your car with cash, check, or charge, you will still be required to have insurance in place as of the moment you purchase your new vehicle.

#7 – What is the Allstate new car grace period? When buying a new car is there an insurance grace period with Geico?

Most insurance companies provide some sort of grace period to add a new car to your policy. This varies from company to company and state to state, so Allstate or Geico may have different Texas policies than Connecticut.

The best way to find out exactly what kind of grace period applies to you if you purchase a new car is to directly contact your insurance company and ask before making a purchase.

#8 – Can you insure a car just for weekends?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on your situation. You can get policies for cars that are used occasionally or only on weekends. For example, collector car policies are rated based on the knowledge that you will only drive the car now and then.


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