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Can you view your car insurance policy online?

Things to remember...

  • Auto insurance companies started to develop online systems about a decade ago to make managing auto insurance easier
  • Not all insurance companies have developed online quoting systems because it is very expensive to maintain
  • Many of the larger companies have online systems where you can view policies, print ID cards, and make changes
  • If you’d like to access your policy online, you need to check and see if it’s an option before choosing a carrier
  • You can get quotes through a comparison tool and still access your policy online directly through the provider

The Internet has changed the way that modern people live their lives.

While some complain that the worldwide web and all of the mobile-ready devices that people have consumed the average person’s life in a negative way, there’s no denying the fact that the ability to shop and conduct business online has made life easier.

One of the many things that you can do online now that the Internet is easily accessible is buy auto insurance.

With all of the comparison shopping tools and direct quoting sites that exist today, finding the best-priced product has never been easier. What many people wonder is what you can do online after you’re done shopping.

To comparison shop from the convenience of your own home, simply enter your ZIP code above!

Table of Contents

How can you conduct an insurance business?

Insurance has been around since about the same time that automobiles hit the road. In 1897, the first auto insurance policy was developed, but liability insurance didn’t become mandatory until the 1920’s when there were more cars on the road and, in turn, more accidents.

Traditionally, you would have to visit an agent to buy auto insurance.

Face to face business was the only way to conduct business before the telephone became popular. After insurers started giving quotes by phone, this became a more popular choice by busy consumers.

In today’s modern times, you can get quotes in person, by phone, by email, or online.

Why are more traditional insurers offering online services?

Insurance isn’t a product that people get excited to buy. If you have to pay for something that you don’t want to ever use, you probably aren’t in any type of rush to go shopping for that product.

It’s only natural for insurance consumers to put off comparison shopping because it’s a hassle.

To make buying insurance less of a hassle for consumers, insurance carriers started to develop online tools that their prospective customers and their current clients could use.

A majority of reputable car insurance companies recognize that there’s a demand for online services.

With statistics showing that approximately 87 percent of the population in the U.S. uses the Internet to do business, it’s important for the option to be available for a company to stay competitive in a highly competitive industry.

While it does cost the carrier money to develop Internet systems and run them, having the system available to consumers will pay for itself.

What does it mean to get an online quote directly from the carrier?

If you can get a quote directly from the insurance company you’re interested in doing business with, there’s a strong chance that you can view the policy you purchase online too.

Getting a direct online quote means that you can visit the carrier’s official site, enter your information into a quoting form, and select coverage limits to get a rate estimate.

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Can you get multiple quotes from one source to save time?

The Internet is supposed to save you time when you’re looking for good product pricing.

Unfortunately, since car insurance is one of those few products where the pricing is personalized for all drivers, it’s hard to search for the best price without dedicating a whole bunch of your time.

One of the effective ways to save time without compromising your ability to save money is to use a brokerage-style online quoting system to get instant quotes all at once.

These tools are free to use and will show you what you’ll pay for the same amount of coverage through some of the leading carriers in the business.

It’s the carrier that pays to market on the tool, so it’s a win-win for the consumer.

Can you view your current policy online after you purchase it?

Once you get online quotes and you choose the plan that you like the most, you can bind the policy and choose an effective date by submitting your application and making a payment.

After the policy is issued and you get your declarations page, you should be able to view your policy online as long as you have your policy number.

You’ll probably get a copy of your quote via email when you’re getting estimates online. Technically, this isn’t viewing your actual policy online.

The quote will probably have a link for you to follow where you can enter your policy number and your name so that you can register to access your policy online.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to see the following:

  • Your current declarations page
  • Your past declarations pages (if you’ve renewed your term in the past)
  • Your renewal documents
  • Your upcoming invoices
  • Your payment history
  • Your ID cards for each vehicle
  • Your covered auto and covered driver information

Can you make changes to your current policy online?

Viewing and printing auto insurance documents online is an option for you when you’re doing business with a large insurer.

Reputable companies that are established in the industry have online systems that display information and give the policyholder the option to make changes as well.

Here are some of the changes that you may be able to make online:

  • Adding a newly purchased car
  • Deleting a car from the policy after it’s sold
  • Replacing a vehicle that was traded in
  • Removing coverage from a vehicle or changing limits and deductibles
  • Adding coverage to a vehicle
  • Adding a driver to the policy
  • Changing loss payee information
  • Changing your mailing or physical address

You can do more than just view your insurance policy online.

If you’re insured with a company with no online tools, you might want to get quotes elsewhere.

Use an online quoting tool and see what other carriers will offer. Enter your ZIP code below to use our comparison tool for FREE!


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