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Tips on How to Get Auto Insurance That You Can Afford

Things to Remember...
  • Finding affordable car insurance can be an overwhelming and stressful process
  • Shop around, find out about available discounts, and keep your driving history clean
  • The type of vehicle and levels of coverage you purchase both impact car insurance rates

Finding car insurance that you can afford can be tricky. There are many factors that go into a car insurance rate, and the key to lowering your rate is to take these into account.

Some of the biggest tips to save include shopping around, taking advantage of discounts, and keeping your driving record clean.

Car insurance is something that is mandatory for almost every driver. Unfortunately, changing some of the factors that will lower your rate can take some time.

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Table of Contents

Shop Around

Because many companies provide car insurance, the result is competitive pricing for you. Shopping around for the best-priced policy is key, especially if you are looking for your first car insurance policy.

If you have been with the same car insurance company for some time, you may notice an increase in your premium every renewal period.

If this is the case, you should take a little bit of time to search for a cheaper policy.

Some insurance companies will reward you with lower rates for being a loyal customer, while others reward you for switching over and trying a new provider.

The easiest and most expedient way to find an affordable policy is by using a rate quote website on the internet.

These quote sites deliver your quotes instantly and show you the cheapest rates possible for what you are looking for. They also allow you to sign up immediately with the company that you choose.

Look at Discounts

Offering discounts is one way that insurance companies can lower drivers’ rates. Insurance rates are based on the risk level of each driver, so discounts reward those drivers who lower their risk.

The discounts that are offered will vary from company to company, and some providers don’t offer any discounts at all.

In fact, some companies skip discounts and just automatically include the savings in your rate.

Two of the most common discounts are multiple vehicles and multiple policy discounts.

If you have teenage drivers in your household, you should ask about a discount for good students. If your son or daughter is a good student, you can be rewarded with anywhere from a 10 to 20 percent discount off your insurance premium.

Check with your agent to see what you may be eligible for and check every year before your renewal to see if you can take advantage of any additional ones.

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Drive Safely

Drivers who are free of accidents and other traffic violations have some of the lowest insurance rates; therefore focusing on being a safe driver will help you find affordable rates.

Every time you are the cause of an accident, your insurance company has to shell out thousands of dollars, which results in your rates increasing.

The longer you go without a car insurance claim, the more affordable your rates will be.

Insurance companies look at your driving history record every time you apply for a quote or renew your policy.

Many providers will offer a discount after a certain amount of years that you are accident-free.

If your driving history is currently fraught with past infractions, don’t worry. Most traffic violations are expunged off your record after a certain amount of time.

Each state dictates the amount of time that your violations will stay on your record.

Some insurance providers offer discounts if you take a class focused on safe driving or defensive driving, especially for teen drivers and seniors.

Drive a Different Vehicle

The type of vehicle and the features it contains will affect the amount you pay for your car insurance. A luxury or antique vehicle will cost more because of the repair costs.

A high-performance vehicle such as a sports car will cost more because there tends to be a greater chance of speeding and other reckless driving.

Driving a vehicle that has certain safety features will help you save money.

Safety features help to prevent rollover or other accidents. They also prevent injuries that are more serious to the passengers in the vehicle if an accident were to occur.

In general, the newer the vehicle is the more safety features there are. You can also go to SaferCar.gov to see which vehicles have received the highest safety ratings.

Increase the Deductible

One way to decrease the amount you pay for your car insurance premium is to change the deductible amount on your policy.

Collision and comprehensive coverage both have deductibles associated with them. If you decide that you want them on your policy, you can choose to increase the deductibles to help you save a little bit of money.

The higher your deductible, the lower your rate will be.

Evaluate your finances and decide whether you have enough money saved up to cover a high deductible.

If you do not have those types of funds lying around then you would probably be smarter to pay the higher premium so that you can afford the deductible if need be.

Evaluate Coverage Types

One way to keep your car insurance rates affordable is to make sure you have the appropriate coverage on your policy.

All states mandate that drivers carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage on their policy, which is one of the best reasons to purchase car insurance.

Other reasons to get insurance, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, are to satisfy requirements set out by your car’s lender and to protect your assets.

Purchasing the minimum amount of insurance coverage is imperative.

However, it is also a good idea to purchase higher limits on your liability coverage because most minimum requirements are not adequate to cover the actual damages from an accident.

The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you carry limits of at least $100,000 and $300,000 for bodily injuries.

After satisfying those requirements, you can evaluate your financial situation.

Affordable car insurance can be found as long as you are considered low risk by the insurance companies. If you are not, see if there is anything you can do to change your risk level in the near future.

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