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Is Buick’s safety rating for midsize luxury SUVs better than Infiniti’s?

Things to remember...
  • Infiniti and Buick are both respected vehicle manufacturers that are known for producing luxury vehicles
  • Much of both Infiniti and Buick’s focus has been on designing safe midsize luxury SUVs that compete on the market
  • IIHS performs five crash tests and three other front crash prevention tests to rate a vehicle
  • While Infiniti midsize luxury SUVs are IIHS Top Picks, the QX60 did still receive a poor headlight rating
  • When comparing the 2017 Buick Envisions to the Infiniti QX60, Buick manufactures the safer option

Midsize SUVs offer drivers great advantages. They are more environmentally friendly than their larger SUV counterparts and larger than a sedan for riders who want a bit more room to breath.

What’s even better is that the crossover body style is built on the frame of a sedan so it has better handling, easier maneuverability, and a safer turn radius.

These are just a few reasons why midsize SUVs are rising in popularity.

Two of the more popular makes to fall into this class of vehicles are Buick and Infiniti. While Buick earned its name designing and producing luxury, full-body sedans, it did venture into the SUV market with the Buick Enclave in 2007.

Since its introduction into this highly competitive market, the automaker has produced great options for safety-conscious consumers.

If you’re buying a midsize luxury SUV, one of your first priorities should be safety. Buick offers its customers some great luxury options, but that doesn’t always translate into the safest ride.

As you compare both Buick and Infiniti crossover models, you’ll need to consider unbiased safety ratings. Here’s how you can review vehicle safety ratings on your own, then use our FREE comparison quote tool!

Understanding Safety Ratings

Buick and Infiniti are both required under Federal law to test their vehicles coming off of the production line for safety.

Each manufacturer does its own crash testing to see how a car performs in a collision, but relying on these reports could be risky because of the biased nature of them.

To avoid issues with biased reports, it’s best to reference tests from non-profits like IIHS.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) independently conducts research that focuses on injury prevention, crashworthiness, and crash avoidance. The organization uses scientific information and test results to develop safety ratings.

To rate all vehicles that come off manufacturer production lines, the IIHS has invested billions into a Vehicle Research Center where the scientists simulate a real-life auto crash to see whether or not there are injuries.

There are five different IIHS crashworthiness tests that help the organization determine how different structural areas in each vehicle tested can withstand collisions.

The organization also administers other crash avoidance tests that specifically measure whether or not the standard or optional equipment installed in the car helps prevent an accident from happening.

Compare Safety Ratings between Buick and Infiniti for Midsize Luxury SUVs

Midsize SUV’s, which are also referred to as crossovers, are built on a unique platform. What separates these utility vehicles from their bigger ancestors is that the crossover is built on a sedan’s body frame.

This is why it very much feels like you’re driving a car when you’re behind the wheel of a luxury midsize SUV.

Buick is a respected automaker when it comes to sturdy construction and overall safety. While Infiniti is a newer name in the industry, it has earned respect quickly a Nissan’s branch of luxury vehicles.

You can’t look entirely at market share if your true concern is finding the safest vehicle.

While it is possible to compare safety awards between the two automakers, it’s more effective to look at two similar midsize SUVs produced by each make to see which is the safer option.

For research sake, it makes the most sense to compare the 2017 Buick Envision and the 2017 Infiniti QX60. As you’re looking at each IIHS profile, there will be ratings in each of the categories:

  • Small overlap front
  • Moderate overlap front
  • Side
  • Roof strength
  • Head restraints & seats
  • Front crash prevention
  • Headlights
  • Child seat anchors (LATCH)

After vehicles are towed out of the Vehicle Research Center, they are inspected to see how well the structural kept up in each area. When it’s not a crash-related accident, the performance of the vehicle component is assessed on its own.

Here’s a list of the ratings that can be assigned from the best rating to the worst:

  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • Marginal
  • Poor
  • Superior, Advanced, or Basic (front crash prevention only)

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The Buick Envision vs. The Infiniti QX60

As you’re comparing two different makes to find an option that will keep you safest, you’ll need to look at each and every tested area.

Some vehicles outperform others in their class, even if the bigger brand is known for creating the safest vehicles over a long period of time. Here are the ratings for the Buick Envision and the Infiniti QX60:

Safety Ratings for the Buick Envision

  • Small overlap front Good
  • Moderate overlap front Good
  • Roof strength Good
  • Side Good
  • Head restraints & seats Good
  • Front Crash Prevention Advanced (with optional equipment)
  • Headlights Acceptable
  • Child Seat Anchors Ease of Use Marginal

The Buick Envision was among the Top Safety Pick+ award recipients in 2017 because of the way that the vehicle performed in crash tests.

The vehicle manipulated well and there was a low risk of injury in each of the five tests performed, which is why the vehicle received “Good” ratings all the way across the board in crashworthiness.

While the vehicle did receive an “Advanced” rating in front crash prevention with the optional Driver Confidence package, there is still room for improvement since the car only earned four out six.

It was lacking in the high-speed auto brake tests. The vehicle also earned a “Marginal” grade in child LATCH because the anchors are too deep in the seats.

Safety Ratings for the Infiniti QX60

  • Small overlap front Good
  • Moderate overlap front Good
  • Roof strength Good
  • Side Good
  • Head restraints & seats Good
  • Front Crash Prevention Superior (with optional equipment)
  • Headlights Poor
  • Child Seat Anchors Ease of Use Marginal

The Infinito QX60 is also an award-winning luxury crossover. As a 2017 Top Safety Pick, the QX60 has earned a “Good” rating in every crash test.

The QX60 also earned a six out of six scores in front crash prevention when the car is installed with the optional Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection system.

The Infiniti QX60 may perform great in a collision but it did not excel in every area. A surprising find is that the vehicle earned a “Poor” rating in headlights because of visibility issues with the low beams.

Like the Buick Envision, the child seat latching system also failed to impress with a “Marginal” rating primarily because the latches are difficult to find and hard to reach.

2017 Top Safety Pick+

Both the Envision and the QX60 are award-winning picks, but out of the two, the Buick Envision has the better award designation as a Top Safety Pick+.

To become a Top Safety Pick+, the vehicle must receive all “Good” ratings in crashworthiness, an “Advanced” rating or higher in front crash prevention and a headlight rating of “Acceptable” or higher.

Is the Buick safer than the Infiniti for midsize luxury SUVs?

The QX60 did still earn the Top Safety Pick award, primarily because of the Poor headlight rating. Buick is still considered the safer pick on paper even if it did not score as high as the Infiniti in front crash prevention.

If you were to compare the insurance costs for each vehicle online, you would notice that the total liability premiums for the Buick will be slightly lower. Use our FREE quote tool to compare rates today and learn more here: where can I compare several affordable auto insurance rates.


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