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Dollar-a-Day Auto Insurance

Things to Remember

  • Dollar-a-day insurance is a government auto insurance plan in New Jersey that typically costs $365 per year.
  • It covers some of your medical bills but does not meet the minimum liability requirements in New Jersey.
  • To qualify, you must be uninsured, have Medicaid, and have a license and registration in good standing.

If you’re looking for cheap New Jersey auto insurance, the dollar-a-day insurance policy may be right for you. But you must meet certain requirements to be qualified for the plan.

Read more below about dollar-a-day insurance, what it covers, and how you can get it.

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Table of Contents

What is dollar-a-day insurance?

Dollar-a-day auto insurance, also known as the New Jersey Special Automobile Insurance Policy (SAIP), is a government auto insurance plan that offers affordable auto insurance to qualified drivers.

What is the cost of NJ SAIP insurance?

The program got its nickname “dollar a day insurance,” because it generally costs $365 per year. 

What does dollar-a-day insurance cover?

While those who qualify for dollar-a-day insurance are legally allowed to drive with the coverage, the policy does not actually meet the state’s requirements for insurance.

It will cover up to $250,000 in emergency medical care for the policyholder immediately after an accident, as well as care for brain or spinal cord injuries. It also offers a $10,000 death benefit if you were to die during a collision. 

What does SAIP not cover?

Because of the limited New Jersey dollar-a-day car insurance coverage, you would be responsible for paying ongoing medical treatments that don’t pertain to your brain or spinal cord, injuries to other parties, damage to others’ property, and damage to your own property.

However, many individuals who qualify for dollar-a-day car insurance would not be able to afford these, so it may be better just to seek out a more expensive, but less limited policy.

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How can I get dollar-a-day auto insurance?

What are the requirements for dollar-a-day insurance?

Here’s how to get dollar-a-day insurance in NJ and who can qualify for dollar-a-day insurance.

In order to qualify for dollar-a-day insurance in NJ, you must:

  • Be uninsured
  • Be enrolled in Medicaid (along with other drivers in your household) that includes hospitalization coverage
  • Have a driver’s license and registration that are in good standing

You can buy dollar-a-day auto insurance through the National Continental Insurance Company or speak to a Personal Auto Insurance Plan (PAIP) producer.


Dollar-a-day insurance is a government insurance plan in New Jersey. It typically costs $365 per year, which is where it gets its name.

It will generally only cover your emergency medical bills immediately after an accident, ongoing treatment for brain or spinal cord injuries, and a $10,000 death benefit if you die during a collision.

To qualify, you must be uninsured, have Medicaid, and have a license and registration that is in good standing.

If you need help finding auto insurance, use our free tool below by entering your ZIP code to compare auto insurance quotes today.


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