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Comparing Auto Liability Insurance Rates

Things to Remember...

  • Comparing auto liability insurance rates is one of the most important steps in buying auto insurance
  • There are several different types of auto insurance including liability, collision, and comprehensive
  • Consider the factors that impact the price of a driver’s auto insurance rates
  • The average liability car insurance rates are $538.73/year or $44.89/month

One thing that most financial experts will tell you is that it is vitally important to compare liability coverage rates before you decide to choose an auto insurance company.

In fact, you may already have your car covered, but you should still spend a few minutes every 12 months or so in order to make certain that your old company is still competitive.

So how do I compare auto insurance plans to find out which insurance company has the lowest rates? How do I find the best auto insurance rates? What website compares car insurance quotes?

It’s easy to compare quotes for cheap liability auto insurance today. You can use the FREE auto insurance comparison tool just by entering your ZIP code.

Table of Contents

Why it is Important to Compare Auto Liability Insurance Rates

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Many US vehicle owners assume that all insurers are exactly the same. Actually, surveys of J.D. Powers top-rated companies found that some are friendlier to different types of customers, and they also offer different combinations of discounts.

It is really impossible for any consumer to figure out which of these companies will offer them the best deal without taking the time to compare rates.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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What is auto liability insurance?

First, it might be helpful to understand what liability insurance is.

Consider some features of a basic auto liability policy:

  • Liability is the portion of an auto policy that covers possible damages or injuries to the other party in a car accident that you caused
  • It provides protection against both claims of property damage and injuries
  • Most US states have minimum liability insurance requirements such as those listed by AAA.com

This table shows the average annual rate for liability only insurance and full coverage. The numbers will be different now but you will get an idea of how little liability auto insurance will cost compared to full coverage.

Average US Annual Liability Auto Insurance Rates by State
Liability Rates
Annual Full
Coverage Rates
North Dakota$298.18$773.30
South Dakota$300.22$766.91
North Carolina$359.42$789.09
New Hampshire$400.56$818.75
New Mexico$488.03$937.59
West Virginia$491.83$1,025.78
South Carolina$527.09$973.10
District of Columbia$628.82$1,330.73
Rhode Island$759.80$1,303.50
New York$804.51$1,360.66
New Jersey$869.57$1,382.79
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Even though drivers have to purchase a minimum policy for their state, some choose to purchase higher amounts of coverage.

Of course, some people also purchase full coverage, including collision, comprehensive, and other types of coverage as well as liability. Some people with a lot of assets or a particular type of job may purchase higher benefit levels.

This video gives you information about different types of auto insurance coverage.

These other coverages are not legally required, but they may be required by a loan company and are just considered a good idea by some car owners. It is important to carry the best auto insurance coverage for your situation.

How to Save Money on Liability Insurance Rates

First, consider some of the factors that will influence your own auto liability insurance rates:

  • The insurance company – Insurers all have their own rate charts and underwriting guidelines
  • The make and model of vehicle – Some cars may have a history of being involved in fewer accidents, have additional safety features, or be relatively cheap and easy to repair
  • The drivers on the policy – Both very young and very old drivers may cost more to cover as will drivers who have a few recent traffic tickets or accidents on their records
  • Availablecar insurance discounts – Insurers offer all sorts of discounts to attract certain types of clients including discounts for taking driving classes or paying with an automatic ACH
  • Credit scores – Most insurance companies, like Geico car insurance, consider their client’s credit score, and they only give their very cheapest rates to people with good credit
  • Your ZIP code – Insurers also charge more for customers in some areas because those areas are associated with high repair costs, lots of uninsured drivers, or lots of accidents

How can knowing these things help you save money? Obviously, some of these factors are not that easy to control, or at least, they are not very easy to control quickly.

You might not be able to move to a cheaper town just to save money on your auto liability policy.

You might, however, consider buying a vehicle that is cheaper to insure the next time you shop for a used or new vehicle.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Enter your ZIP code below to view companies that have cheap auto insurance rates.

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What can you do to get cheaper auto liability insurance fast?

Note every step that you can take to save money has to take a long time. There are some things that you can easily do that might give you cheaper liability insurance by next month.

These things include:

  • Shop around – Compare rates from a handful of different insurers in order to find the most competitive company
  • Take a driving safety class – Many insurers offer a 5 to 10 percent discount for customers who take an approved class every few years
  • Increase your per-accident deductible – Raising your deductible means you will have to pay more out of your pocket, but you could save on your monthly rates
  • Look for auto insurance discounts – Look for the combination of auto insurance discounts that benefits you the best
  • Buy a cheaper car – When you do have the chance to buy a new or used vehicle, compare auto insurance rates before you make your final purchase decision

Get the Best Rates and Coverage for You

Who has the cheapest car insurance? Every average consumer cannot be expected to know which insurer will give them the cheapest price or right combination of benefits.

However, these days it is very easy to compare auto insurance quotes using an online form. To find the best insurance comparison, sites will pull information from multiple companies. Some sites even offer an car insurance comparison chart to make it easy to compare coverages.

The good thing for today’s consumers is that auto insurance companies have had to become a lot more transparent about pricing since it is so easy for consumers to compare rates and plans.

Even if the rate difference is only $20 a month, you could save well over $200 a year.

However, sometimes you will find deals that will allow you to save thousands of dollars a year, so it is worth it to take a few minutes to compare quotes from competitive companies.

It is absolutely a good idea to compare auto liability insurance rates to be certain you know which auto insurance company has the best rates.

Be sure to use our FREE tool located below to compare liability auto insurance quotes side by side. Simply enter your ZIP code to shop the best car insurance quotes today.


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