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Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

Things to Remember...
  • Before you start looking at specific car insurance providers, you should understand the different types of coverage available
  • Research more than just the price of a certain company; look into their reputation for claims handling and customer service
  • When you compare companies, make sure that the coverage you are quoted is the same to ensure you find the best deal

Not all car insurance quotes are the same, and it’s important to make sure you’re making a fair comparison.

Choosing lower coverage levels and a higher deductible with any company will lead to a lower quote, but you aren’t getting the same level of coverage.

Below are a few factors to look at when you’re comparing quotes and trying to choose the right company.

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Know the Coverage Options

Before you start looking at quotes, you should know what the coverage options are.

  • Liability — In most states, you’re required to carry liability insurance to cover the damage to other cars and property when you cause an accident.
  • Personal Injury — This coverage takes care of your medical bills.
  • Comprehensive — This coverage protects your car in the event of storm damage, hitting an animal and even vandalism.

There are also special plans available to cover underinsured and uninsured drivers, personal property, and bodily injury to passengers.

There’s More to Insurance Than the Premium

You care about the price of your insurance, but you also want good service. Companies with poor track records are known for taking premium payments and then dragging their heels when it’s time to pay on a claim.

If you’re in an accident, you want to know that your insurance company will have you covered, and that means choosing a quality company.

The coverage may cost you a little more, but it will prove worth it if you ever have to file a claim.

Once you find a rate that you like, take the time to get more information about the company. Look at their ratings with A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s to ensure that they’re financially sound.

Review their information at J.D. Power to see how they rate on customer service and in other areas.

Ask your local body shop company what insurance companies they’ve had the best experience with, and talk to friends about their companies.

Make Sure They Offer What You Want

You can save money by choosing a company that can insure your daily driver, motorcycle, motor home, and even your home.

If you’re interested in simplifying your life and earning multi-policy discounts, then look for companies that offer these other services.

Otherwise, you could wind up working with several companies and paying a much higher price overall.

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Confirm That the Coverage Information Is Identical

Insurance is meant to do two things:

  • It protects other people in the event that you cause an accident
  • It protects you when someone else causes the accident.

If you have valuable assets, then you want enough coverage to shield you in the event that you’re sued.

People who don’t have much money in the bank and driving older cars may choose to carry liability only to meet state minimums and save money.

Whatever kind of insurance coverage you choose, it’s important to make sure that your quotes use the same information.

Lowering the coverage or the deductible will result in lower premiums, so it’s easy to be misled. Always double-check this information before deciding that one quote looks more attractive than another.

If you aren’t sure what coverage amount you need, then try looking at your existing policy and using those numbers to keep things simple.

Consider the Extras Compared To What You Need

Companies are offering all kinds of perks to draw new customers and reward their existing clients. Programs that gradually shrink your deductible to award safe driving or

Programs that gradually shrink your deductible to award safe driving or provide you with discounts for safe driver classes are popular.

Look at these features to see if one company is a better fit for you.

People with clean records who never get tickets may prefer to work with a company that sends them a rebate at the end of the year for being responsible.

Someone who gets into accidents once in a while may appreciate programs that allow having the occasional fender bender.

These are very important and personal considerations, so it’s important to see how the company’s special programs fit your life.

Payment Options

Many companies have convenient payment options, including paying online or through automatic withdrawals. However, there are still a few that require you to mail a check.

While requiring a check may not bother some people, it could be extremely frustrating for someone who pays all other bills digitally.

If you prefer a certain payment method, then take the time to review that information before signing with any specific company.

Look for the Fine Print

How does the insurance company you’re considering handle uninsured drivers? Some companies have you covered, but others want you to carry separate coverage for this.

Find out if your company covers your personal property in an accident. Maybe you like to take your pet to the local park or stores. Make sure the company you choose will protect your pet.

Some of this information is available through the comparison site, but you may have to call companies directly to have some other specific questions answered.

Once you find a few companies that appeal to you, write down these questions that are specific to your life. Then, call the company to interview them and review the fine print.

This will help you choose the company that best suits your needs, even if it means paying a few extra dollars for the protection.

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