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Most Expensive Auto Insurance Rates

Things to Remember...

  • Many consumers who are purchasing car insurance for the first time are often very surprised when they find out how the prices vary
  • To ensure that you are not being charged too much, look for car insurance companies that have ratings between A+ and A-
  • On average, teen drivers may pay almost twice as much for car insurance for the first few years of their driving history

To find out who buys auto insurance at the most expensive rates, you must first understand how the rates are determined.

Many consumers who are purchasing car insurance for the first time are often very surprised when they find out how the prices vary.

To obtain the best car insurance rates around, simply place your ZIP code in the FREE tool right now!

Even if you have been driving for years, you may not realize where you fit in the process.

This means you may be one of the unfortunate people who is paying the most expensive rates. You need to protect yourself and educate yourself so you are not being taken advantage of.

One of the best ways to prevent being overcharged for car insurance is to complete the proper research. You can check with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for information pertaining to your state.

Table of Contents

Hand Select Agents and Providers

Since car insurance rates are not issued on a national level, but a state level, it is imperative that you consult only with agents that are licensed to issue policies for your specific state.

Ideally, this would take place before you accept a policy and make your payment.

However, if this is not possible because you already have a car insurance provider, you should know that you do not have to remain locked in.

You can cancel your current policy at any time and go with another company.

You should also check the financial stability of the auto insurance company you choose.

This can be achieved quite easily by logging onto A.M. Best and reviewing their records. They rate insurance companies based on their earnings and growth.

To ensure that you are not being charged too much, look for car insurance companies that have ratings between A+ and A-.

This means they have used their money wisely and your policy rates should remain stable. Companies with low ratings may not be as responsible and you can experience frequent increases while you remain a customer.

Companies with low ratings may not be as responsible and you can experience frequent increases while you remain a customer.

High-Risk Drivers

Drivers who have acquired too many violations, whether they are from running a red light to failure to yield to oncoming traffic, parking tickets or car accidents can be considered a high risk to most car insurance companies.

They perceive these types of drivers as careless and inattentive; both of these factors are major causes of motor vehicle collisions.

Since the majority of these types of accidents can be avoided, simply by paying attention to the road and obeying the laws, many car insurance companies assume these kinds of drivers have less self-control and lack any type of respect for authority or anyone else.

For these reasons, car insurance companies may list them as high-risk.

High-risk drivers often have a difficult time shaking this negative stigma because they also have many points accumulated on their driver’s license.

The more points, the higher the risk and it can take years before they are removed.

If this pertains to you, the Motor Vehicle Commission or MVC can provide you with an abstract or record for you to review. It contains up to five years of your driving history.

To begin the process of repairing your driving record, you can take a few steps. First, stop breaking the laws of the road. Obey all traffic signals and signs and make sure you remain within the speed limits wherever you go.

Second, check with your local MVC to see if there are any driver-improvement programs you can sign up for; this can help reduce the number of points on your license.

Finally, break all of your bad habits, including putting on makeup while driving, texting, or cell phone use.

All of these types of issues can take your focus away from the road and this leads to collisions.

Remember, while you are driving, you must be aware of not only your behavior but also others who may be just as distracted as you once were.

Inexperienced Drivers

Inexperienced drivers are generally under the age of 25, however, it can also mean new drivers of any age.

For teens, the rates seem to be the highest, in fact, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Teen-Drivers has dedicated an entire section on their website for teen drivers.

On average, teen drivers may pay almost twice as much for car insurance for the first few years of their driving history.

This is one of the reasons why parents of teen drivers opt to have them listed on their policies.

While they may experience an initial increase, their experience behind the wheel will eventually pay off and they will begin to see their rates drop over time.

This is of course, as long as the teens are not involved in any moving violations.

In addition, parents of teen drivers tend to qualify for multiple discounts, something teens cannot acquire on their own.

For older drivers, between 20 and 25, while no longer considered teens, they are still less experienced than someone in their 30s.

The good news is once they reach the age of 26 and have not accumulated any points or have not placed a claim with their insurance provider, the rates can begin to drop substantially.

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Anyone Driving a High-Performance or Sports Car

The type of vehicle you own has a direct effect on the amount of money you can expect to pay for car insurance. This is because high performance or sports cars provide the perception of speed and excess.

Many automobile insurance companies will automatically begin their quotes at a much higher platform than those who operate mini-vans or sedans.

High performance and sports cars also generally have less crash zone areas.

This means, if a collision occurs, the chances of the vehicle becoming a total loss are much greater.

Insurance companies do not like to write off any policies because they can no longer collect payment for their premiums.

If you purchase a high performance or sports car, you may do well to look into specialty insurance relating to these types of cars.

While the rates may seem higher than standard car insurance, the odds will definitely be in your favor.

These trained specialists are more than familiar with the negative aspect associated with insuring these vehicles; they can more than likely offer you comparable rates.

People Living in Metropolitan Areas

If you reside in states like New York, New Jersey, Florida, or Washington D.C., chances are your auto insurance rates are among the highest in the country.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA), shows these four states rank in the top.

One of the reasons car insurance is so expensive in these states is because there are more cars on the road on an average day, this increases the chance of motor vehicle collisions.

Also, many of cities in these states have multiple-lane highways.

Another reason these states charge more is the majority of the consumers who live here have multiple vehicle households, this means one car for each person.

While public transportation is always an option, most would rather drive their own vehicles to and from work. This is one of the most common questions every car insurance company asks during the quote process.

Commuters fare much better because they generally have lower mileage, while those who drive to work each day pay more. If the annual mileage is high, you may receive a higher quote.

Consumers with Little or No Security Features

Car insurance companies also look for vehicles with lots of security features. Since the majority of the newer cars have standard features, like airbags and restraints, they take this into consideration, but not by much.

 They also look for extended features, like anti-lock brakes, emergency stability control, and computerized mechanisms that kick in when a collision is imminent.

If the computer system senses danger, it can attempt to steer the car to avoid the accident or at the very least, decrease the impact, which leads to less overall damage.

Unfortunately, these types of options are usually costly to the driver and are not standard, but they can pay off when it comes to keeping the annual insurance premium low and fair.

People Who Modify Their Vehicles

Vehicle modifications can increase the aesthetics of a car, but the insurance companies usually frown on these types of changes.

The main reason is that, in their eyes, they actually decrease the value of the car unnecessarily.

Most car insurance companies want the vehicle to remain in the same condition, as it was when it was purchased.

Certain upgrades to make the car faster or louder can also be an unwanted attraction, making the vehicle more susceptible to theft or vandalism, especially in urban areas.

You may also be subject to fines if the modifications are not approved by your state’s MVC.

If for example, you attach an extended exhaust pipe to your car, it may increase the noise level and violate certain ordinances.

In addition, changes to the engine to increase speed can cause damage that may be irreversible.

Most insurance companies may equate your need for speed to illegal activity, like drag racing and this is also something that they do not particularly care for.

To be safe and to keep your insurance costs from rising, refrain from adding anything to the vehicle with the exception of MVC approved parts and only when necessary.

The best car insurance rates can be yours today, just click here and enter your ZIP code into the FREE quote box below now!


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