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Blaze Pizza Auto Insurance (Rates & Requirements)

Things to Remember

  • Blaze Pizza does not provide its drivers with any form of auto insurance.
  • Should you drive with Blaze Pizza or any other delivery service, you will need commercial auto insurance.
  • If you get into an at-fault accident without coverage, you’ll be paying out of pocket.

If you are interested in Blaze Pizza auto insurance you need to know the standard is for delivery companies to not give employees food delivery auto insurance. For instance, there is no GEICO food delivery insurance that will just be given to you; you’ll have to procure it for yourself.

Still, you need coverage. In the age of COVID-19, many individuals are turning to work as delivery drivers. So, if you choose to drive for Blaze Pizza, what various types of vehicle insurance will you need?

We’ll find out together because we are going to delve into several topics. Once you are done reading, you’ll know everything you’ll need to. Does driving for Blaze Pizza increase your premiums? Is there some sort of a special form of auto insurance coverage you’ll need?

All of these questions and more will be answered. First, type your ZIP code into our free and helpful tool above to find affordable auto insurance quotes in your area.

Table of Contents

Blaze Pizza Driving Requirements

It’s par for the course: delivery drivers are always on the road. That is music to an insurer’s ears because they are about risk above all. The more an individual is on the road, the more they are seen as a risk, the more they will pay in premiums.

You may be wondering about the personal auto insurance policy you already have in place. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be enough to cover you while you’re working. Whichever delivery job you go with, you’re going to need commercial auto insurance coverage. Read our article on three tips to buy cheap commercial auto insurance to get some helpful tips.

What is commercial auto insurance? According to the California Department of Insurance, this is the form of insurance that specifically covers individuals who own a business.

You may be thinking, “Own a business? But I don’t own a business.” When you are delivering food in your personal vehicle, your personal vehicle is then seen as a business.

Now that we’ve learned a bit about commercial auto insurance coverage, let’s find out how much it will cost you.

How much is delivery driver insurance?

How much is commercial auto insurance? If we’re looking at it on a monthly basis, about $142. You need to be ready to pay this amount.

The good news is that your current insurer for your personal policy may be able to just add it on.  Then, you can ask them about multi-policy discounts. Let’s take a look at a table that will show the biggest insurers who currently offer commercial coverage.

Top 10 Commercial Auto Insurance Companies by Market Share
CompaniesMarket Share
Berkshire Hathaway3.73%
Old Republic3.55%
Auto Owners2.45%
Tokio Marine Holdings1.88%
Chubb Ltd.1.81%

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The good news is that if you are just driving your standard four-door sedan to deliver food, you probably won’t be paying too much. Once you factor in a limo or a truck, that’s when you’re going to see the figure rise above $142.

Just remember what you’re really paying for. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the required coverage. We want to stress again the importance of asking about discounts. Accrue all the discounts you can to offset the cost of commercial coverage.

Are you ready to buy auto insurance? Enter your ZIP code to get free auto insurance rates and see which auto insurance company is best for you.


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