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Auto Insurance for Military Dependents (How to Save)

Things to Remember

  • Military personnel and their dependents can receive discounted auto insurance rates from certain providers.
  • These discounts can offer military dependents huge savings on their auto insurance costs.
  • Offers and auto insurance coverage vary based on the company so it is essential for military personnel and their families to shop around.
  • Many auto insurers pass off discounted rates to the dependent members of military families, but you should always check to make sure your military discount can be applied to your family too.

We are always looking for ways to save on our auto insurance with auto insurance discounts. Military personnel and their families receive generous auto insurance discounts from some insurance providers.

Some insurers require you to be active-duty in order to receive military discounts, and others apply discounts to veterans too. Auto insurance for military dependents is often also discounted, but this all depends on the specific auto insurance company.

The fact of the matter is, no two auto insurance companies treat veterans, active-duty military, and their families in the same way so it is important to shop around and speak with an insurance agent to find the best auto insurance coverage for you and your family.

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Table of Contents

Which auto insurance companies offer the best military discounts?

There are only five major, nationwide, auto insurance companies that currently offer substantial discounts to military personnel and their families.

It is important to note that some of these discounts are only applicable for active-duty military members and not veterans or retired personnel.

Military Discounts by Provider
Insurance CompanyPercentage Saved with Discount
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%
USAA60% off when deployed
15% for garaging on base

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You need to ask about the details of each of these military discounts to ensure that they include your dependents when speaking with an insurance agent. Some companies, like USAA, will cover everyone in your family even children who are over the age of 18 and no longer dependent.

The specifics of each insurance program will differ based on the company. Many insurance companies will only offer discounts to military dependents and not children aged over 18 or widows.

Are there any auto insurance companies specifically for the military?

Yes, USAA is an auto insurance company that only caters to military families. However, you could be eligible for USAA membership even if you or your spouse has never served in the military. How does that work?

USAA extends membership to individuals with family members who served in the military. If your father or mother served in the military, you could still get USAA membership and military auto insurance discounts.

USAA Quote Eligibility Requirements
Who are EligibleItems Needed to
Prove Eligibility
Active duty officers and enlisted personnel;
National Guard, Reserve officers, and enlisted personnel;

Officer candidates in commissioning programs

Adult children and former spouses of USAA auto or property policyholders

Former USAA auto or property policyholders
Your date of birth, contact information, and Social Security number

Details about you or your family member's military service

For non-U.S. citizens, a passport or permanent resident card

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As you can see it is quite possible to get military insurance discounts with USAA even if you never directly served in the military yourself. Of course, USAA offers its biggest discounts to active military members.

Auto insurance for military dependents through USAA can be very affordable, especially for teen drivers with an active-duty parent. Teen drivers are often the most expensive drivers to insure so having this major discount can be a huge help to military families with teenage drivers.

Can military discounts be combined with other auto insurance discounts?

Absolutely! The best part about getting discounts on your auto insurance is that you don’t have to stick to just one discount. In fact, you can combine all of the discounts that you qualify for to really drive down your auto insurance rates.

Besides your military discount you could also receive discounts for:

  • good grades
  • low annual mileage
  • customer loyalty
  • safe driving
  • multi-policies
  • bundling policies
  • good credit score
  • using anti-theft devices
  • and so much more!

Speak with your auto insurance agent to discuss all of the possible discounts you are eligible to receive. These discounts are crucial when it comes to insuring military dependents who are often teenage drivers and expensive to insure.

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Are military dependents happy with their auto insurance coverage through USAA?

USAA is consistently one of the highest, if not the highest, ranking auto insurance companies for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power. In fact this past year, USAA was the highest-rated auto insurance provider when it came to customer satisfaction.

You can also check out our USAA auto insurance review to get more specific details about this auto insurer and its offerings.

If you are eligible to get USAA auto insurance as a military dependent, you will likely be very happy with your coverage.

The one downside to USAA is that it is not available to everyone, but if one of your close family members has served in the armed forces, you will likely be eligible to become a member even if you are not a dependent.

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