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Texas Driving Laws For Seniors

Things to Remember

  • Drivers between the ages of 79 and 84 must renew their licenses in person once every six years.
  • Drivers 85 and above must renew in person every two years.
  • Drivers 79 and above must take a vision test and medical evaluation when renewing their licenses.

What are the Texas senior citizen driving rules and regulations? We understand that auto insurance can be a bit confusing and that the Texas DMV occasionally does things differently. We’ve included a step-by-step review to help, including information about Texas auto insurance and Texas driving laws For seniors.

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Table of Contents

Texas Elderly Drivers License Renewal

The senior citizen drivers license renewal process in Texas has a few caveats. What are the Texas drivers license renewal requirements for senior citizens? Let’s take a look at the following table:

Texas Senior Citizin Driver's License Renewal Regulations
Driver AgeRenewal PeriodRenewal OptionsTesting Required
Age 78 and underEvery 12 yearsOnline
By phone
By mail
In person
Ages 79 to 84Every six yearsIn personVision test required; knowledge and/or road test at DMV discretion
Age 85 and overEvery two yearsIn personVision test required; knowledge and/or road test at DMV discretion

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According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, drivers aged 79 or older are required to renew their driver license in-person. This age limit also applies for older drivers of motor homes in Texas.

Are senior citizens required to test to renew drivers licenses in Texas? Older drivers in Texas must submit to an eye exam; a specialist will evaluate their responses to determine if any additional testing is needed.

Applicants must have 20/70 vision with correction or 20/40 without correction. Those with vision below those levels must be examined by an outside vision specialist.

The Texas Department of Public Safety may also deem a knowledge test or road test necessary.

Furthermore, they can impose daytime-only driving, no freeway driving, driving only when another driver who is aged 21 and above is in the front seat, hearing aids while driving, and a requirement not to exceed 45 miles per hour.

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How to Get a Texas License as an Older Drivers

The introduction of the Real ID has had a significant impact on United States driving laws. This is, unfortunately, proving to be a problem for many seniors in the state of Texas. Let’s take a look at a news report further explaining this issue.

A number of older drivers in Texas do not have birth certificates. The problem is prevalent enough that the Texas DMV has begun walking senior drivers through the process of obtaining the Real ID.

Another issue is epilepsy, a fairly common condition amongst senior citizens. The Texas DMV states that epilepsy (and similar medical conditions) will not disallow an individual from driving.

However, the driver must be under a doctor’s care at that time and must not have had a seizure in a period of three months prior to the license application.

These are factors that could allow insurers to see you as more of a risk. However, with proper precautions, you could be paying the average annual rates of $1,245 or less that seniors tend to enjoy. The following link helps to further answer the question, “What is the minimum requirement for auto insurance in Texas?”

Before moving on to some FAQs, learn more about five buying auto insurance tips for seniors. Furthermore, type your ZIP code into our free tool below to find the best Texas auto insurance for older drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the driving rules for senior citizens in Texas?

Hopefully, we have answered all your questions about how to find the best senior citizen car insurance company in Texas for you, but just in case, take a look at some commonly asked questions below.

#1. What is the benefit to senior Texas drivers who drive less than 55 miles per day?

There are some companies that offer a 50 percent discount to those who drive fewer miles.

#2. What is the new rule for senior drivers and what are the driving rules for senior citizens in the United States?

It all depends on the state you live in. Many states now require drivers above the age of 75 to renew their licenses every five years.

#3. Is there an age limit for drivers licenses in Texas?

There is not an age limit to have a Texas driver’s license for senior citizens.

#4. How long is a Texas drivers license good for?

If the Texas resident is between the ages of 18 and 84, their license is good for six years.

#5. What are the vision requirements for driving in Texas?

An individual wearing glasses or using contacts must have 20/70 vision or better from both eyes or their best eye.

#6. How do I report an unsafe driver in Texas and is there a Texas DPS form to complete on older drivers who should not be driving?

To report a drunk driver, call 1-800-525-5555. You can’t report someone for driving exclusively based on age, but if you have a family member who should not be behind the wheel for other reasons, call 866-357-3639.

#7. What is the age limit for driving in Texas?

There is no upper age limit, but an individual must be at least 16 years of age.


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