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Where can I find unbiased reviews of auto insurance companies?

Things to Remember...

  • Getting feedback through social media is a great way to review auto insurance companies
  • There are four online sources we recommend using to compare auto insurance companies: A.M. Best, the Better Business Bureau, J.D. Power, and our free resource
  • Creating a poll of questions on Facebook or YouTube can give you a larger field of feedback on auto insurance companies
  • Ultimately, customer reviews are invaluable, making auto insurance comparisons even more informative

Unique and unbiased reviews of car insurance companies abound in the online world. We make it easy to compare with our list of the best auto insurance companies. You can also search ratings on the BBB, A.M. Best, and J.D. Power. There are several ways to access and organize the wealth of information on the internet in order to save money and know if you’re getting the best auto insurance rates possible.

Start with our unbiased auto insurance comparison reviews tool to see personal rate quotes based on your information. Online auto insurance comparisons put rates side-by-side to make your search for the perfect auto insurance company quick and easy.

Also, check the auto insurance companies section to find reviews of hundreds of auto insurance companies from across the nation.

Try our FREE online quote tool and start comparison shopping for the best car insurance with unbiased insurance quotes and unbiased insurance company reviews today! Enter your ZIP code above to begin!

Table of Contents

Social Marketing

Social marketing is the new yellow pages and is where you can find unbiased reviews of auto insurance companies because of the opportunity to interact with all types of people and experiences.

Getting multiple feedback through social media is a great way to review home and auto insurance companies.

Social media and marketing is the new way of getting the word out to your friends. Now your audience is online, massive, and global.

The following is a list of online resources to use when switching insurance companies or finding your first one.

  • Company Website
  • Rating/Comparison Websites
  • Company Surveys
  • Facebook and Twitter Pages

Those four sources can help you locate the top three auto insurance companies that fit your needs.

If you are looking for an insurance company that promotes green living, you can check their company website to find if they purchase green credits in exchange for their electricity usage.

For a comparison chart, you can search for websites that rate multiple insurance companies. Company surveys are informational, because they tell about customers’ poor experiences.

Facebook and Twitter is the face of the public and can show you insurance industry specific questions and answers by employees.

Read the company website, click on each link, and review their terms of service agreement. Find the small details that make the company stand out from the other insurance companies or those that look alike.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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Websites that rate other companies are invaluable tools for insurance information unless they are affiliated (paid to advertise); they are unbiased. A paid affiliate advertises for many companies and is paid a commission based on a sale or click.

Check the website to see if the company is affiliated with one or more insurance companies.

When using an insurance company comparison chart, follow these steps:

  • Check for 24-7 customer service
  • Check for a free towing service
  • Check for a low deductible
  • Don’t choose based on price

Company surveys are given to current insurance plan owners and are a sign the company listens to their customers and is open to change. A company that is willing to change will mold and develop their products and services for their clients.

Facebook and Twitter Accounts for insurance companies have promotions and giveaways they offer to anyone that likes their page. Check for an insurance company that is fun and appeals to the youth through social marketing.

You can also see their latest local events to attend that they sponsor and where they offer promotional items.

Personal Interaction

The second way to find impartial reviews of insurance companies is to take a poll of your friends and family. You can even place the poll on Facebook to reach a larger audience, or you can ask people every couple of days or once a week.

If you are creative, you can make a video of your question and answer sessions and post it to YouTube. Insurance companies run online video contests using songs and commercial clips created by their customers.

Here a few examples of poll questions you can ask:

  • What is the name of your current auto insurance company?
  • How long have you used this company for auto insurance?
  • How many auto insurance companies have you used for your vehicles in the past 10 years?
  • Are you satisfied with your auto insurance experience using this company to protect your vehicles from damage?

Gather the information from the poll questions and make a summary of each company you collected from family and friends. You can rate how many people picked one company over another divided by the total number of insurance companies.

Rating Example

  • Insurance Company A — Five people have this company for insurance out of a total of 10 companies mentioned. Company A’s rating is 50 percent.
  • Insurance Company B — Six people have this company for insurance out of a total of 10 companies mentioned. Company B’s rating is 60 percent.

Another way to analyze the data collected from your poll is to create a chart with the number of years spent at each insurance company.

Chart Example

  • Sam = 5 Years at Company A
  • Debbie = 7 Years at Company B
  • Elliot = 12 Years at Company C

After analyzing the numbers and figures from your online or in-person polls, find the real dirt or praise in between. Notate what people told you when they gave you their answers, to see if they had a good or poor experience.

Customer reviews are invaluable for the buyer and make auto insurance quote comparisons even more informative, because the knowledge can be categorized by insurers.

A person can spend 12 years using one insurance company and only 12 minutes signing up over the phone. Invest more time and research into locating your next or first insurance company to protect your future and lifestyle. Internet comparison sites make researching auto insurance even easier.

By taking advantage of the real and accurate information from social marketing and your family and friends, you can find an insurance company that fits your needs as an individual driver.

Enter your ZIP code below into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to see rate quotes right now!


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