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Where can I get low-cost full coverage auto insurance?

Things to Remember...

  • All states require you to have at least the minimum coverage auto insurance, though state minimum coverage doesn’t require you to protect your own car from storms and acts of vandalism.
  • Full coverage policies are often purchased for cars that are used as collateral for financing.
  • Full coverage on a car is made up of several different coverages, including liability, collision, and comprehensive.
  • You need to make sure that the company that you choose is a reputable and dependable company.
  • One of the best ways to find cheap auto insurance with enough coverage is to compare prices.

Where can I get low-cost full coverage auto insurance? You might want cheap full coverage insurance for your car so you will be protected in every situation.

Do you need to find low-cost full coverage car insurance quotes for your vehicle? All states require you to have at least the minimum coverage auto insurance.

You need to find the cheapest auto insurance possible for the best coverage, but where is the cheapest place to get full coverage insurance rates? There are many factors that affect auto insurance rates. Since it can be difficult to find good, cheap full coverage auto insurance, compare auto insurance full coverage rates to be sure you get a good deal.

Our comprehensive guide will teach you how to get cheap full coverage insurance for the best rates, but first — what exactly is full coverage auto insurance? We’ll answer that, too.

Ready to find cheap, reliable auto insurance? Get cheap full coverage auto insurance quotes online by entering your ZIP code into our FREE quote comparison tool.

Table of Contents

Three Components of Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance, what does it cover? Full coverage auto insurance benefits change depending on what company you buy a policy from. Therefore, there really are no full coverage auto insurance requirements.

However, there are some full coverage auto insurance details that are relatively universal. For example, the policy is almost always made up of three other insurance policies. What’s included in full coverage auto insurance? Find out below.

  • Liability insurance – this protects the other guy and his property. It is required by law in every state. Low-cost liability auto insurance is usually easy to find.
  • Collision insurance – this protects your vehicle in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage – comprehensive coverage pays for non-accident damages.

Comprehensive and collision coverages have deductibles, meaning an amount you pay out of pocket before the insurance company steps in. 

These are the three primary types of coverage. There are also some other types of coverage and benefits that you can bundle with your policy to find the most affordable full coverage auto insurance. Some examples are benefits that help you pay to rent a car after an accident and roadside assistance. 

How much do you pay for full coverage auto insurance? It will depend on what area you live in. If you live in one of the best states for full coverage auto insurance, you will pay less than average for insurance. Find the average annual rates for your state in the table below for an estimate. 

Average Annual Full Coverage Auto Insurance Rates by State
StatesAverage Annual Full Coverage Insurance Rates
District of Columbia$1,324.39
New Hampshire$795.50
New Jersey$1,379.20
New Mexico$920.42
New York$1,327.82
North Carolina$768.28
North Dakota$768.09
Rhode Island$1,257.40
South Carolina$936.69
South Dakota$744.28
West Virginia$1,032.45

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So, how much is full coverage auto insurance? As you can see, it varies greatly by state. However, the national average is around $79 per month or $950 annually. 

What is considered cheap auto insurance in one state might actually be quite high in another. 

However, one of the cheapest places to live for auto insurance is Iowa. The midwestern state has very low price full coverage insurance. How much is it for full coverage auto insurance in Iowa? Around $56 per month or $683 annually. 

How much is full coverage on a used car? Usually, used car rates are cheaper, so you may receive lower premiums. 

What are the best full coverage insurance companies? Almost every insurance company will offer a unique take on full coverage insurance, so don’t be afraid to shop around to see what fits your needs best. However, it might be helpful to learn more about the three main types of coverage first.

Liability Insurance

Every U.S. state has laws to ensure financial responsibility for vehicle owners. This means that almost all vehicle owners have to purchase a minimum liability insurance policy. Usually, these policies are cheap car coverage options.

These are different in each state, but your insurer or agent will help you buy a policy that conforms with the laws in your state. Liability covers property damages and injuries up the maximum amount stated in the policy.

Consumers are free to purchase more than their state minimums, and some people might be prudent to do this.

For example, the maximum property damage for required policies is fairly low in some states. It is only $15,000 in California, and it is easy to find fairly new cars that are worth more than that amount.

If you’re on a budget and need low or cheap auto insurance, consider only buying liability insurance. You can reliably get cheap insurance coverage this way.  

Find how much average annual liability rates cost in your state in the table below.

Average Annual Liability Insurance Rates by State
StateAverage Annual Liability Insurance Rates
District of Columbia$628.82
South Dakota$300.22
New Hampshire$400.56
New Jersey$869.57
New Mexico$488.03
New York$804.51
North Carolina$359.42
North Dakota$298.18
Rhode Island$759.80
South Carolina$527.09
West Virginia$491.83

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As you can see, there are some cheap insurance areas and some places with higher average rates. If you just need cheap minimum coverage auto insurance, this is the way to do it. 

Collision Insurance

Your state will not force you to purchase collision insurance, but you might need to purchase it if you still owe money on your car. This covers damages to your own car that are caused by an accident.

If the accident was another driver’s fault, his liability insurance should cover these damages, but if it was your fault, you need this coverage to help you repair or replace your car.

You can find cheap, low-cost auto insurance that includes collision coverage. On average, collision coverage costs around $26 per month or $305 per year.

Find how much annual collision insurance costs on average in your state in the table below. 

Average Annual Collision Insurance Rates by State
StateAverage Annual Collision Insurance Rates
District of Columbia$468.67
New Hampshire$307.42
New Jersey$381.86
New Mexico$276.98
New York$385.02
North Carolina$293.59
North Dakota$244.09
Rhode Island$411.51
South Carolina$265.07
South Dakota$208.58
West Virginia$329.67

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Collision insurance costs a little more, but it provides great extra protection. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in more than just the cheapest, most basic auto insurance. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Cars can get damaged or lost for multiple reasons, and not all of these reasons have to do with car accidents. Your vehicle could get stolen or damaged by rising floodwaters or a hail storm. Sometimes, these little damage prices add up.

Only comprehensive car insurance covers issues like this. Check out how much annual comprehensive insurance coverage costs in your state in the table below.

Average Annual Comprehensive Insurance Rates by State
StateAverage Annual Comprehensive Insurance Rates
District of Columbia$233.24
New Hampshire$110.77
New Jersey$131.35
New Mexico$172.57
New York$171.12
North Carolina$136.08
North Dakota$231.04
Rhode Island$132.19
South Carolina$180.94
South Dakota$258.11
West Virginia$204.28

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According to the Insurance Information Institute, it’s important you be aware of the value of your vehicle in these circumstances. Again, your state does not force you to purchase this type of coverage. However, you may need to buy it if you still owe any money on your car loan.

If you compare fully comprehensive auto insurance to what is full coverage insurance, you’ll realize that comprehensive insurance only pays for damages that happen when your car is not in motion.

When it comes to comprehensive auto insurance, compare prices from multiple companies before choosing a policy. Comparison shopping is an easy way to get the lowest possible auto insurance rates. 

Now you have a better idea of what is a good price for auto insurance. But what is the best full coverage car insurance?

Keep reading, we’ll discuss how to get auto full coverage insurance for cheap and where to get cheap full coverage auto insurance.

Do you need full coverage on your car?

Let talk about if you really need cheap full coverage insurance. You should consider shopping for full coverage auto insurance quotes online if you own your vehicle outright but could not afford to replace it in the event it gets totaled.

You know that you have to purchase liability insurance to drive legally. If you have a loan, you probably need to buy full coverage. If you are lucky enough to have your car totally paid for, you have a decision to make.

Is Liability Insurance Cheaper than Full Coverage?

It will be cheaper to only purchase liability insurance. But remember what qualifies as full coverage auto insurance? It also includes collision and comprehensive coverage. Without it, you risk having to pay for repairs if another driver’s liability insurance does not cover your vehicle’s damages.

How hard would it be for you to pay for damages yourself? You might sit down with an insurance agent to discuss the pros and cons of full coverage, and to find some inexpensive full coverage insurance options. 

To get the best low-cost car insurance, it might also be a good idea to gather some quotes, so you can see how much different types of coverage cost. 

Finding Discount Full Coverage Auto Insurance Quotes

Looking to buy low-cost insurance? The price you pay for your auto insurance will depend on a lot of different things. These factors include the kind of car you own, your past driving history, your age, and where you live.

Actually, insurers consider dozens of different things before they offer you a premium quote for any type of insurance. That means it can be tough for an average person to guess how much their policy should cost.

You cannot really go by the price that your neighbors, relatives, or coworkers pay. None of them are likely to have exactly the same situation as you do.

On the other hand, you might ask people you trust about their experiences with different companies, so you know which companies to consider and which to avoid. Affordable, low-cost auto insurance is out there, as long as you know where to look. 

The drivers who secure the best full coverage auto insurance rates are always very low-risk to insure. If you have lots of driving experience and a clean driving record, you’re likely to receive some of the lowest full coverage auto insurance premiums.

It might be harder to get cheap auto insurance with tickets or accidents on your record. Cheap full coverage auto insurance for new drivers is also a challenge. But don’t give up. You can still get full coverage auto insurance online for a decent rate. You might also consider raising your deductibles to lower your monthly rates.

While it’s impossible to get cheap full coverage auto insurance with no license, it’s not impossible if you have a limited or rocky driving record.

To find cheap auto insurance near you that is full coverage, compare some quotes, and don’t be afraid to ask insurance agents lots of questions.

What Companies Offer the Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Finding the cheapest full coverage auto insurance can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of ten companies that provide a good deal.

Top 10 Companies Offering the Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance
PositionCompanyFull coverageBasic coverage
3State Farm$145$38
4Farm Bureau Insurance$148$54
5American Family$170$59
6Auto-Owners Insurance$176$68

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Who Needs Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Is full coverage auto insurance necessary? The truth is, not everyone needs it. For example, when it comes to auto insurance prices for teenagers, finding good, low-cost auto insurance that includes full coverage is nearly impossible. 

Insurance rates for an 18-year-old male that is full coverage will be up to 20 percent higher than average. 

How to get cheap full coverage auto insurance for high-risk drivers is the same as for good drivers, do a lot of comparison shopping. Just know your rates will be higher. 

Full coverage policies are often purchased for cars that are used as collateral for financing. It may be dropped once the vehicle is paid in full, but many people choose to continue carrying full coverage to help them pay for damage after accidents or buy another car if theirs is totaled.

One of the benefits of full coverage auto insurance is that it helps replace your vehicle if it ever gets stolen or totaled. 

The rates for full coverage will vary based on your individual coverage levels and your deductible amount. However, this level of coverage is also carried on older cars that are paid in full because of the benefits it offers.

If you choose no full coverage insurance, you’re responsible for paying for a lot more out of pocket. 

Above & Beyond the State Minimum Requirements

If you simply want the absolute cheapest auto insurance, then stick with your state’s minimum requirements. But if you want the best price for full coverage auto insurance, make sure you do your research. This type of insurance goes above and beyond the state minimum requirements.

While state requirements mandate that drivers have coverage to protect other people in the event of an accident, they don’t require that drivers have coverage to protect their own assets and health.

This is where full coverage really stands apart from other plans.  Check out the follownig video from eHowFinance to learn what else full coverage insurance will help pay for.

In addition to paying for repairs to someone else’s car, this coverage will also pay to have your car repaired when it becomes damaged in an accident or storm.

While very cheap full coverage auto insurance can be difficult to find, it’s not impossible. You can find cheap full coverage auto insurance by comparison shopping online.

Choose Coverage Levels Carefully

Regardless of the insurance plan you choose, you’ll have to determine how much liability insurance you want to carry. 

State requirements are low and are generally not enough to make the necessary repairs if you hit a brand new car that’s worth more than your coverage limits.

The insurance coverage should actually be enough to protect your assets and shield you from a lawsuit. Your rates will rise along with the coverage level, but you’ll be protected in the event that you cause an accident on the road.

Protection in Accidents

When you’re involved in an accident, the damage to your car can be devastating. If someone else causes the accident, you can pursue payment for the damage through their insurance company.

If you cause the accident, you need special insurance to pay for the damage to your own car. Collision is the type of coverage you need, and it’s included in full coverage plans.

This drives the price up because it increases the company’s potential liability, but it also provides you with more peace of mind to know that you’re covered even if you cause the accident.

Security for Storms & Vandals

State minimum coverage doesn’t require you to protect your own car from storms and acts of vandalism, but this is still important insurance.

Comprehensive insurance covers most things that can happen to your car, and it’s a vital part of full coverage plans.

Even if your car is damaged when no one is around, you can still turn to your insurance company to have the necessary repairs made.

We recommend you do a fully comprehensive auto insurance comparison before choosing a policy. 

Not All Full Coverage Policies are the Same

After you get your full coverage auto insurance quotes, compare them carefully. It won’t matter who has the cheapest full coverage insurance if the policy is bad.

When comparing prices and searching for who has the best full coverage auto insurance, it’s important to remember that not all full coverage policies are the same.

Comparing the policies will not only help you know what is the cheapest full coverage auto insurance in your area. It will also help you figure out who has the most reasonable auto insurance policy for your needs. 

If you only look for insurance for your car for the best price, you could end up with a policy full of gaps. Low-cost insurance quotes are great, but the price is only the tip of the iceberg.

What do you need to have full coverage auto insurance besides liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance? There are several extras that are available with these insurance plans, but they aren’t automatically included in your plan, and that can drastically affect the price.

Ask yourself, what do you need for full coverage car auto insurance? Do you require a windshield replacement plan or something to protect you from uninsured motorists? You’ll want to compare insurance bundles that best suit your needs. 

Remember, it isn’t just about affordable auto insurance quotes. Low-cost auto insurance plans that don’t protect you the way you need are just a waste of money.

You want the best and affordable auto insurance plans. So here are a few extras that you may want to consider adding before you compare final prices.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Protection

You already know what is included in full coverage auto insurance depends on what company you buy from. But did you know you could get full coverage affordable auto insurance that protects you from uninsured motorists?

Most people believe that they’re covered against uninsured and underinsured motorists, but this isn’t always the case. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, nearly 13 percent of drivers are uninsured. 

Many companies will require that the person responsible pay for the damage, and they won’t cover the difference if that person is unable to cover the repairs. 

In many cases, really cheap auto insurance will not protect you if your vehicle is damaged by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Look for plans that include protection against the uninsured and underinsured. You may have to pay a small premium for this service, but it’s generally worth it for the peace of mind.

Coverage for the Loan in Case of Accident

If your car is totaled, do you have enough insurance to pay off the note? If not, consider GAP insurance. Cars depreciate quickly, and you could be left filling in the gaps between what the car was worth and what you owed when it was totaled.

Some finance companies offer this insurance through the loan, or you can purchase it through your auto insurance company. For the most inexpensive insurance quotes for GAP insurance, go through an insurance agency. 

When you compare price quotes for GAP insurance between dealership, banks, and insurance companies, you’ll receive the lowest premium auto insurance for GAP coverage from insurance companies. 

If you don’t already have it and need it, you should consider adding it to your full coverage package.

Replacing Windows with Ease

Are you still wondering what will full coverage auto insurance cover? Did you guess windshields? That’s right, stone chips and cracked windows can happen to anyone. 

Driving with a cracked windshield is actually illegal in many states because it can block your vision, and the cracked windshield can also be a safety problem.

Without this coverage, you’ll have to pay for repairs or replacements on your own. However, adding this insurance plan makes cracked and broken windows far more affordable to repair or replace.

OEM Options

Many insurance plans are looking for the most affordable ways to repair your car, so they’ll use aftermarket parts when possible.

This doesn’t bother some drivers, but others only want original factory equipment. If you want to be sure that factory equipment is used, then you will want to sign up for this coverage.

People who don’t mind aftermarket parts can save some money by foregoing this coverage.

Car Rental During Repairs

When your car is out of commission after an accident, you still need to have a reliable source of transportation.

Your full cover insurance for car price will not increase too much by adding rental coverage. 

If you have an extra car, then you don’t need this coverage. However, you should have it added to the package if you only have one vehicle.

Remember, there are no real requirements for full coverage auto insurance. Therefore, you can shop for low-cost auto insurance and compare prices for all of these additional policies that will help put your mind at ease. 

Now you understand why the cheapest full coverage insurance isn’t always the best. 

Deductibles & Better Car Replacement

Some companies also offer unique features that help their customers save money. With vanishing deductible options, the deductible falls for every year you don’t have an accident or ticket. This feature can cause the premium to rise slightly.

Better car replacement plans allow you to buy a car that’s one year newer if yours is totaled, and these plans may also carry a slight premium increase.

When purchasing an insurance plan, there are many benefits to full coverage. This type of plan covers more, but it also protects you against accidents, vandals, and storm damage.

You can also choose to add on little extras like full glass coverage, vanishing deductible and Gap insurance for added protection.

While these features drive the price up slightly, they also provide you with more peace of mind. When comparing plans, make sure you’re looking at comparable plans by reviewing all of the fine print and adding the same extra features across the board.

Ready to compare cheap full coverage insurance companies online? Just enter your ZIP code below into the FREE comparison tool and start comparing affordable auto insurance quotes.

Getting Your Record Together

There are many things that you can do to lower your risk profile so that when an auto company looks at you, they will have no choice but to offer you low premiums for full coverage.

Below are some of the things that can be done today:

1. Reporting the right information

Many people miss out on cheap full coverage auto insurance because they do not communicate with their insurance company as they should.

Many life changes often mean discounts on your premium.

Some of these life changes include getting married, having a baby, changing zip codes, lowering the number of miles from a home to work commute, adding an alarm system or a GPS system to the car, and parking the car in the garage.

Make sure that you report to your auto insurance company any of these changes as soon as you undertake them.

Remember, if they will not give you a lower premium after you make these improvements, there is another company that will.

2. Choosing the right vehicle

If you are still in the market for a car, there are certain things that you can do to lower your full coverage auto insurance premium rates.

For instance, getting last year’s model instead of the current year model is an automatic deduction, as many auto insurance companies consider the newer, faster and more powerful models a higher risk.

Also, make sure to choose a vehicle without aftermarket parts, and if it is a used car, make sure that is still under warranty.

Larger vehicles are considered safer. Sports cars and convertibles are considered the least safe. If you are looking for cheap full coverage auto insurance, make sure that you pick the vehicle that is most conducive to this goal.

3. Getting your record straight

Many times, if you have had accidents or tickets in the past, the insurance company will sometimes forget to drop them from your record after once the punishment is up.

Make sure that you do not have any more tickets or accidents on your record than is required by law.

Never Be Afraid to Walk Away

As stated before, the auto insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The number one way to get cheap liability auto insurance is to constantly look for the best auto insurance premium. The best cheap full coverage auto insurance is the policy that best meets your needs at a price you can afford.

The best company offering the best premium will often shift because of the competitive nature of the market.

Take full advantage of this competitive nature by comparing your policy to the market every six months.

If you do this, you are most likely to get the absolute lowest full coverage auto insurance that is on the market at any given time. If you are willing to shop around, you can find cheap auto insurance.

How Do I Get Cheap Full Coverage Insurance?

Who has the cheapest full coverage car insurance rates? To find cheap full coverage auto insurance near you then just enter your ZIP code in on this page.

What’s the cheapest full coverage auto insurance? A driver with a good record can find affordable full coverage auto insurance rates of around $118 per month, but if you shop around you might find an even cheaper low-cost auto insurance quote.

To secure cheap insurance quotes for full coverage online, you can just supply some basic details. These quote systems will give you multiple quotes to compare for yourself.

The online quote form is totally free to use, and you are not obligated to buy anything. You are free to get more information about an insurer or keep your old company.

Find a Local Agent to Help You Compare Quotes

Online quote forms can help you gather information about companies and plans. But they cannot deliver personal service and answer all of your questions.

However, they usually give you a way to contact people who can. Your next step might be to contact a local auto insurance agent who can provide personal service and answer all of your questions.

You can ask an agent if you need full coverage auto insurance for your personal situation. Even though these agents get paid by insurers for selling policies, they have a legal responsibility to represent their customers.

It should not cost you more money to purchase your policy from an agent than it does to buy online.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Enter your ZIP code below to view companies that have cheap auto insurance rates.

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Information Needed for Full Coverage Car Insurance Quotes

You will need the following information when getting an insurance quote:

  • Name, address, date of birth, and driver’s license number for all drivers.
  • Make, model, and vehicle identification number for all of your vehicles. (Warning: don’t skip any of them, even if you seldom drive the vehicle.)
  • Coverage you desire and the limits of liability for which you want a quote.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you ask for quotes:

  • Ask for quotes with different limits just to see the difference in premiums.
  • Online quotes will ordinarily break out the premiums per coverage, if they do not – ask.
  • Observe the fine print in the quotations and take the time to research. Attempt to purchase with the mind of a consumer, not someone who is attempting to get the lowest price. You want to save money, but also get the best coverage possible.

Keep reading to learn how to find affordable full coverage car insurance.

Get the Right Full Coverage Car Insurance at the Right Price

Start out by comparing prices online. Then you might turn to a local agent to make certain you purchase adequate coverage from a good company.

By combining the power of the web and personal service, you are likely to find good full coverage auto insurance quotes from a good company.

Still wondering how to get low-cost auto insurance online? Just enter your ZIP code into the FREE quote tool located below to start comparing now.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance offers additional coverage on top of the minimum liability amount that is required. There are many different parts of full coverage auto insurance:

  • Liability Coverage – This pays for the damage to another vehicle if you are at fault. This also covers the cost if someone else is injured in the accident. You are not protected by liability insurance.
  • Collision Coverage – If you collide with another vehicle or object, this type of coverage will pay to repair your vehicle after you have paid the deductible.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage will cover things such as theft, vandalism or weather damage. It usually covers the things that collision coverage will not. Some lenders require this type of auto insurance coverage until your loan is paid.
  • Uninsured/underinsured driver insurance – If someone else is at fault in an accident and he or she does not have an adequate amount of insurance, this type of insurance will cover the cost.

If you want the best full coverage auto insurance price, plan to shop around. Auto insurance premium comparisons are a great way to secure lower rates. Make sure you’re purchasing cheap but reliable auto insurance by checking consumer reviews and ratings as well. 

Factors that Influence Car Insurance Rates

Before you compare prices, you need to know the things that will determine the rate you will receive on car insurance.

  • Make and model of vehicle – Sports cars have higher premiums. Vehicles will safety features provide the best rates
  • Credit score – If you have a high credit rating, your premiums will be lower
  • Driving record – You will get a better rate if your record is free from accidents
  • Location of your home – If you live in a larger city where accidents are common and theft rates are high, your premiums will be lower
  • Age and gender – Married females over the age of 25 usually get the best rates

So, things like your credit score and where you live make a difference. Those of you asking, “Where can i get low-cost full coverage auto insurance California” should be aware that, though not the most expensive in the U.S., is pricier than many states.

Find a Company that Provides Discounts

Most companies offer certain discounts, like affordable two-car insurance, so you need to find one that has discounts that will meet your situation. Some of the discounts might include:

  • Multi-vehicle – If you insure two or more vehicles on the same policy, most companies will give you a discount, so your premiums will be lower
  • Multi-policy – If you group all of your insurance policies together, you can get cheaper insurance. Your life insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and car insurance could be with the same cheap auto insurance company, and it will be much cheaper for you
  • Anti-theft – If your vehicle has a car alarm, electronic keys, kill switches, wheel locks or any other anti-theft device, you could receive a discount. The insurance company wants to make sure that you will not be a victim of car thieves
  • Low-mileage – You could qualify for a discount if you put less than 12,000 miles on your car each year
  • Safe driver – If you have never had an accident or if you have taken a safety course, you could be eligible for a discount
  • Good driver – If you have not received a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket, you could qualify for a discount
  • Loyal customer – If you have been with a company for a long period of time, you could receive a long time customer discount

You can save a significant amount of money by asking your agent about possible discounts.

Compare Full Coverage Car Insurance Quotes Online

One of the best ways to find cheap auto insurance with enough coverage is to compare prices. You should obtain quotes from several different companies to see which one will offer you the best deal.

When getting a quote, there are several things that you need to take into account:

  • Deductible – Make sure that all of your quotes contain the same deductible, or you will not get an accurate comparison
  • Coverage – You want to make sure that the quotes are for adequate coverage auto insurance
  • Amount of Coverage – You need to know how much the insurance company will pay if you have an accident. Because you are getting full coverage, you want to make sure that everything is covered

If you should have an accident, you do not want to suffer financial difficulties because you do not have adequate car insurance.

You can find the best deal on auto insurance by comparing companies and prices.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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Make Equal Comparisons of Auto Insurance Policies

One of the tricks for cheap auto insurance is comparing several policies. It is important that these comparisons are with equal policies in terms of policy values and coverage types. Comparing auto insurance providers will require devoting time to researching different policies.

The value of your vehicle also determines how you will compare auto insurance coverage and premiums. Typically, auto insurance companies consider the value of replacing your vehicle after an accident. This value is a significant factor in how much you will pay each month for full coverage.

Starting your research over the Internet is an efficient way to compare different policies. Many auto insurance companies make online shopping easier where you can enter basic information and receive instant feedback and quotes from multiple providers.

Whether you decide to use the Internet or make phone calls, be prepared to provide the same information in order to find the best car insurance rates for the most coverage.

Generally, you must provide your age, gender, location of residence, and driving history. Some auto insurance providers also ask questions about your profession.

In addition to basic personal information, you will provide details about your vehicle. Most providers want to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle. The number of miles, VIN, and daily traveling distance are also considered in providing a quote.

While auto insurance providers have a list of questions, it is also a good idea to have a list of your own questions. Asking the right questions can save time and money.

Some questions to consider include:

  • What is the actual cash value policy? This is an often overlooked consideration and can lead to sticker shock if your vehicle is totaled. For example, you can insure your vehicle for its value of $20,000. However, by the time you have an accident, the insurance company may value the vehicle at $16,000. This is the amount you will receive, not the original $20,000 value.
  • Do the cheap auto insurance quotes cover original or re-manufactured parts? Generally, buying aftermarket parts for vehicle repairs is not a huge difference, unless you prefer original parts. If this is a concern, it is good to have this information upfront.
  • What are the deductible amounts?
  • Does the insurance company have local agents?

Read the fine print on the free quotes to ensure nothing is hidden in the policy that increases your rate.

Research Companies

You need to make sure that the company that you choose is a reputable and dependable company. Therefore, you need to research possible companies and choose one that you trust.

By just shopping around and looking at several different companies, you will be able to obtain cheaper car insurance. What is the cheapest place for auto insurance? The internet. Entering your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool to start shopping.

Finding affordable full coverage car insurance can be found if you know where to look. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always the best option. 

You want to find the cheapest car insurance possible that also has adequate coverage. Therefore, compare prices, and you can save a huge amount of money on full coverage auto insurance.

You’re now an expert on how to get super cheap auto insurance. Before you compare low-cost insurance agencies or companies, ask yourself, do I really need full coverage auto insurance? The answer is probably yes. 

Fortunately, you now know the cheapest place to get full coverage auto insurance.

Where can I get low-cost full coverage auto insurance?: The Bottom Line

Quotes vary widely in the insurance marketplace. Recently a quotation was requested for the following vehicle:

2012 Eight Passenger SUV with $100,000/300,000 bodily injury liability; $50,000 property damage liability; $500 deductible comprehensive and collision; and uninsured/underinsured motorists insurance.

The owners are in their 40’s with no traffic violations, an average credit rating, and use the vehicle to commute to and from work.

Premiums vary from $249.00 every six months all the way up to $702.00 every six months. Each of the seven companies that quoted was reputable insurance companies with an appropriate rating with A.M. Best and J.D. Power for stability.

It does pay to get quotations from different companies in your area when seeking insurance. Even if you don’t save a lot of money, you’ll be glad you looked and examined your options.

Insurance companies change their underwriting policies every few years depending upon their profits and losses in certain areas. Keeping a file of past quotes can allow you to ascertain where you might look if your rates increase dramatically in another year or so.

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