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What is appropriate auto insurance coverage for a driver?

Things to Remember...

  • The auto insurance companies believe that you are more likely to make a claim on your policy and are, therefore, more likely to need a payout from that company
  • Your driving history, accidents, speeding tickets, etc, affects your auto insurance rates
  • Inexperienced drivers, especially those who are young, are also considered to be high-risk
  • You can improve your insurance premiums by any sort of traffic offenses

Are you considered to be a high-risk driver? Are you wondering why? This is due to insurance companies believing that you are more likely to be involved in a collision or crash whether that was your fault or not.

The auto insurance companies believe that you are more likely to make a claim on your policy and are, therefore, more likely to need a payout from that company.

Because of this, you can purchase high-risk insurance coverage to help combat that.

Even with high-risk coverage, compare car insurance online to get the best rates. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to find appropriate car insurance rates for you right now!

Table of Contents

Why are you considered to be high-risk?

There are many reasons why you may be considered to be a high-risk driver. The most common reasons are:

  • Having multiple automobile accidents
  • Having a number of accidents in a short space of time
  • Having a number of traffic offenses
  • Being convicted of an offense that is related to your vehicle

There are also some types of drivers who are considered to be more at risk, even those who have never gotten a speeding ticket or had an accident in their lives: teenage drivers and young new drivers

The above two are nothing against you; you may be a very safe driver. However, statistics have shown that you are more at risk of having an accident or making a claim through your insurance, and you are instantly put in the high-risk category.

There are ways to get around this, which will help to bring your premiums down.

Do you need high-risk coverage?

Not all of those who fall into the above categories will need to have the high-risk cheap auto insurance coverage. There are other factors that will affect thing decision, which is always made by the insurance companies.

For example, a teenager may be able to get lower premiums by having high grades in school this shows that the teenager is sensible in school and, therefore, sensible on the road.

Insurance companies will consider the following when determining whether you should have high-risk coverage or not:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • Vehicle’s age and type
  • Expected mileage annually
  • Driving record
  • Credit rating

If you can prove yourself to be sensible in other areas of your life, it is likely that this will reflect on your driving abilities. The driving record, however, is one of the most looked at factors and is often the reason why drivers find themselves having to pay more for their insurance.

If you have had to make claims in the past especially if they have been your fault then you will likely need cheap high-risk auto insurance coverage.

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Why are teenagers high-risk?

Teenagers have no driving history, so you would think that this would mean they are low risk. However, having no driving history is the primary reason for the high-risk status.

Teenagers have not yet proven to be sensible on the road, which makes them a high risk to insure. Inexperienced drivers, especially those who are young, are also considered to be high risk for the same reason.

Statistics show that teenagers aged 16 to 19  are most at risk of being involved in some type of collision when compared with drivers 20 and over.

This is commonly noted due to the inexperience when it comes to driving. Statistics also show that younger drivers are those who are likely to speed and take unnecessary risks while driving, especially when driving at night.

Even if you have not been caught speeding and will never take risks, because you have no proof in driving history you will be considered to be a high-risk driver and will need the higher level of insurance.

Drivers Who Are At-Fault

When a driver is at fault during an accident, the insurance companies will start to look at them differently. They will be classed at a higher risk than those who have been involved in an accident that was not their fault.

However, this is not the only thing that will mean that a driver has to have high-risk insurance coverage.

Those who cause crashes with multiple injuries or cause damage to an extensive nature will also be considered to be high-risk.

This is because the insurance company has had to pay out more for the collision and so the premiums will be increased to cover the risk that it will happen again. There are tips to get a high-risk auto insurance premium under control.

Those who are caught drinking under the influence will also be placed in the high-risk category, even if there has been no accident.

This is because the risk of an accident happening at the fault of said driver is more likely to happen. Insurance companies do not like paying out money and they will cover their costs as much as possible.

Those who are caught multiple times for the same offense will not only be placed at a higher risk but also run the risk of losing their license due to their dangerous driving.

Getting Out of the Category

It is possible to get out of the high-risk category. For some, it just means waiting a few years to be classed as a young adult and not a teenager. Others, it will mean getting a driving record behind them to prove that they are a safe driver.

However, for some others, it will mean waiting for the collisions to be removed from the driving record.

Many auto insurance companies will only look into a record over the past five years.

After all, something that happened when you were 16 will not have as much relevance when you are 30; you will have changed your driving habits and will have gained a cleaner record.

There are other companies who will only look at the last three years.

You will not be classed as high risk forever, as long as you do change your habits and make some changes to your driving. This will mean that you do not need to have the high-risk insurance coverage forever.

Even while you are considered a high-risk driver, compare car insurance online to help you get the cheapest rates. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to start saving today!


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