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What type of drivers need high risk auto insurance coverage?

Certain types of drivers need to carry high risk auto insurance coverage. Because most states require all drivers to carry a certain amount of coverage to legally drive on the roads, even high risk drivers and other different driver types must find companies that will provide coverage for them. For these drivers, high risk coverage is available through companies that specialize in insuring high risk drivers. Find what companies could be offering you the best rates by comparing car insurance now with your ZIP code using our FREE comparison tool.

Finding insurance coverage for high risk drivers is possible. Compare policies provided by companies that specialize in providing insurance for high risk drivers. You may be surprised that even high risk drivers can find affordable coverage.

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Types of High Risk Drivers

1.) Individuals Convicted of Driving Without a Valid License

If an individual is ticketed and found guilty for driving without a valid drivers license, this individual is considered a high risk driver. Those who are ticketed for driving without a valid license will find that some auto insurance companies will not cover them if and when they obtain a valid license. However, companies that provide coverage for high risk drivers will most likely provide coverage for this person. This is one good reason to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle unless you have a valid license to drive.

2.) Drivers Who Have Had One or More Accidents

Normally, having one accident will not define a driver as high risk. However, in certain situations, such as if the driver is newly licensed or has been issued several tickets prior to the accident, one accident may send this individual into the high risk driver category. Having multiple accidents, particularly if they are within a short period of time, most assuredly will cause an auto insurance company to find the driver as “high risk.”

3.) Drivers Who Have Received Multiple Moving Violations

Drivers who have been ticketed for multiple moving violations, particularly those who have received several speeding tickets, may be considered high risk drivers. Most states provide drivers the option to attend a defensive driving class if they have been issued a moving violation.

Taking this defensive driving class will essentially remove the moving violation from the driver’s record. However, drivers are given limited opportunities to take traffic safety classes to remove tickets from their driving record. If the driver receives more than one moving violation in a year, they will not qualify to take the defensive driving class in most states. Always drive safely and follow all traffic laws to avoid the possibility of being ticketed for any moving violation.

4.) Newly Licensed Drivers

Newly licensed and younger drivers are considered high risk simply due to their inexperience. If you are a newly licensed driver, be sure to drive safely and always follow all traffic laws. Avoid receiving any moving violations and your high risk status will be re-evaluated after you have successfully driven for a few years without being ticketed or having an accident.

5.) Drivers Convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Drivers who have been convicted of a DUI will usually be automatically moved into the high risk category by insurance companies. One incident of being arrested for a DUI will not only define the driver as high risk, but in several states, the driver will automatically lose the privilege to drive for a period of time. A DUI will also cost the recipient several thousand dollars in fines and legal fees.

Drivers convicted of a DUI will most likely have their licenses suspended for some period of time. A second conviction may result in a jail sentence. Never drink and drive. Not only is driving under the influence a very unsafe practice, if you are arrested and convicted of a DUI, you will be considered a high risk driver for a considerable amount of time.

More importantly, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous. Not only do you risk your own life in doing so, you put other drivers on the road at risk. When you drink and drive, or drive under the influence of drugs, your reflexes and focus is altered. Even though you may feel competent to drive, you are not. Never, ever drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even buzzed driving will warrant a DUI.

6.) Drivers with a Poor Credit History

Recently, insurance companies have been considering the credit history of drivers when evaluating their risk. Drivers with a poor credit history may be considered high risk by insurance companies. Though this may not seem like a fair assessment, insurance companies base their considerations on data that suggest that poor credit history correlates with poor driving habits.

7.) Drivers Convicted of Driving Without Auto Insurance

Drivers who are ticketed for not even having cheap auto insurance may be considered high risk. In addition, most states require that all drivers carry a minimum amount of coverage in order to drive on the roads. If a driver is ticketed for no insurance, the driver may actually lose their license in several states.

Your Driving Record Can Improve

Even high risk drivers can be insured and high risk drivers should shop around for the best deal when it comes to purchasing an auto insurance policy. Even if you have made some poor choices in terms of your driving behavior, having the label of a high risk driver does not have to stay with you forever. Insurance companies will offer suggestions regarding how you can reduce the points on your driving record. In addition, all states limit the amount of time that certain violations are recorded on your driving record.

Be sure to always drive safely and follow all traffic laws. If you are a high risk driver, compare the high risk policies offered by insurance companies. You will find that even high risk drivers can obtain coverage that is both affordable and flexible. Take measures to improve your driving record and continue to make good driving choices.

Over time, you will obtain the status of a low risk driver. Continue driving safely and the high risk driver label disappear and you will be able to save money on future auto insurance policies.

In the meantime, always be comparing car insurance rates to find what companies have to offer. Use our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to find out what you could be saving by entering your ZIP code.

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