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How long does it take to compare auto insurance quotes?

Things to Remember...

  • Acquiring an insurance quote can be a simple, fast process
  • You will need to provide vehicle information and driving history for an insurance quote
  • Find out what kind of discounts you can qualify for such as good driver and good grades

Shopping for auto insurance quotes can be a tedious process, but it’s not necessarily a long one.

There are many factors to consider such as the state of residence and the auto insurance companies that are being researched.

States have certain regulations for drivers to adhere to on what an automobile insurance policy should include.

The larger auto insurance companies are mainly nationally recognized while smaller insurance companies are only available for certain designated states.

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Table of Contents

Acquiring a Quote

Almost all auto insurance company sites have a feature that generates quotes embedded in their page.

This feature usually requires information such as state, zip code, and type of auto insurance to start the quote.

Sometimes when the process is initiated, an agent will call and walk you through the process. Quotes are affected by whether you have violations such as points on your driver’s license or accidents within the past few years.

The agent can also mirror the insurance coverage you previously had from another company to theirs.

To save time, you can call an agent directly since most insurance companies offer a customer service line on their website. Companies are always looking for customers, and agents are usually readily available.

Most insurance quotes are free and require no cost from you and the whole process can take up to an estimated time of 2-3 hours.

Coverage and Additional Plans

Basic coverage usually includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, and the deductibles for collisions.

Keep in mind that even though higher deductibles lower your payment, it also means more money out of your pocket when an accident occurs.

Full coverage goes above state minimum auto insurance requirements and can include uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments.

Certain insurance companies have a variety of benefit drivers can choose from.

For example, Allstate offers a Towing and Labor Costs Coverage designed to reimburse you for roadside expenses and a Rental Reimbursement Coverage that pays you back for the cost of renting a car.

An insurance agent will most likely call to walk you through the process and explain to you the different types of coverage, any additional plans you would like on your policy, and if you qualify for any discounts or savings.

For example, State Farm offers discounts such as Accident-Free Discount, Multiple Vehicle Discount and Good Student Discount.

Switching Insurance Companies

Drivers usually want to find the best deal when shopping for insurance quotes. Factors like cheaper premium, better coverage or customer satisfaction are why some drivers will switch car insurance companies.

However, keep in mind that most policies are typically issued for six months to a year. Changing from one company to the other may put you at risk for penalties.

Your new insurance company can provide you with a cancellation form to send over to the former insurer that notifies them the start date of your new policy and to terminate your current one as of that date.


In order to obtain a new policy, certain documents and personal information such as your social security is requested.

Be sure to have the following in hand:

  • Driver’s License
  • Car registration information
  • License plate number
  • Documentation of your current policy which includes the coverage and terms
  • Payment form (either a blank check or credit card for billing purposes)
  • Loan information (institution your vehicle is financed through)

Inspection Requirement

Some car insurance companies will also ask you to take your vehicle into a car shop or rental place to get a certification inspection done.

Insurers do this in order to reduce accidents that happen due to poorly maintained vehicles.

Inspections are also performed to prevent car insurance fraud. Usually, brand new cars do not require an inspection.

It’s important to know whether you need a car inspection done since this can greatly impact the cost and coverage of your car insurance. Inspections are usually free of cost to the costumers.

Paperwork and Insurance Cards

Once you have made your final decision and settled for an auto insurance company, paperwork such as contracts and agreements need to be signed to finalize the process.

A package will also be delivered that has the copies of these documents along with your new insurance cards; this can take up to seven business days.

Comparing auto insurance quotes is more than just about price. It’s also about coverage, customer service, and additional benefits an insurer carries.

Take time to analyze the company’s values as well as your needs. Acquiring a quote can be fast and easy, but it’s beneficial to you as a driver to know what those quotes entail.

Just keep in mind that safety and coverage should be followed first before settling for a cost. Find cheap auto insurance with our FREE comparison tool!


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