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Am I safe with a cheap auto insurance policy?

Things to Remember...

  • Cheaper insurance policies aren’t always the best option
  • Consider bundling all of your insurance needs to maximize your car insurance discount
  • Do away with any “extras” you don’t need or use

Many people look for cheaper car insurance policies to save money. Car insurance is a necessity since it protects you if you have an accident.

It is important that your car insurance company is reliable and will stand behind you if you are involved in an accident. Choosing a good car insurance company can save you from headaches and hassles in the future.

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Table of Contents

Check the Better Business Bureau for Complaints

Most cheap auto insurance quotes sound too good to be true, and you may be reluctant to sign up. However, these smaller companies may do a better job at dealing with your claims promptly and take care of your insurance needs.

Doing research can be easy with online car insurance comparison websites. The more comparisons and quotes you have, the safer your decision will be.

Before you sign up with a smaller company, do your research and check with the Better Business Bureau in your state to see if there are any complaints with the company.

You should choose a company that has been open for at least five years to make sure that the company will continue to stay open while you have a policy there.

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Choose Enough Coverage

Comparing your auto insurance quotes online across the board is another way you can get a good rate on your car insurance without sacrificing the quality of your insurance.

The higher your  deductible the less your insurance will cost you, but you need to have a deductible you can afford to pay.

Additionally, you need enough coverage to protect your assets such as your home and savings in the event you are sued if you are deemed at fault for an accident. Many people choose the 100,000/300,000 option.

This means 100,000 per person per accident with a maximum payout of 300,000 per accident. Lower coverage will mean lower quotes, but be sure you get enough coverage to protect yourself.

Compare Quotes and the Company’s Reputation

As you compare the quotes from several different companies, you should also consider what you know about the insurance company. Finding the lowest quote from a leading auto insurance company may be a better choice than the cheapest insurance company.

If you have a clean driving history, you should consider changing insurance companies every few years. Insurance companies offer better rates to new customers, and you can quickly switch back and forth if you do not have any tickets.

Similarly, there are companies that cater to people with a poor driving history. If you have a history of accidents, you may be limited in your choice of insurance companies. However, you should always compare quotes between companies to find the best rate.

Cut Out the Unnecessary Items from Your Policy

If you are looking to save money on your policy, you should try cutting back on the unnecessary items in the policy to reduce the cost. One example is the roadside assistance offered by some companies. This can raise your rates.

Another example is the accident forgiveness program, which can cost extra each month. In this case, you may be paying higher rates for an accident that may never happen.

If you like these extras, make sure each company includes them in your basic quote, so you can find the cheapest auto insurance policy with all the extras you want to include on your insurance.

It is possible to find a good cheap insurance policy, but you do need to research the companies to make they are reliable. Shopping around for a new policy every few years may also save you money.

Enter your ZIP code below into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool for money-saving opportunities! If you do not find a better deal, you do not need to change policies.


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