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Maryland Windshield Replacement Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Maryland?

Things to remember...

  • Some Maryland auto insurance policies have a zero-deductible benefit for windshield glass replacement, but this varies substantially from policy to policy
  • If you have full glass replacement coverage in Maryland, you must specify the type of glass to be used for this service at the time you buy your coverage
  • In some cases, your Maryland auto insurance company may dictate the use of used glass for a replacement claim

Maryland is one of the smaller states in the country, but many residents nonetheless spend many long hours in their vehicle each week for sightseeing or commuting.

Regardless of how long or short your trips may be, your vehicle may be exposed to the possibility of windshield damage.

Your windshield must remain fully intact at all times to provide you and other occupants in the car with maximum protection and with full visibility of all potential hazards that you may need to avoid while driving.

It may be easy for some Maryland drivers to view a damaged windshield as a non-urgent repair need unless the window is severely shattered.

You may even be inclined to wait several months to schedule a glass replacement service until you can more easily incorporate the repair cost into your budget.

However, because you face true risks by driving even a short distance with a damaged windshield, you must carefully examine quotes for a window replacement as well as the potential to file a claim on your auto policy for this repair work. Compare rates today with our free quote tool above! 

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How can I get cheap auto insurance with glass coverage in Maryland?

When a Maryland driver files a claim on an auto insurance policy, a deductible usually must be paid. You can often set your deductible for most auto insurance claims at the time you set up your coverage.

A $500 deductible is standard, but you can request a higher or lower amount. In some cases, this standard deductible is required when you file a claim for full glass replacement.

Such a high deductible for this relatively affordable replacement service may make a claim an unaffordable option.

Maryland does not have a zero-deductible law for auto glass claims as some other states do, but some drivers are fortunate enough to have this type of coverage anyway.

Others may have purchased auto coverage from a provider that has a minimal deductible requirement for full glass coverage. If you have one of these no-cost or low-cost deductible options for glass replacement, filing a claim may be a much more financially beneficial option to consider.

Your deductible is not the only insurance coverage matter to review. You also must determine if you have full glass replacement coverage at all.

It is most commonly included with a comprehensive insurance policy, but some comprehensive policies do not have this type of special coverage. Maryland drivers who have liability or collision coverage most likely do not have full glass coverage.

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive insurance differs from other coverage options because it pays for most types of auto repair work that you need, such as those pertaining to theft losses or damage from accidents, roadway incidents, weather damage, and more.

This may also include windshield repair service related to rocks, birds, or other items striking your windshield, but it does not always include this benefit.

Before filing a claim, you should review the specific limits and deductible amount for your full glass replacement benefits so that you can make a more informed decision that will ultimately limit your repair or replacement expenses and help you to complete the work as soon as possible.

Some Maryland drivers selected a great auto policy that offers exceptional benefits for full glass replacement or repair work, but others did not realize how important this type of coverage may be.

If you are forced to pay a high deductible for a glass replacement claim or if you had to pay this expense entirely on your own, you should update your auto policy now so that you can reduce your personal expenses the next time your windshield is damaged.

Glass Replacement Laws in Maryland

Maryland drivers who do not file a claim against their auto coverage may choose to use new or aftermarket glass at their discretion.

Used or aftermarket glass may be of similar quality as a new windshield, but it may have a substantially lower price that is more affordable if you are paying for the repair work on your own.

If you file a claim and want to use new glass, however, Maryland law states that you must specify this desire at the time you set up your coverage.

The decision about which glass replacement company is used for your current repair project can impact cost as well as quality of workmanship.

Drivers who file a claim for a Maryland glass replacement service may be legally required to use their insurance provider’s replacement company of choice. However, if you prefer to use a company that you select, you may be required to pay any difference in service charges.

Fix Your Windshield Today

Keeping your vehicle maintained in great condition is important for your safety and to maintain the vehicle’s value.

An auto insurance claim may make it easier for you to pay for a windshield replacement, but your current policy may not make this feasible or possible. If you are not happy with your current auto insurance coverage, explore other options for glass replacement service today.

Compare rates today with our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!


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