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Indiana Windshield Replacement Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Indiana?

Things to remember...

  • Indiana drivers may have more options for the type of replacement glass used on their vehicle if the vehicle is less than five years old
  • Any type of damage to your windshield could increase your vulnerability to accidents and injuries as you drive through Indiana and beyond
  • Indiana does not legally require auto insurance companies to provide zero-deductible glass replacement coverage, so you may need to pay a deductible if you file a claim for this type of repair work

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Can you drive with a cracked windshield in Indiana?

Whether you regularly drive through Indian’s bustling urban areas or your regular activities take you into small towns or across the rural landscapes, you may spend many hours of your week behind the wheel. Each time you drive down the road, you face the risk of enduring windshield damage.

After all, the windshield is partially designed to prevent objects from striking you personally as well as any other occupants in the car, and these objects that it blocks could result in a crack or in more significant damage.

In order for your windshield to provide you with clear visibility of the road and full protection from other projectile objects, it must be fully intact and in great condition.

If your windshield has minor or more significant damage, it is imperative that you address the issue with a glass replacement or repair service in Indiana. Make sure you are covered with our free quote tool above.

Obtaining a few quotes from trusted local glass repair companies is an excellent first step to take, but you also need to go a step further by researching state laws and your own insurance coverage terms.

When you walk through these steps, you can determine which service provider to take your vehicle to and if you should file a claim for glass replacement service.

How can you get zero-deductible auto glass coverage in Indiana?

When you file a typical repair work claim on your auto policy for a damaged vehicle, you must pay the established deductible amount associated with your coverage.

An insurance deductible typically is selected by the driver at the time the policy is purchased, and typical amounts range from $250 up to $1,000. For any claim that you file, the deductible must be paid first, and your coverage may pay for all additional costs based on your auto coverage terms.

Some drivers in Indiana have a special zero-deductible amount established for auto glass repair work, but laws in this state do not necessarily require insurance providers to offer this deductible set-up.

Indiana drivers should not assume that their coverage includes full glass replacement benefits at all, and this is because some auto policies have limited benefits.

For example, a liability policy may not pay for any type of repair work on your vehicle at all. A collision policy may pay for collision-related damages on your vehicle only.

An Indiana comprehensive policy may or may not offer full coverage glass benefits, and it generally offers repair or replacement benefits for a more inclusive range of damaging events.

Reviewing Your Current Auto Coverage

Reviewing your auto insurance policy’s limits, coverage, and deductible amounts are essential if you want to decide if filing a claim for the current repair work required is in your best interest.

If the glass replacement quotes that you have received up to this point are less than or equivalent to your deductible for glass replacement or if you do not have glass replacement coverage, paying an Indiana glass repair company for the repair work may be your full responsibility.

If you have to pay a large deductible or if you have to pay for this service entirely on your own, remember that you may be able to upgrade your coverage now so that you can take full advantage of this benefit going forward.

After all, your new windshield could be damaged at any time while you drive throughout Indiana and beyond, and you may benefit by buying the most protective and inclusive coverage available.

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What are the Indiana state laws regarding glass replacement services?

As is the case in many states, Indiana has established beneficial laws for glass replacement services that may protect consumers in some cases.

The law states that if your vehicle is less than five years old, you can choose the type of glass that is used for the replacement service. The primary glass options available in Indiana are OEM, used, and aftermarket glass.

This five-year rule applies to all situations regardless of whether you file a claim or pay for the service on your own.

In the event that you file a claim on an older vehicle, your insurance company may have the option to select the type of glass for you.

The specific details will be outlined in your auto insurance policy, and you may be able to negotiate different terms when you upgrade your Indiana auto insurance policy going forward.

Understand Your Options for Full Glass Replacement Service Providers in Indiana

If you plan to pay for the entire cost of your glass replacement service in Indiana, you are responsible for researching providers and making the best decision possible for your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are filing a claim, your auto insurance provider in Indiana could specify which repair company you use.

Indiana law does not specify whether drivers do or do not have the right to specify who repairs the glass, so the terms of your coverage will be the deciding factor.

Remember to review your Indiana auto policy thoroughly, and be aware that better coverage for full glass replacement may be available in other policies

By updating your coverage today, you may be better prepared to deal with a cracked windshield when this type of event happens again. Compare rates now with our free quote tool below! Just enter your ZIP code and start comparing rates now!


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