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Massachusetts Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Massachusetts?

Things to remember...
  • Per state law, insurance companies must offer full glass replacement coverage in Massachusetts with either a no-deductible or $100 deductible option
  • If you file an auto insurance claim for full glass replacement in Massachusetts, your insurance company may require you to use their glass replacement company
  • Massachusetts state law requires the use of OEM glass based on the model year and vehicle’s mileage

Massachusetts spans across more than 10,500 square miles, but it is nonetheless the sixth smallest state in the country by size.

Many Massachusetts drivers spend a considerable amount of time each week touring the state in their free time or commuting back and forth to work.

With more time spent on the road, your chance of experiencing vehicle damage may be increased. Windshield damage is one of the more common types of damage that drivers may face, and this type of damage requires a fast response from the driver.

When a small pebble strikes your windshield, a tiny chip or crack may develop. However, this type of seemingly minor damage may spread into a larger area of damage rather quickly.

Your windshield may even be struck by a larger rock or another projectile object that immediately causes a large area of damage on the glass. Compare comprehensive coverage rates now with our free quote tool above! 

This type of damage is cosmetic in nature, but it also poses a true danger to you each time that you drive until the damage is repaired because of these reasons:

  • The glass is more likely to shatter
  • Your visibility is reduced
  • The integrity of the window is impaired

Filing a claim for windshield replacement service in Massachusetts is a distinct and realistic option for most drivers regardless of your financial situation.

Before you decide if filing a claim is in your best interest, you need to closely review your coverage and state laws regarding this type of automotive repair work.

Table of Contents

The Legal Requirement for Massachusetts Class Replacement Coverage

In many states, drivers may shop around for a zero-deductible or low-deductible coverage option for full glass replacement service. Many drivers in these states may have to pay the full deductible amount for their policy when filing a claim for glass replacement.

This could make it financially disadvantageous to file a claim at all. However, Massachusetts is one of the few states that requires auto insurance providers to offer full glass replacement coverage with either no deductible or a $100 deductible.

Regardless of what your deductible is for full glass replacement service, you must pay this amount up-front. Your insurance policy will pay for the remaining costs, but this coverage only includes expenses up to the limits of your policy.

While state law requires the availability of a zero-deductible or very low deductible option for full glass replacement, it does not have specific requirements for the limits of this type of coverage.

Most full replacement glass coverage is included in a comprehensive insurance policy. This is a special type of coverage that pays for repair work for many types of losses and damaging events, such as weather-related damage, theft, and more.

However, because of the unique state law in Massachusetts that requires glass coverage to be provided to all policyholders, you may obtain full glass coverage if you have a liability policy or collision insurance as well.

What Massachusetts Law Says about Glass Material Options

Massachusetts has strict laws regarding the type of glass that can be used for a windshield replacement:

  • If your vehicle is a 2004 model year or newer and has less than 20,000 miles, only OEM glass can be used.
  • This is the same if your vehicle is a 2003 model year or newer and has less than 15,000 miles.
  • Otherwise, your insurance company may choose to only pay for used or aftermarket auto glass when you file a claim.

You could request the use of OEM glass if your vehicle is older or has more miles. However, you may have to pay any difference in the service costs out of your own pockets, and this amount is in addition to the deductible amount that is required.

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How do I select a glass repair company in Massachusetts?

Some drivers will use the glass repair company that their Massachusetts auto service provider selects, but some providers require you to use their preferred provider.

Law does not dictate who selects the service provider in this state. Therefore, motorists should read the fine print in a policy before buying it if they want to have the ability to choose their own provider for a full glass replacement claim.

How can I find cheap auto insurance with glass coverage in Massachusetts?

Thanks to Massachusetts state law, drivers have the option of having a zero-deductible or low-deductible glass replacement coverage in their auto policy.

This option makes it affordable and realistic for any driver to replace a cracked windshield and to continue to drive safely throughout the state and beyond.

Because the cost of this coverage and the limits may vary, it can benefit you to compare new quotes for coverage periodically.

Now is a great time to request insurance quotes and to update your coverage so that it is most beneficial for you. Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!


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