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Arkansas Windshield Replacement Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Arkansas?

Things to remember...

  • Arkansas drivers can choose which vendor they want to use to replace a broken windshield in Arkansas
  • The deductible that Arkansas drivers pay to replace a windshield through a claim varies based on the terms of the policy that is purchased
  • Because this and other coverage benefits vary by provider, it can be helpful to shop around thoroughly and to request quotes before you purchase a new insurance policy

Table of Contents

How can I fix my cracked windshield in Arkansas?

As you cruise down Arkansas roads, you may understandably feel rather protected inside your vehicle. The windshield may block the wind and elements from blowing directly in your face as you drive at a rapid pace.

It may also prevent small rocks, bugs, and other items from striking you. These could potentially cause significant personal injury if you are driving fast.

While the windshield may protect you from these and other elements, the windshield itself may become chipped, cracked, or even shattered in the process.

This type of damage may prohibit the windshield from being fully protective of you going forward until the repair or replacement work has been completed.

In fact, it may even impair your ability to see the road fully, and there is a chance that it could shatter and cause personal injury.

Any time your vehicle gets damaged, you may think about filing an auto insurance claim. A standard liability insurance policy in Arkansas, however, does not provide glass replacement insurance coverage.

In order to benefit from this type of coverage, you usually need to purchase comprehensive auto insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance pays for repairs for damage caused by many types of events including:

  • collisions with animals
  • weather-related damage
  • theft
  • general driving damages, such as rocks or other objects hitting your car

However, even with comprehensive insurance, you may not have full glass coverage or a zero deductible on your full glass coverage.

Drivers should not assume that their comprehensive auto coverage has this type of coverage, and you also should not assume what the deductible amount or coverage limits for this type of claim are. Make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool above! 

It is imperative that you carefully research these factors before buying coverage.

If you are currently shopping for new coverage and are concerned about having to pay for a future cracked windshield service out of your own pocket, consider getting quotes for comprehensive insurance with zero deductible full glass coverage.

How can I get no deductible glass coverage in Arkansas?

A damaged windshield can negatively impact your safety on the road, and this issue needs to be properly remedied as soon as possible. However, the state does not have a mandatory zero deductible full glass replacement law. In fact, only a couple of states have this type of law.

In Arkansas, insurance companies have the discretion to offer a zero deductible, partial deductible, or full deductible glass replacement benefit.

You could potentially buy a zero deductible full glass replacement policy by shopping around, but you need this coverage in place before your windshield cracks.

If you already have a cracked windshield that needs to be repaired without delay, a smart idea is to contact your current provider to determine the deductible amount that you may need to pay in order to file a claim and use insurance benefits to cover this expense.

Remember that you are responsible for paying the full deductible amount required in the terms of your auto policy up-front before any insurance benefits apply to cover remaining expenses.

A standard auto insurance deductible amount is $500, but you may have a higher or lower deductible amount. Perhaps your insurance coverage has a special, low deductible amount for glass replacement claims.

You will need to compare the cost of the windshield replacement against your deductible amount to determine if it is worthwhile to file a claim.

If the replacement cost is less than or even only slightly more than your deductible amount, it may not be worthwhile to file a claim and risk having your auto insurance rates increase in the future.

Selecting a Glass Repair Vendor in Arkansas

Some states require you to use the insurance provider’s vendor or to pay the difference in the cost of services.

In Arkansas, however, motorists have complete control over which vendor they use for this type of service, and you can begin comparing options today.

In addition to comparing costs, focus your attention on the type of parts used for a windshield replacement service.

Parts Used for an Arkansas Windshield Replacement

While some states have a strict law forbidding the use of aftermarket parts for a windshield replacement, Arkansas is one of many states that permits this.

Per the state’s law, the use of an aftermarket part for a windshield replacement must be acknowledged in writing by the vehicle’s owner.

In addition, the aftermarket windshield must be fully comparable to a new windshield in all ways, including through the warranty, fit, condition, and more.

While you may not want to use an aftermarket part at first glance, remember that this may be a more affordable option in some cases.

If you are faced with the need to pay your full replacement cost out of your own pocket, the ability to save money on this expense by using an aftermarket windshield could benefit you financially.

Driving around Arkansas and beyond is dangerous when you have a cracked windshield. Between your impaired visibility while driving and the possibility of a complete breakage with glass flying everywhere, you do not want to take any chances.

Now is the ideal time to schedule a repair service for your windshield repair or replacement work. Spend time examining your deductible amount on your existing policy as well so that you can determine if filing a claim is a smart idea for you.

Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!


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