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Nevada Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Nevada?

Things to remember...
  • Nevada has not passed a state law regarding the type of glass that can legally be used for a windshield replacement service
  • Nevada state law does not require auto insurance providers to include a zero-deductible clause for auto glass replacement or repair work
  • Nevada drivers can select their own glass replacement company regardless of if they file an auto insurance claim or not

Nevada has a dry climate with sandy and rocky areas throughout much of the state. From time to time, rocks may be catapulted into the air in front of your car as another vehicle drives over them.

In some cases, birds and other types of wildlife may hit your windshield. These are only a few of many examples of how your windshield may get cracked or otherwise damaged in Nevada.

When a Nevada driver believes that this type of windshield damage is purely cosmetic, the urgency to repair the windshield may not be present.

You may consider simply waiting a few weeks or longer to schedule repair service for your windshield until you can comfortably afford to pay this expense.

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However, a cracked window on your vehicle is more than cosmetic, and it actually can increase your risk of injury on the road. Repairing the damage as soon as possible is important if you want to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Replacing your damaged auto window can be a moderately expensive endeavor, and you have purchased auto insurance in part to pay for vehicle damage such as this. Some auto insurance policies do include windshield repair benefits, but many do not have cracked windshield insurance coverage.

If you review your current auto coverage and determine that you do have this valuable benefit, you should next look at your deductible amount to understand the financial benefit associated with filing a claim.

Many Nevada drivers have such a high deductible amount that filing a claim is not advantageous.

Table of Contents

The Legal Requirement for a Zero-Deductible Glass Service in Nevada

Many Nevada drivers have heard about a zero-deductible benefit for auto glass service on car insurance policies, and you may be wondering if this applies to you.

Unfortunately, Nevada is not one of the states that legally mandates auto insurance companies to provide this benefit to drivers.

You may be able to find a few that offer a zero-deductible benefit as an option, but many auto policies for Nevada drivers do require you to pay a deductible when you file a claim for a damaged windshield.

Before you spend time analyzing your coverage to determine what your deductible amount is, you need to verify that your coverage includes glass replacement benefits.

The primary type of auto coverage that has glass replacement benefits is a comprehensive policy.

This is opposed to a collision or liability policy, which most likely does not include coverage for glass replacement.

Collision coverage usually only pertains to repair work related to a collision with another vehicle only, but comprehensive insurance offers benefits related to non-collision types of damages and losses.

Comprehensive insurance may include full glass replacement coverage, but this is not always the case. Remember to check the coverage limit and deductible for full glass replacement coverage if your policy includes it.

After you verify that your current car insurance policy has the type of coverage that is necessary to pay for the repair work needed, you need to analyze your deductible situation.

Some car insurance companies charge the standard deductible that you have selected for all types of claims that you may file. A typical deductible amount is $500, but you may have requested a higher or lower deductible amount when you set up your auto policy.

Other car insurance companies may offer a special lower deductible amount for this specific type of claim. For example, some policy terms may only require you to pay the first $50 of the window replacement cost.

Comparing your auto coverage deductible amount against the cost of service needed to fix your damaged window can tell you more about the benefits associated with filing a claim.

In some cases, filing a claim may increase your premium in the future. All factors should be analyzed closely before you decide if filing a claim is a wise move. Many Nevada residents may choose to pay this expense out of their own funds rather than file an insurance claim.

The Selection of a Glass Replacement Material in Nevada

If you have never had to schedule glass replacement service in Nevada, you may not be aware that some providers use aftermarket or even used glass to complete this service.

Legally, glass replacements can be completed using aftermarket material. Nevada has no legal requirements regarding this material.

In some cases, your auto insurance company may require the use of the more affordable material per the terms of your policy.

Understanding Who Chooses the Nevada Glass Replacement Company

You want the best service for your vehicle, and you may have spent ample time researching the following information about your car insurance company:

  • consumer reviews
  • Better Business Bureau ratings
  • financial ratings

If you do not file a claim, you are free to choose any provider to complete this project that you desire. On the other hand, if you file a claim, you need to use your insurance company’s preferred vendor, or you must pay the difference in the service fees.

For many Nevada drivers, getting a cracked windshield replaced is an inconvenience, but it does have the potential to stress your budget and even impact your ability to safely drive.

If you want your insurance policy to pay for this type of damage in the future, consider updating your coverage today so that you have a more affordable deductible associated with a windshield replacement claim.

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