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Iowa Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Iowa?

Things to remember...
  • While Iowa allows aftermarket crash parts to be used on most automotive windows, the law specifically excludes this type of glass from being used with windshields.
  • Because Iowa does not have a zero deductible requirement for auto glass replacement, insurance companies in this state can establish their own rules and policies.
  • Some motorists in Iowa may have a higher deductible amount than what a new windshield may cost.
  • Driving with even a slightly damaged windshield could create a vulnerability that increases your chance of being injured on the road.

Some Iowa drivers get a cracked or shattered windshield in an auto collision, but many others have a much less dramatic experience.

For example, you could simply be driving down the road when a bird flies into your windshield, or a small rock may fly up from the wheels of the car in front of you and damage the window.

Regardless of how seemingly minor or significant the damage may be, remember that any weakness or damage in the window creates a structural vulnerability that could pose a danger to you and other passengers in the vehicle.

Today is a great time to begin requesting quotes from a few reputable glass service providers in Iowa, but this is not the only step that you should take.

A complete windshield replacement may easily cost several hundred dollars or more, and the reality is that not all drivers have to pay this full amount or any amount at all to get their windshield replaced. Make sure you compare rates with our free quote tool above today! 

The terms of your existing auto insurance policy may include a zero or low deductible glass replacement benefit.

In addition to reviewing your policy’s wording today, you should also delve into Iowa’s laws regarding windshield replacements and car insurance companies.

Table of Contents

Does your insurance policy have a no-deductible clause for glass replacement?

When you spend a few minutes gathering repair or replacement quotes for your damaged windshield, you may get a reasonable idea about the fair market rate for this type of service, and you may wonder if it is financially beneficial to file a claim.

After all, you may be aware that filing a claim usually means that you have to pay an insurance deductible.

Because a damaged windshield poses a true risk to Iowa drivers, you may have to pay a deductible at a moment’s notice if this is a requirement based on the terms of your coverage.

Iowa is one of many states that does not require auto insurance providers to issue a zero-deductible benefit for auto glass replacement insurance.

Any deductible requirements for the replacement of your windshield are set at the discretion of your provider, and you may have had a say in the deductible amount when you initially bought your policy.

Some insurance providers require you to pay the standard deductible amount that is required for any claim you file, but others may have a reduced deductible amount specifically for windshield glass replacement services.

There is also a chance that your auto coverage does not have any benefits for window glass replacement.

For example, if you bought a liability-only auto policy or if you only have collision and liability insurance, window glass replacement coverage is not usually included in a policy.

Comprehensive insurance is typically the only type of coverage that includes glass replacement services unless the window is damaged in an automotive collision.

However, just because you have comprehensive insurance does not necessarily mean that you have full glass coverage.

Each provider has different conditions for the following:

  • inclusions and exclusions
  • the coverage limits
  • the deductible for full glass coverage

Understanding your current coverage will help you to decide how to proceed with your glass replacement service.

If you have reviewed your auto insurance policy and have determined that you have windshield glass replacement benefits, you must then make the decision about filing a claim.

Drivers in Iowa who have a zero-deductible or low deductible amount may benefit from filing a claim for this expense. 

However, because the cost of replacing a windshield is usually a few hundred dollars or less, it may not make sense to pay a $500 deductible for this minor repair cost.

If you have to pay money for this expense today, remember that you can always adjust your Iowa auto insurance coverage to protect you in the future.

Many auto insurance companies have a low or no-deductible option for this type of event, and you may be able to find a better coverage option by spending a few minutes comparing auto insurance quotes today.

What does Iowa state law say about the use of used glass?

Iowa law permits the use of used or aftermarket crash glass in most areas of the vehicle. However, it specifically forbids this type of glass to be used on a windshield.

If you are replacing glass in another area of the car beside the windshield, the window company should disclose this information to you.

Drivers have the ability to refuse this type of glass and to request new glass to be used for a replacement project.

How can I get cheap auto insurance with full glass coverage in Iowa?

It’s always a great idea to shop around and find the best protection that works for your current situation. If you’re on the road a lot and have dealt with cracked windshields in the past, we know how frustrating it can be to get it repaired.

If you want to prevent this type of event from stressing your budget in the future, think about upgrading or buying a different auto insurance policy today that is more protective in this area.

Want to find cheap auto insurance rates in Iowa?

Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!


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