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Connecticut Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Connecticut?

Things to remember...

  • Motorists have access to a zero deductible glass replace service through their Connecticut auto insurance policy, but some waive this option when they set up their policy
  • Glass repair vendors can only use aftermarket or used glass for a windshield replacement if they disclose this fact in writing to the vehicle owner
  • If a Connecticut driver opts to use a different glass replacement company than the one selected by their auto insurance company, they will need to pay any difference in cost out of their own funds

Have you had the unfortunate experience of having a rock or another item fly at your windshield and create a chip, crack, or another type of damage?

This type of issue can impact your car’s aesthetic appeal, but more importantly, it can be a major safety risk as well.

The windshield must be undamaged in order to be structurally sound and protective, and this means that you need to schedule repair or replacement service for the damage as soon as possible.

Before you call a glass repair or replacement company in Connecticut to set up service, spend a few minutes learning more about the local laws governing this process.

It can also be helpful to analyze your existing auto insurance policy to learn about the possibility of filing a glass replacement claim. Make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool to make sure you are getting the best coverage for what you need!

While you need to determine if your policy has this type of coverage, you also need to determine what your deductible amount for the claim would be before you decide if you should file a claim.

Table of Contents

How do I file a claim with my auto insurance company if my windshield is cracked in Connecticut?

Connecticut state law indicates that auto insurance companies must legally offer drivers the option to add zero deductible glass replacement coverage to their policy at the time they purchase coverage. You have the option to accept this offer or to opt-out of it.

If you opt-out of a zero deductible benefit for glass replacement, you can either waive this coverage entirely or set the coverage up with a higher deductible amount.

Remember that glass replacement coverage is usually only available to you if you buy comprehensive auto insurance, and it is not an option with a liability or collision auto policy.

While a comprehensive auto insurance policy pays for many types of loss events that you may incur with your vehicle, full glass coverage is not always included.

In addition, the limits on the coverage as well as the deductible amounts may vary. A close inspection of your auto insurance policy is in order, and you should also keep this in mind when you are shopping for new coverage in the future.

Driving around Connecticut with even a moderately damaged windshield is unsafe, and you need to set up service as soon as possible to reduce the chance of further damage or even personal injury.

If you cannot find information about glass replacement coverage in your policy or if you are unsure of the coverage and terms, simply contact your insurance company directly for clarification before you file a claim.

Furthermore, if you discover that you do not have a zero deductible option currently, you may ask your provider to add this coverage to your policy.

This coverage would not apply to your current issue, but it may offer a financial benefit to you if you need to file this type of claim again in the future.

Is filing a Connecticut glass insurance claim a smart idea?

Some Connecticut drivers currently have a zero deductible option for glass replacement claims, and this makes it financially beneficial to file a claim. After all, you may not have to pay any money out of your own funds to get the windshield fixed.

You should, however, examine the possibility of a potential rate insurance in the future if you file a claim now.

However, if you waived the zero deductible option when you purchased your auto policy, you may not have coverage, or you may have a deductible as high as $500 or more.

This high deductible amount may be more than the entire cost of the replacement service. If this is the situation that you are currently facing, you may need to pay for your windshield replacement entirely out of your own pocket.

The Use of Aftermarket or Used Glass in Connecticut

Many motorists who schedule window replacement service in Connecticut may simply assume that they are getting a new piece of glass installed that is perfectly suited for their vehicle.

However, state law in Connecticut permits the use of aftermarket or used windshield glass on cars.

Your insurance company may only pay for this type of glass when you file a claim because it is generally more affordable. All windshield repair and replacement companies in the state are required to notify you in writing if they are using aftermarket or used glass.

Can I choose my windshield service provider in Connecticut?

Some drivers in Connecticut will simply choose to get the windshield replacement service completed by the provider recommended by their insurance company.

Others, however, may prefer to choose their own provider because of a reason like the following:

  • consumer reviews posted online
  • the convenience of extended business hours
  • the type of materials being used

If you choose your own provider, remember that Connecticut law dictates that you pay any difference in cost.

If you had to pay a high deductible for your windshield replacement or if you had to pay for the entire cost out of your own funds, you may consider taking this opportunity to upgrade your policy.

You can shop around to find the most affordable quote for a zero-deductible or partial deductible glass replacement service, and you can benefit from this effort in the future when your windshield cracks or shatters again.

Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and get your quote now!


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