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Kansas Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Kansas?

Things to remember...

  • If you choose to file a claim on your auto insurance policy for a windshield glass replacement service, Kansas car insurance companies have complete control over which vendor you use and what type of glass is used
  • Kansas does not have a mandatory requirement for car insurance companies to offer a zero-deductible option for windshield glass replacement service
  • Because of the rather affordable price of an auto glass replacement service in comparison to some auto insurance deductibles in Kansas, it may make sense to pay for this service on your own without filing a claim

Table of Contents

Will my auto insurance cover a cracked windshield in Kansas?

One of the more common causes of a cracked or shattered windshield in Kansas is a rock flying up into the air from a truck or another large vehicle on the road in front of you.

However, many other objects could become projectiles that damage your automotive glass, such as a bird.

Buying a replacement windshield may not have been in your current budget, and you may be thinking about delaying the replacement for as long as possible. However, glass cracks and chips can easily grow in size in a very short period of time. Finding glass coverage insurance is important.

More than that, any damage to your car’s windshield or other automotive glass can directly affect the integrity of the glass, and this creates a more significant risk for injury or other issues as you cruise down Kansas roads.

Any driver with a damaged windshield, regardless of how seemingly minor the damage is, should make every effort possible to replace the glass as soon as possible.

You may even be able to file an auto insurance claim for this type of vehicle repair, and some drivers may be fortunate enough to not have to pay a deductible for this service.

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Does Kansas have a law for zero-deductible windshield replacement service?

A handful of states have a special zero-deductible law that says that consumers can file a claim for windshield repair without paying any deductible at all.

Kansas has not passed this type of law, which means that insurance companies may establish any desired policy they choose for a deductible on windshield replacement service.

However, before you spend too much time analyzing your deductible rules in your policy, be aware that some types of insurance do not have windshield replacement coverage at all.

Auto liability insurance, for example, only pays other motorists for the damage that you create in an accident. Collision insurance pays for your own vehicle’s repairs, but it only covers collision-related damage.

If you need your windshield repaired for a projectile issue, such as from a rock or a bird, you will generally need comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive coverage will typically cover damage from the following:

  • theft
  • arson
  • vandalism
  • collision with an animal

However, comprehensive insurance does not always include coverage for full glass replacement. If it does, the coverage limit and the deductible amount may vary, and these factors may impact how beneficial it may be to file a claim on your policy.

When shopping for new coverage in the future, pay close attention to these points so that you buy the most effective insurance policy possible.

If you have comprehensive insurance on your existing auto insurance policy, your next step is to analyze your policy to see if any special deductible rules apply to a windshield replacement service.

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Kansas auto insurance could potentially charge the same deductible for this type of service that they charge for repairs. A typical deductible amount could be $500 or higher.

However, some insurance companies have a special price on this type of service only, such as $50.

After you obtain a few repair service quotes for your damaged windshield, you can compare these quotes against your deductible amount. Keep in mind that filing a claim could potentially increase your rates in the future.

Therefore, it may only be beneficial to file a claim if there is a significant financial savings associated with it.

Driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield can be very dangerous and creates unnecessary risk for you and others in the vehicle. If you are concerned about your ability to pay for the repair service or for the deductible on a claim, consider upgrading your auto coverage today.

This will not address your current repair needs, but it can help you to save money on a windshield repair service or other types of repair work in the future.

Can your Kansas auto insurance company request aftermarket glass?

The only way to retain complete control over the windshield replacement process in Kansas is to avoid filing a claim and pay the entire cost of the service on your own.

Kansas law states that your insurance company may opt to use aftermarket glass on this service at their discretion, and you have no right of refusal. However, the glass used must be similar in quality to the broken windshield.

Some Kansas drivers do not want aftermarket glass installed in their vehicle, and they may be willing to pay money out of their pocket to avoid this possibility.

Therefore, if you are trying to decide if filing a claim is a smart approach to take when dealing with a broken windshield, carefully consider your desire for new versus aftermarket glass.

Who selects your auto glass service provider in Kansas?

Your Kansas auto insurance can select the type of material used with a glass replacement service, and the insurance company also retains the right to select which provider is used. This legal requirement does not give you any right of refusal.

The only way for you to choose your provider for this service is to pay for the replacement on your own without filing a claim.

As you can see, you can save money on a windshield replacement in some cases when you file a claim, but this is not always the case. 

In addition, when you file a claim, you give up the right to choose your replacement glass company or the type of material that is used for this service.

If you want to ensure that you have the ability to file a claim in the future, spend time comparing auto quotes today and setting up new coverage with a provider that has a more affordable deductible for this type of claim.

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