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Idaho Windshield Replacement Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Idaho?

Things to remember...

  • Your glass repair or replacement company in Idaho can legally use aftermarket crash or used parts, but they must notify you of this fact in writing
  • Idaho does not have a zero deductible legal requirement for glass replacement services
  • Each auto insurance provider in Idaho has control over setting their own policies regarding glass replacement claims
  • Auto glass coverage is usually only available if you buy a comprehensive auto policy

Table of Contents

Can I drive my car if I have a cracked windshield in Idaho?

The issue of a cracked or chipped windshield is rather common in Idaho. Small rocks, birds, and many other hard projectiles can impact this protective piece of glass.

While the windshield protects you and other vehicle occupants from harm, it may take a beating in the process. When your windshield is damaged, your primary concern may be to repair it quickly because of the cosmetic results to your vehicle.

However, a cracked or shattered windshield can reduce the structural integrity of this aspect of your car, and it can even prevent you from seeing the road in front of you clearly.

Each time you get behind the wheel of a car with a damaged windshield, you may be at an increased risk of being in an accident or experiencing other unfortunate events.

Now that you are more aware of the dangers and risks associated with driving around Idaho with a damaged windshield, the task or repairing or replacing the glass may understandably be urgent.

While you may be eager to pick up the phone and call the first auto glass replacement company you can find, you should spend a few minutes reviewing your auto insurance policy and determining if filing a claim is a possibility.

You should also research Idaho laws regarding window glass replacements and related insurance laws.

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Can you get auto insurance with zero deductible auto glass replacement in Idaho?

Because of how dangerous it is to drive with a cracked or shattered windshield, getting a repair or replacement service immediately is a top priority.

However, you may not have funds available for this expense in your budget, and you may be hoping that you can use your auto insurance policy to cover all of the related expenses.

Idaho, unfortunately, does not mandate a zero deductible auto glass replacement clause on car insurance policies like some other states do.

In Idaho, insurance companies have the freedom to independently establish their own window replacement claims policies. You may have a zero deductible claim for window replacement on your existing policy, but you could also have a partial or full deductible option.

Some people who only have liability or collision auto insurance may not have any type of window glass replacement coverage available and will need to pay the entire cost of this service on their own.

What is Idaho comprehensive auto insurance?

Comprehensive insurance pays for many types of vehicle damage, including damage from the following:

  • collision with an animal
  • theft
  • weather
  • vandalism

Full glass coverage is not included in every policy, and when it is, the deductible amount varies.

It is best to review your current coverage with your provider before deciding how to proceed.

If you have reviewed your current auto insurance policy and are not pleased with your existing auto glass replacement benefits, you can always take this opportunity to upgrade your coverage or to even shop around to find better overall coverage with another provider.

Your policy upgrade will not be effective for your current replacement service, but it can prevent you from having to pay a substantial amount of money out of your own pocket later if this type of event occurs again.

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Is it cost-effective to file a claim?

While some Idaho motorists learn that they do not have this type of coverage at all on their existing policy, others determine that they must pay a higher deductible amount.

Your next step should be to shop around to determine the best price available for the replacement service you need. By taking this important step, you can determine if it will be cost-effective to file a claim.

For example, you should not file a claim unless the replacement will cost substantially more than your deductible amount.

Can Idaho glass companies use crash or used parts?

When you take the time and spend the money for a glass replacement service, it is reasonable to expect the glass company to use new glass that is specially made for your vehicle.

Idaho law, however, permits these companies to use aftermarket crash materials or used materials. The glass replacement companies do, however, need to notify you of this fact in writing.

You always have the option of requesting new glass or choosing a different provider to work with, but new glass may cost more money.

Do you have to use your insurance company’s glass service provider?

When you pay for the Idaho glass replacement service outside of an insurance claim, you have complete control over which provider you choose to use.

If you file a claim to pay for this service, you may be wondering if you have to use a specific provider dictated by your insurance company. Idaho has no law regarding this matter, so your established auto policy will serve as the basis for this.

If your policy says that you can choose your own repair company, then you are free to do so.

Some Idaho motorists pay little attention to the auto glass replacement claim option and policy terms when they initially set up their policy.

However, through this experience, you may have learned that you are not happy with your existing coverage or terms.

If this is the case, now is the right time to begin exploring other options and to update coverage so that it more effectively meets your needs. Enter your zip code below to begin comparing car insurance quotes today!


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