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Colorado Windshield Replacement Law: What are the full glass coverage laws in Colorado?

Things to remember...

  • While some states have strict laws regarding insurance benefits for full glass replacement services, Colorado has no specific laws in this area
  • Insurance companies can structure the deductible and benefits for full glass replacements on their terms, which means that drivers can easily shop around to find the best coverage available for this type of claim
  • Colorado drivers should compare their insurance deductible against the cost of a glass replacement before deciding to file a claim

What are the full glass coverage laws in Colorado? Can I drive with a cracked windshield in Colorado? This article will take a look at Colorado windshield replacement law to answer those questions.

With Colorado’s charming small towns, large urban areas, and ample natural spaces all waiting to be explored, you may spend a considerable amount of time in your vehicle throughout the week and on the weekends.

Because you spend so much time cruising down Colorado’s scenic roadways, you may have a rock or another item fly into your windshield at some point.

Regardless of whether your windshield is slightly damaged with a chip or more severely damaged with a crack or a shatter, replacing or repairing it quickly is important.

Paying for a windshield repair or a full glass replacement service may not have been in your budget, and you may be thinking about filing a claim on your auto insurance policy to more easily pay for the repair work.

After all, you do not want to continue to drive with a dangerous crack or shatter in your windshield until you can save up money to complete the repair work.

What type of auto insurance will you need to cover damage to your windshield?

You will need to have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy if you want your windshield repaired. All Colorado windshield replacement coverage is found under comprehensive.

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Table of Contents

Windshield Requirements By Law in Colorado

Windshields are designed to withstand some force, but if the force is too significant, the windshield could be damaged and you will need car insurance coverage for a cracked windshield.

Chips have a tendency to turn into large cracks, and you may be able to save money with a chip repair service rather than wait for a huge crack to develop.

All types of windshield damage expose you to risks while driving because they are more vulnerable to other types of damage and because they can reduce your visibility while you drive through Colorado and beyond.

Can you drive with a broken windshield in Colorado?

There is no law in Colorado saying that you can’t drive with a broken windshield. There are rules, however, about where the cracks can be in your windshield.

Colorado windshield laws include the following requirements for cracked windshields:

  • Cracks that intersect other cracks are not allowed
  • Cracks can’t be located between the top of the steering wheel and two inches below the top of the windshield
  • The driver’s vision can’t be obstructed

Can you get a ticket for a cracked windshield in Colorado? Yes, you can be fined up to $100 for a cracked windshield.

How much time do I have to get a windshield fixed? There is no grace period for getting your windshield fixed in Colorado so it’s best to get the repair or replacement done as soon as possible.

Your basic insurance policy won’t cover replacing or repairing your windshield. This is where comprehensive auto insurance comes in handy.

Will insurance pay for windshield repairs?

If you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy from a reputable Colorado insurance provider, you may have the benefit of full glass replacement coverage.

However, the matter of paying your deductible should be examined closely before you file a claim. In some cases, it might actually be cheaper for you to pay for your windshield repair out of pocket.

With a comprehensive auto insurance policy, your coverage may pay for damages caused by a wide range of loss events such as the following:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Collision with an animal
  • Broken windshield

Comprehensive coverage is generally inexpensive to add on to your auto insurance policy and will give you peace of mind that your car is covered for many possibilities.

Check out this table to see what the average cost of comprehensive coverage is in each state. How does Colorado stack up?

Average Annual Comprehensive Auto Insurance Rates by State
StatesAverage Annual Comprehensive Auto Insurance
New Hampshire$103.03
Rhode Island$122.17
North Carolina$123.00
New Jersey$123.18
New York$156.66
South Carolina$165.38
New Mexico$166.89
West Virginia$195.04
North Dakota$227.64
South Dakota$228.59
District of Columbia$230.25

Compare RatesStart Now →

Comprehensive coverage in Colorado averages about $13 a month. That’s very cheap considering the coverage you get.

Watch this video to learn more about comprehensive car insurance.

Full glass coverage may be included with comprehensive insurance, but this is not always the case. In addition, you may or may not have a zero deductible benefit for full glass coverage.

Zero Deductible Windshield Replacement Benefit in Colorado

While some U.S. states have passed laws requiring insurance companies to offer a zero deductible full glass replacement benefit to policyholders, Colorado does not have any laws regarding this type of benefit.

Some auto insurance providers strive to provide great benefits to drivers and to be competitive in the marketplace, and they may offer a zero deductible benefit even though it is not required.

Another common benefit that you may find with some providers is a $50 deductible or another type of partial deductible for a glass replacement or repair service.

However, many providers in Colorado require drivers to pay the full deductible for any type of claim they file, including a glass replacement claim.

Remember that a glass replacement service may only cost a few hundred dollars, and some deductibles are $500 or more.

If this is the situation for you, you may discover that it is not financially beneficial to file a claim.

Because there are so many moving parts to consider when you are trying to decide how to proceed, some research is in order. To begin, you should complete the following steps:

  • Request several quotes from reputable glass repair and replacement companies to determine what the most affordable cost available to you
  • Review your policy to determine how much your deductible is

With an analysis of these two factors, you can better determine if filing a claim is financially feasible and beneficial to you.

Where can I get my windshield repaired in Colorado?

When you begin calling around to obtain quotes for a window replacement service in Colorado, you may notice that some providers disclose the projected use of aftermarket glass.

There is no legal requirement that this must be disclosed to drivers, however. In fact, there is no limitation regarding the use of aftermarket glass at all.

In order to be an informed consumer, you should specifically ask about the type of glass that is being used.

Be aware that many states that do have laws regarding the use of aftermarket glass require the same overall quality, fit, warranty, and other features to be provided to consumers.

According to CarWindshields.info, Colorado doesn’t have any laws or requirements about how your windshield gets repaired or replaced. There are also no requirements for the type of parts that must be used.

This disclosure is not a requirement in Colorado, so consumers should conduct their own research in order to ensure quality.

How do I find a Colorado glass replacement provider?

Just as there are no legal requirements regarding insurance deductibles for glass replacement or the types of materials that can be used in Colorado, there are also no requirements regarding the selection of a vendor.

Some insurance companies may require you to use their vendor if you file a claim to get the work done. This could potentially limit your ability to opt-out of the use of aftermarket glass.

On the other hand, if you intend to pay for your own glass replacement service in full, you have complete control over the vendor you select.

Remember to review and update your coverage as needed going forward so that you may be able to limit expenses related to this type of issue in the future.

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