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Oregon Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Oregon?

Things to remember...

  • When your windshield is chipped or cracked, your ability to drive safely on Oregon roads may be impaired
  • One option available for Oregon drivers to pay for the replacement of a cracked windshield is to file an insurance claim
  • Oregon motorists have the right to choose which service provider replaces their cracked vehicle glass
  • Oregon car insurance companies do not force a consumer to choose their shop or parts

Table of Contents

Can I drive with a cracked windshield in Oregon?

While the primary purpose of a windshield is to provide clear visibility of the roadway while you drive through Oregon, this protective glass also prevents pests, weather elements, and more from striking you as you drive.

However, when hard objects fly at the windshield, the glass may either chip or break. Even a small chip can turn into a major crack if it is not repaired promptly.

The cost to repair a cracked windshield may not be factored into your current budget, and you may be inclined to delay scheduling a replacement service with a reputable vendor.

However, depending on the severity of the glass damage and its location in relation to your eyesight, a cracked windshield could pose a real danger or threat to you as you cruise down the road.

For example, it significant crack or shattered area may reduce visibility significantly and may, therefore, be a hazard to drive with.

Even if you do not currently have funds available to replace or repair your chipped windshield out of your own pocket, another option may be available.

In Oregon, some auto insurance companies offer this type of repair or replacement service with no deductible required or with only a partial deductible required.

If your policy includes this type of damaged windshield auto insurance coverage, you may be able to fix your windshield at a fraction of the cost that you otherwise would pay.

Compare car insurance quotes to find the best rate for the coverage you need. Enter your zip code into our free rate tool above to begin.

Does Oregon have a zero deductible full glass coverage law?

A handful of U.S. states have a zero deductible full glass coverage law. This law basically states that auto insurance companies are required to provide glass coverage to all policyholders with no deductible requirement.

Keep in mind that a typical windshield replacement may easily cost less than $500, which is the standard auto insurance deductible amount.

If you are required to pay your deductible in full for this type of glass claim, it may simply not be financially worthwhile to file a claim on your auto insurance policy.

Unfortunately, Oregon does not have a law mandating a zero deductible glass coverage benefit for local drivers.

Instead, insurance companies are given the discretion to set the deductible for glass coverage services at any amount they desire.

  • Some policies require drivers to pay the full deductible amount that they established on their policy, which may be $500 or even higher in some cases.
  • Other insurance companies may offer a partial deductible
  • Some companies may offer a zero deductible amount for this type of service

Even when this is not required by Oregon law, this may be an option available that is offered as a benefit to policyholders.

What is comprehensive coverage?

Typically, the full glass coverage benefit is associated with a comprehensive insurance policy. While collision insurance pays for accident-related repair or replacement costs, comprehensive insurance covers non-accident-related damage.

Even when you have this type of coverage on your policy, you must first determine if it is financially beneficial to file a claim. A typical windshield may be replaced for a few hundred dollars in most cases, which may cost less than your deductible amount.

Because the cost of a replacement or repair service can between service providers, it may be helpful to compare a few quotes from reputable auto glass repair companies before you make a final decision about how to proceed with the repair or replacement project.

What is Oregon’s law regarding replacement window parts?

You may naturally assume that your auto service provider would replace your cracked windshield with a new piece of glass, but Oregon’s state law actually requires used glass to be used at the discretion of the glass repair company.

When aftermarket crash parts are used for this purpose, however, the glass must be of the same quality as the previous windshield. This means that there should be no differences in the fit, finish and other characteristics.

Remember that you do not have to obtain a windshield replacement service from any specific company or service provider in Oregon.

If one provider only wants to use an aftermarket or used part, you have the right to take your car to another provider that only uses new glass parts if you desire.

However, if you are filing a claim, your insurance provider may have specific requirements regarding what type of glass is used for the project.

Can you legally choose your repair vendor in Oregon?

Because Oregon is not a zero deductible state for windshield glass replacement services, you should obtain multiple quotes for the repair work to be completed before you decide if a claim should be filed.

The policy benefits can vary from provider to provider, so you should also examine the wording in your current policy carefully. When shopping for a new policy, you may look for a policy that offers a discounted or partial deductible for future windshield repair work.

When filing a claim, your provider only needs to pay benefits up to the cost associated with repair or replacement services from their vendor of choice.

If you decide to use your own vendor to complete this work and if that vendor charges a higher rate, you will need to pay the deductible as well as any difference in the cost of services.

Driving with a broken windshield in Oregon could potentially be dangerous. Now is the time to begin learning more about coverage options and requesting quotes for the full replacement of your glass. Get quotes today by using our free rate comparison tool below.


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