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Louisiana Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Louisiana?

Things to remember...

  • One of the most common issues people incur during their vehicle’s lifetime are windshield-related
  • Non-perfect road conditions facilitate larger particles that often get launched from one car to another, thus fracturing windshield
  • Although there are states where laws have been passed to keep the windshield replacements at a zero-deductible level, Lousiana is not one of them
  • Insurance companies in Lousiana can charge a maximum of $250 comprehensive deductible

As many drivers have learned, the United States has a lot of areas for improvement road-wise. All too commonly seen on highways where average speeds exceed 60 mph are the following small objects:

  • rocks
  • nails
  • glass
  • countless other scraps

Unfortunately, when a vehicle runs over debris, these small objects can become airborne with high speed and contact another vehicle.

Most common location of impact tends to be the windshield. Thus, one is left to decide between repairing and replacing the cracked windshield.

Some of the factors to be considered are the following:

  • the size of the impact area
  • the position of the crack in comparison to the driver’s sight
  • the depth of the crack

As far as the repair shop, there is no rule on whether the driver or the insurance company will decide where the repair will take place.

Most commonly, insurance companies have specific shops they have worked with before, and if one’s comprehensive coverage makes them eligible for a deductible that is claim-worthy, they will be sent to that shop.

Sometimes, the insurance will offer reimbursement if the repair has already been done, but these might have some limits as compared to those shops where the insurance company would have gotten a better price.

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Table of Contents

Zero Deductible Full Glass Coverage in Louisiana

In Louisiana, there is no particular law governing the deductible for windshield damages to be waived. Regardless, during an inspection, drivers must showcase a windshield, rear glass, and all windows that are obstruction-free.

The best-case scenario is for individuals to purchase comprehensive coverage where these special-circumstance scenarios are addressed and subsequently incorporated within the policy.

How can I get cheap auto insurance with comprehensive coverage?

What differentiates this option from a basic collision insurance is the fact that with comprehensive insurance, one’s vehicle is covered under any non-accident-related incidents. These situations include:

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Falling Object
  • Animal Collisions
  • Natural Disasters

Also, meeting the state requirements for this type of insurance is an effortless task.

The easiest way for people to get the best offer and save the most money is to utilize online research.

Websites that work as comparison platforms between large corporations who operate in this industry are generally the most convenient method of choosing a coverage.

Replacement Part Laws in Louisiana

Interestingly, Louisiana is one of the few states that allow non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) aftermarket crash parts. Generally, one can expect to pay a little less for these parts than the ones that the dealership or the manufacturer would utilize.

Further, in Louisiana, one should withhold any visits to repair shops that will utilize non-OEM parts until their insurance companies are notified.

Even though there are no explicit laws, some companies may not allow one to reduce the vehicle fair market value by using a non-OEM part, so estimates should be taken with a grain of salt unless the insurance company disclosed their position on non-OEM parts.

Where can I get my windshield repaired in Louisiana?

Although windshield laws in the Sugar State are clear, there is a grey area when it comes to the places that will repair a glass issue. Since non-OEM parts are allowed, one is not limited to their car’s brand dealership of manufacturers.

Insurance companies tend to form a partnership with the most convenient repair shops that will give them discounts.

Since this is the case, if one gets the glass replaced on their own, thus fails to utilize the shop that the insurance companies partnered with, they will lose any difference in between the price paid and the price that could have been paid at the partner shop.

This partnership is how large corporations hold drivers accountable and somewhat manipulate them into saving the company’s capital.

Therefore, the first thing that one must do after a rock hits their glass is to contact the insurance company immediately and develop a plan of action.

The last factor that should be considered is whether one wants to report this to the insurance company. If the policy does not cover any costs at all, by reporting the crack or breakage one will add another claim to their profile which can raise their premiums.

More claims equal more money paid to the companies, so there is a trade-off between the deductible that might be covered and a premium that might be raised.

So, each step of the process should be thoroughly reviewed before making any decisions. It also helps to purchase a comprehensive coverage policy which is easy to find on multi-company comparison websites!

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