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Kentucky Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Kentucky?

Things to remember...

  • Kentucky law requires insurers pay for auto glass repair or replacement without collecting any deductible.
  • Kentucky law allows you to refuse aftermarket parts but requires you to pay the difference between new and used.
  • Insurers in Kentucky must abide by your choice of repair vendor but can charge you the difference between estimates.

Getting a cracked windshield from a rock is more than just a hassle. The repairs can be costly and time-consuming. What’s more, state law and your insurance policy can dictate where your repairs take place and what parts they use.

Some states guarantee your right to select your repair vendor or even require an insurer to pay for a repaired or replaced windshield without collecting the deductible. You should always review your policy carefully before filing a claim.

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Does Kentucky require insurance carriers to waive their deductible for windshields?

Only a handful of states implement laws requiring zero deductible full glass coverage. Such a law requires an insurer to pay for your windshield without collecting a deductible. Kentucky has such a law.

According to the Kentucky statute, any automobile policy that provides comprehensive coverage “shall provide complete coverage for repair or replacement of damaged safety equipment, without regard to any deductible.”

Not every type of auto insurance is covered by this law, however. Kentucky’s zero deductible full glass coverage law only applies to comprehensive policies.

What is comprehensive auto insurance coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is a form of auto insurance that covers damage to your vehicle not caused by a collision. These policies include windshields damaged by debris.

This law doesn’t apply to basic liability insurance. Liability insurance differs from comprehensive coverage in that it only covers vehicles other than your own that you damaged.

Zero deductible full glass coverage is a good reason to always compare three to four policies before you purchase one.

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Can you decide if aftermarket or used parts can be used in your repair?

State laws vary regarding whether insurers can require aftermarket or used parts in your vehicle repair. Some states require vehicles to be restored to their original value and others have no regulations at all.

In Kentucky, you can refuse used or aftermarket parts but you’ll be required to reimburse your insurer the difference in price between what you selected and the aftermarket part your insurer selected.

The best practice is for you to carefully review your policy before getting a quote. This will give you the best opportunity to select a policy that meets your needs regarding the use of aftermarket parts.

Does Kentucky guarantee your right to choose a repair vendor?

Many states recognize the importance of your ability to choose your own repair vendor. Here is a comparison of what different states require regarding windshield replacement:

  • Some state laws entirely ban insurance companies from dictating what repair vendor you use
  • Other states do not have a relevant statute which would leave it up to the language of the policy
  • Several states leave the choice in your hands but require you to reimburse your insurer for the difference if their designated repair vendor gives a lower estimate

Kentucky has taken the third option, giving you the final decision on which vendor to use but allowing your insurer to recover the difference if their vendor could have done it for less.

Regardless of the law, it’s critical to review your policy before contacting a repair vendor. It’s important to know if it’s possible your policy could require that you reimburse your insurer for the difference between two estimates.

Reviewing your policy carefully beforehand may save you time and money.

How can I get cheap auto insurance with glass coverage in Kentucky?

In the end, your automobile insurance policy plays a major role in your repairs regardless of what Kentucky law requires.

Kentucky gives you the right to select your repair vendor or refuse used parts in the repair but going against your insurer’s preference could cost you more in the long run.

It’s important to review your policy for these details before you ever file a claim.

Even more important is to compare three to four different policies before you ever purchase one in the first place.

Two seemingly identical policies could have very different language regarding your windshield, your repair vendor, or the installation of used parts in your vehicle.

Only carefully comparing several policies and selecting the one that fits you the best can keep you from buying a policy that doesn’t fit your needs. Enter your zip code into our free comparison tool below to get started.


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