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AZ Windshield Insurance: What are the No Deductible Glass coverage laws in Arizona? [Laws & Replacement Cost]

Things to remember...

  • When filing a claim for a windshield repair or replacement service in Arizona, you have the right to choose which repair company you entrust with the care of your vehicle
  • Arizona has an optional zero deductible rule for windshield glass repairs or replacement services
  • Replacing or repairing your windshield at the first sign of damage may help you to stay safer on the road and can help you to keep your vehicle maintained in better overall condition

Your car’s windshield may not be something that you normally think about as you cruise down Arizona’s roads. However, it’s important to know about no deductible glass coverage laws in Arizona.

AZ expects this glass to offer full visibility and and you expect to be fully protected against any projectiles that may strike your car while you are driving. While protecting you and other occupants from projectiles, however, the windshield could become damaged. Enter zero deductible cracked glass coverage in Arizona.

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Table of Contents

Arizona’s Zero Deductible Full Glass Coverage Law

Only a couple of states mandate a zero deductible full glass coverage benefit for all policyholders, but Arizona has an optional coverage law.

The option is for auto insurance providers to set up a zero deductible benefit for auto glass coverage at their discretion. Furthermore, motorists can also choose if they want to seek this type of coverage when they shop around for benefits.

Is glass coverage mandatory in AZ? The Arizona Department of Insurance notes that you can add optional “full glass” or “safety equipment” coverage that covers windshield repairs with no deductible payment from you. You can choose who does the repair, but they’re allowed to use aftermarket parts, rather than just Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Your deductible for window glass replacement service can play a major role in the overall benefit associated with filing a claim for windshield damage and repair services or not.

A full windshield replacement may cost $300 to $400 in many cases, although there is some variation.

The typical auto insurance deductible is approximately $500, but you may add zero deductible glass coverage to your policy.

With this price in mind, you can see that there may be no financial benefit associated with filing an insurance claim unless your provider has a partial or zero deductible option for this type of claim.

The option for zero deductible glass replacement services in Arizona is usually only available if you buy comprehensive insurance.

Can you drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports that, despite Arizona being ranked 14th in population size, they are number one in auto glass claims. Between 2015 and 2019, 10 percent of glass claims in the entire country were in the Grand Canyon state. In fact, claims in Arizona have increased by 26 percent in the past five years, a statistic that has raised some red flags regarding possible fraud that regulators are trying to stop.

A cracked windshield may impact your safety behind the wheel and should be addressed promptly. Your Mechanic points out that the major things you want to look for are: the size of the crack, where it’s located, if it’s spreading, and how much it may cost to repair.

Is it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona? Arizona’s glass law (ARS 20-264) notes that you must not have anything that restricts your vision, including a bad crack in the windshield.

Federal Regulation §393.60 states that windshields must have no damage in the area above the steering wheel, where your vision can be obstructed. The only exceptions are for minor cracks that are not crossing another crack or for a small damaged area which is no more than 3/4″ diameter and less than 3″ from another similarly damaged area.

The repair or replacement cost for your windshield may be an unexpected expense, and because of this, you may be inclined to delay scheduling service with a windshield repair company.

Arizona Windshield Replacement Law
ArizonaAftermarket parts allowed with written notice and at least equal in terms of fit, quality, performance, and warrantyConsumer has right to choose repair vendorYes - optional

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However, each day that you drive with a cracked windshield, you may be driving with reduced visibility and with minimal protection against other projectiles that may strike your window.

When you want to be as safe as possible on the road, you need to explore replacement options quickly.

Filing a claim against your auto insurance policy may a feasible solution for some Arizona motorists, and this option could dramatically reduce the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you must pay for.

What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is a special type of coverage that offers financial benefits for a full range of damage types. Glass replacement coverage is usually not available if you only buy a liability auto insurance coverage or collision auto insurance policy.

This video from Travelers briefly describes what comprehensive coverage is for.

Remember to pay close attention to the deductible amount for the glass replacement coverage when you are comparing policy options and setting up your policy.

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What kind of window replacement parts are allowed in Arizona?

Shopping around to obtain quotes for glass replacement service may help you to keep this expense as low as possible. When you are requesting quotes for glass services for your vehicle, inquire about the type of glass that will be used to complete the project.

While some service providers only use new glass, others may use aftermarket parts.

The law in Arizona requires glass replacement and repair companies to disclose in writing the usage of aftermarket glass. Furthermore, the law requires aftermarket glass to have the same type of warranty and to be of similar quality as new glass.

Therefore, you should not reasonably expect to notice any difference in the quality or functionality of the window regardless of the type of glass that is used for the replacement project.

This video from Safelite talks a little bit about the process of replacing your auto glass with insurance.

If you are adamant that you only want new glass installed in your vehicle, you have the right to shop around for a service provider that you want to use for this project. The provider can be selected at your discretion.

It is an excellent idea to do the following before you schedule window replacement service with a specific company:

  • Compare rates
  • Compare materials
  • Compare overall customer satisfaction ratings

Always do those first to help yourself get a better rate.

Can you legally choose your repair vendor in Arizona?

In some states, motorists have the option to choose which repair company they want working on their car, and they do not necessarily have to use the company that their provider wants them to use.

However, in these states, drivers are required to pay any cost differential between their insurance company’s suggested company and their own personal preference.

In Arizona, drivers have complete control over the repair vendor that works on their vehicle.

You do not have to worry about paying additional fees out of your own pocket related to an insurance company’s preferred vendor. The reason for this is because your insurance company will not have a preferred vendor in this state, and the decision is entirely up to you.

Before you schedule a repair service for your damaged windshield, contact your auto insurance company to determine what your deductible might be if you file a claim.

Remember that you can always set up this type of coverage before you damage your windshield for added protection from your insurance policy.

Enter your zip code into our free rate comparison tool below to compare comprehensive coverage quotes from several insurers side-by-side.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always a few more questions you might have. We’ve answered a few of those below.

Can you get pulled over for a broken windshield?

Yes, you can definitely get pulled over and get a ticket for a broken windshield. In Arizona, your ticket is probably going to be somewhere between $100 to $150. This will be considered a non-moving violation, which has less of an impact on your auto insurance than, say, a speeding ticket or DUI.

What states offer free windshield replacement?

Unfortunately, Arizona is not a state that requires a free windshield replacement. No state that borders Arizona has windshield replacement laws, either. Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and California windshield replacement laws do not require insurers to waive deductibles.

There are only a few free windshield replacement states. South Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky have windshield replacement laws that waive the deductible for auto glass replacement. This is sometimes referred to as a free replacement.


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