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Instacart Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Things to remember...

  • Your auto insurance will only cover you during Instacart deliveries if you have a commercial or business use policy
  • Instacart does not offer any auto insurance for drivers/shoppers
  • Your insurer could cancel your coverage if you don’t notify them you’re delivering Instacart groceries
  • You could find a commercial or personal/business combined insurance policy to cover driving for Instacart

Do you need car insurance for Instacart? Yes, Instacart requires that you should maintain a business policy.

Instacart offers several different types of work, ranging from in-store shoppers and cashiers to full-service shoppers who pick out groceries in the store and deliver them to customers.

There is no specific Instacart auto insurance coverage. You need to get your own Instacart shopper coverage. And we will tell you everything you need to know about food delivery car insurance in this Instacart auto insurance review

Recently, the Coronavirus is affecting the rideshare industry, which means a lot more people are picking up delivery jobs like Instacart.

You’ll often need special Instacart car insurance which is a commercial policy.

If you drive for Instacart, you must be able to lift 30 or more pounds and be over age 21 with a reliable vehicle.

The company’s onboarding process requires you to upload verification of coverage for your state’s minimum requirements.

Non-driving jobs are limited to 29 hours a week because the company doesn’t employ many full-time workers with benefits. Make sure you use our free quote tool above to compare the best rates for Instacart commercial car policies.

Table of Contents

What if you get into a car accident delivering for Instacart?

You are completely on your own if you get in an accident while driving to make an Instacart delivery. The company’s policy does not cover you, your car, or any damage to third parties, including bodily injury or property damage.

The Law Dictionary says that if you tell your insurer you’re working as a delivery driver, your premiums could increase by up to 50 percent.

Even if you don’t tell the company right away, they are certain to find out in the event of an accident.

Your insurer could raise or even cancel your policy. It is very important that you have proper food delivery coverage to drive for Instacart.

If your policy is canceled, you might not just have financial problems. Your state Department of Motor Vehicles could revoke your car registration and suspend your drivers’ license.

Even in New Hampshire, the only state that doesn’t require mandatory liability coverage, you will have to provide proof your vehicle has been covered for three years to legally drive.

You will need an additional commercial auto policy.

We’ve compiled this table of quotes from Progressive with commercial auto quotes for food delivery drivers.

Progressive Quotes for Food Delivery Auto Insurance
Personal Insurance (No Delivery)$105.83n/a
Personal Insurance (Delivery)Won't CoverWon't Cover
Food Delivery (Business & Personal Auto Insurance)$296.83180.47%
Food Delivery (Business Auto Insurance Only)$273.08158.03%

Compare RatesStart Now →

This will be on top of your personal policy, though you might be able to get a bundling discount.

What kind of car insurance do I need for Instacart?

Your insurer is within its rights to cancel your policy and decline to pay for any damages to the other driver’s car or your own if you get in an accident while driving for Instacart.

You could be sued for all the costs related to the accident.

An injury accident might make you liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. You could also be asked to pay for property damage to anything that your car struck, or for repairs to the other person’s car.

Does Instacart offer insurance for drivers?

To be a delivery driver for the grocery delivery service, you’ll need business auto insurance.

Instacart does not offer any excess coverage to insure its drivers. Instacart requires shoppers and drivers to supply all of their coverage so there is no Instacart health policies either. There is also no Instacart shopper injury protection or worker’s compensation provided by the company.

Does Instacart car coverage differ from rideshare coverage?

State commissions have worked with many insurers to develop ridesharing add-ons for personal auto policies. Rideshare driver add-ons are primarily designed for drivers who carry passengers for apps like Lyft and Uber.

Companies that match drivers with riders are also called Transportation Network Companies (TNCs).

State insurance websites such as California’s Insurance Commission, provide notices, bulletins, and advice to TNC drivers.

Instacart shoppers/drivers don’t carry passengers. Their job is related to TNC or ridesharing, but it isn’t the same. Ridesharing coverage offered as an add-on to ordinary personal auto coverage won’t cover Instacart driving.

On demand grocery delivery auto insurance that can be purchased by document couriers, floral delivery drivers, personal shoppers, or pizza delivery drivers is more comparable to Instacart driving than Uber or Lyft-style ridesharing policies.

What are the state requirements for driving with Instacart?

Instacart requires drivers to carry the minimum mandatory state liability limits. You can drive any vehicle to deliver for Instacart, as long as your name is on the policy.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners maintains a map of state websites. Each state insurance agency specifies the mandatory minimum amount required to drive in the state, and other useful information about food delivery car insurance.

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What are the risks of delivering for Instacart?

Instacart shoppers and delivery drivers are responsible for fulfilling customer orders by shopping in a store.

The company offers deliveries from Whole Foods, Costco, Target, and many other stores, depending on the region.

Shoppers can be responsible for carrying large, heavy pallets of water or bulky, heavy bags, like charcoal or dog food. These items could also shift in your vehicle while you are driving, resulting in a potential accident.

What should I do about insurance if I drive for Instacart?

Federal and state lawmakers know that independent contractors are put at risk if they decide to make deliveries for companies like Instacart that offer no insurance coverage.

States like California and policy institutes are recommending new laws that will make it easier for drivers to shop for and afford insurance.

Some companies specialize in commercial or small business insurance for drivers who have to use their cars to earn a living.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve added a few more FAQs below about how Instacart works for drivers.

#1. How do you become a driver for Instacart?

To become a delivery driver for Instacart, you really just have to meet the requirements and sign up on the Instacart driver careers website.

Your commercial insurance policy with Instacart changes with your ZIP code along with other factors that affect every insurance policy.

#2. Does Instacart send you a shirt when you’re a driver?

You’ll probably end up with an Instacart lanyard and possibly a shirt as well.

#3. Do you need a license for Instacart?

Do you need a driver’s license for Instacart? If you want to be doing the actual driving and delivering of groceries, yes of course. However, some Instacart shoppers are in-store-only and don’t necessarily require a driver’s license.

Technically, you can do some job for Instacart with no car.

Commercial insurance for deliveries can be available if you look within your region and compare companies and policies wisely.

Make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and get your free quote today.


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