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What are state minimums for car insurance in Florida?

Things to remember...

  • Florida requires personal injury protection and property damage liability coverages
  • Additional insurance coverages may be required based on driving history
  • Shopping the market can allow you to find value rates for minimum insurance coverages

The state of Florida is like all others in the U.S. in that it requires cars to be covered by an auto insurance policy.

As long as you are driving a vehicle that has four or more wheels, you are expected, by law, to carry the minimum auto insurance coverage as dictated by the state of Florida.

The reason for this requirement is simple in that the state wants to protect you as a driver, as well as those you may end up getting into an accident with.

Things happen out on the road, whether we intend them to or not, and car insurance is what is going to protect us from top to bottom.

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Table of Contents

What are the Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Florida?

Florida has pretty standard minimum requirements when it comes to auto insurance.

The two types of coverage that are required to be carried in the state of Florida include:

  • personal injury protection (PIP)
  • property damage liability (PDL)

For personal injury protection, the state of Florida asks that you have the minimum of $10,000 in coverage at all times. The intent of the personal injury protection coverage is to help you if you suffer an injury in a loss.

The coverage is intended to assist when you, are injured in the crash. Say you have medical bills that need to be paid, surgeries, etc., this is the coverage that is going to protect you.

Property damage liability coverage or PDL is a bit different as it revolves around the responsibility that you are going to have to pertain to an accident that you may be involved in.

If you get into a crash and it’s your fault, the coverage that you have here is going to protect you so that you are not paying out of pocket for damage caused to the property of another.

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Other Insurance Requirements

There could be opportunities where the state of Florida has additional requirements about auto insurance.

If you have a history of car accidents or you have been convicted of certain offenses in the past, chances are you are going to have more auto insurance requirements bestowed upon you. The most common of which is going to be known as bodily injury liability coverage or BIL.

Bodily injury liability coverage is going to pertain to the responsibility that you may face when you end up in an accident where you are the at-fault driver.

If you are at fault and you cause bodily injury to another, whether they are a passenger in your car or driving another vehicle you may hit, this coverage would protect you for the damages caused to that individual.

Again, this is not a requirement that everyone is going to face. It will largely be dependent on the history you have as a driver.

Understand the Pre-Existing Coverage

You also want to have an understanding of the pre-existing coverages that you already have. Do you currently have an auto insurance policy? Does it meet the minimum requirements in the state of Florida?

If it does not, you may not be getting much value out of that policy and what it is covering. An opportunity exists for you to take a step back, analyze the current auto insurance policy you have, and assess if it is meeting your needs and providing you value.

You want to work the car insurance market so that you can end up with the best rates possible. You may be just looking to meet the minimum requirements for car insurance in the state of Florida. That does not mean that you should not bother using online quoting tools.

These tools are out there so that you can compare the auto insurance rates one carrier is offering when compared to the next. Do your homework and make sure you are working the market to identify the most ideal, value-add rates possible.

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