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EatStreet Auto Insurance (Rates & Requirements)

Things to remember...

  • EatStreet delivery drivers need a commercial auto insurance policy to access protections
  • A claim on a personal auto insurance policy won’t likely be accepted when an accident occurs while driving for business
  • Lying to an insurance investigator when filing a claim could create severe legal jeopardies

Will my auto insurance cover an accident delivering food for EatStreet? EatStreet tells its patrons, “order food near you.” The simple marketing slogan tells all about the service EatStreet provides. Customers interested in deliveries from a preferred restaurant can place an order online with little hassle.

“The smartest way to order food online” also opens doors of opportunity for persons interested in driving jobs. The reported hourly pay is $11 to $12, but drivers willing to work a lot of hours and a lot of days might earn more.

The company is based out of Madison, WI and has been helping facilitate food orders since 2010.

Currently, about 15,000 restaurants are affiliated with EatStreet. With such a great many different eateries associated with the company, drivers should be able to access plenty of work.

Compare EatStreet car insurance rates right now to find the best coverage for the best rate. Enter your zip code above to begin.

Table of Contents

What type of insurance covers EatStreet delivery drivers?

Before taking advantage of income opportunities, drivers do need to purchase the right insurance before heading out on the first EatStreet order.

Do not make the mistake of assuming your current personal auto insurance policy covers trips made for business. A personal policy doesn’t cover business use of a car.

The application to work for EatStreet does state auto insurance is required for employment. However, the company does not mention any specifics about the policy.

So, a driver could make the mistake of sticking with his/her own personal policy instead of purchasing a commercial one.

Whether you deliver pizza or other food through EatStreet or another company, purchasing commercial auto insurance is necessary to stay covered. Attempting to drive with the wrong insurance policy could prove to be a huge mistake.

The added costs for commercial insurance are worth paying because the alternative would be far worse.

What if I do not carry commercial auto insurance when working for EatStreet?

Driving with the wrong auto insurance policy likely means a claim will be denied. So, if you are in a major accident and cause injury to others or damage to property, the injured parties can seek a civil judgment against you.

A driver in this situation has very little recourse. When you do not inform your auto insurance company of any major changes, the insurance company has every right to deny a claim. Driving a car for EatStreet definitely would be a major change. You must have proper food delivery driver auto insurance.

Even if you are not involved in a major accident, the possibility does exist driving for EatStreet could lead to damage to your car.

  • Hitting a pothole could possibly ruin the transmission. Collision coverage may cover such a loss, but only when the policy is valid.
  • A weather incident could cause major damage to the vehicle while you are out on the job. Comprehensive insurance claims address this type of damage.
  • There is always the chance you might be hit by an uninsured driver. As would be the case with liability or collision insurance, a commercial policy becomes necessary when filing an uninsured driver or comprehensive claim after a delivery mishap.

What happens if you are not honest with the insurance company?

Stunningly, comments on online message boards suggest lying to the insurance company after getting into an accident while driving for delivery service. The idea at work here is the “small lie” helps those without a commercial policy receive a settlement.

Truthfully, the small lie could lead to felony insurance fraud charges. Lying to an insurance company would be a horrible idea, one that could lead to a criminal background that stays with you for life.

How should an EatStreet driver acquire insurance?

Worries about the higher costs of commercial auto insurance are understandable. Drivers should realize online comparison shopping can lead to great rates for both personal and commercial auto insurance.

Reviewing three to four quotes should give you a good idea of the type of coverage available for EatStreet drivers and help you secure the most affordable deal.

Compare car insurance quotes today to find the best rate for the coverage you need. Enter your zip code below to begin.


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