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Papa John’s Auto Insurance (Rates & Requirements)

Things to remember...

  • Deliver drivers for Papa John’s Pizza must have a commercial auto insurance policy to cover against liability claims
  • Drivers may find it beneficial to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage as well
  • Comparison shopping for commercial auto insurance leads to accessing competitive rates

Papa John’s insurance for drivers requires adequate car insurance coverage. Papa John’s Pizza deserves a lot of the praise it has received in the restaurant and food services industry. The company’s reputation as a small business success story is even better. If you are going to deliver pizza for Papa John’s you need to understand the Papa John’s delivery driver insurance requirements. Then, be sure to compare Papa John’s car insurance quotes online to get the best coverage and cheap auto insurance.

Papa John’s Pizza was founded in 1984 as an eatery extension of a tavern. In only a little over three decades, Papa John’s Pizza has become a publicly traded company with more than 4,700 locations.

Door-to-door pizza delivery helped the growth of the company. The delivery service also helped — and continues to help — put money in the pockets of many people choosing to work as drivers. Working as a delivery person has many financial rewards.

The job also comes with a few added responsibilities including buying the right insurance coverage to protect against losses when operating a vehicle for business.

Find Papa John’s car insurance for the best rate by entering your zip code into our free Papa John’s pizza delivery car insurance rate comparison tool above.

Table of Contents

Why is auto liability insurance important when delivering for Papa John’s Pizza?

The best time to answer a question about whether your auto insurance covers accidents related to delivering pizza for Papa John’s is prior to starting work.

Unfortunately, drivers know they can make great tips with Papa John’s and do not know their auto insurance coverage has to be amended once they start using the vehicle for business.

A driver might not even fully understand the need for purchasing the correct insurance policy. The driver might say, “My old car isn’t worth that much.” Damage to your own car may not even be the number one concern to worry about. You must have proper pizza delivery driver insurance.

Injuring someone else due to negligence brings serious consequences. Not buying the necessary auto liability coverage could prove to be a total disaster.

Auto liability insurance protects you when you are at fault for an accident. The three coverage areas, areas mandated by law in most states, are as follows:

  • bodily injury
  • death
  • property damage

So, if you harm a person or property, an auto liability insurance policy provides protection. Even with liability insurance in place, there are other things to think about.

Why do auto insurance companies consider delivering pizza to be risky?

An auto insurance provider sells a policy to a driver with an agreement to cover his/her losses in a legitimate claim. A driver who purchases a personal auto insurance policy uses the car for business, and gets into an accident wouldn’t have a legitimate claim.

As a delivery driver for Papa John’s Pizza, you need a commercial auto insurance policy. Make sure you have proper Papa John’s delivery insurance coverage prior to delivering pizza.

Risk plays a huge part when underwriting a policy. A vehicle used for delivering pizza definitely comes with more risk than a personal policy. When delivering pizza, the vehicle assumes the following risks:

  • The car is on the road more often increasing the likelihood of an accident.
  • Drivers find themselves in unfamiliar neighborhoods, which makes navigating safely harder.
  • Drivers rush from place to place upping the chances of a moving violation.
  • Juggling different responsibilities while in transit contributes to distracted driving.

Serious auto accidents can lead to costly and expensive lawsuits. Papa John’s recently suffered an $11 million judgment in the aftermath of a high-profile delivery-related accident. Corporations take out general liability insurance policies to protect them in such situations.

Drivers do need to acquire the necessary auto liability coverage for the same reason. Without the right policy in place, any legal action against a driver goes solely against him/her.

The driver would be personally responsible for all legal fees and any judgments, a scenario that an entire lifetime of work may not be able to pay off.

Does “pizza delivery insurance” really exist?

Advertisements exist for “pizza delivery insurance.” These ads target those who deliver pizza full or part-time. Such insurance simply is commercial auto insurance, which certainly does exist.

When you initially buy an insurance policy, you are asked about the business use of the vehicle. The reason you’re asked is that business vehicles cost more to insure as delivery drivers are considered higher risk than personal drivers.

Those currently without a commercial auto insurance policy do need to upgrade to one before hitting the road to deliver pizza. While paying more due to higher levels of risk is unavoidable, getting a deal on a commercial policy is possible. 

Online comparison shopping works wonders for those in the market for commercial auto insurance. Truly competitive rates can be found as long as you take the time to request enough rates for proper comparisons.

What is required to be considered to be a driver for Papa John’s Pizza?

Papa John’s Pizza does look into the driving background of anyone who applies for a delivery driver position. The company even reserves the option to periodically perform drug tests on drivers.

Steps such as these decrease the chances of hiring or retaining the services of a driver who puts the company, the public, and him/herself at risk. Of course, the driver must also provide proof of auto insurance in order to be hired.

Does Papa John’s provide car insurance for delivery cars?

Papa John’s Pizza’s application states drivers must purchase their own auto liability insurance and the coverage minimums must meet the state requirements in which the vehicle will be driven.

Driver’s are responsible but not required to purchase comprehensive or collision insurance.

Again, auto liability coverage must cover commercial use. Collision and comprehensive, while not necessary for employment, would cover certain losses to the vehicle itself.

Both could be worthwhile investments and can be acquired at reasonable rates after looking at several policy quotes. The same would be true when buying more than the state minimum amount of coverage.

Comprehensive insurance covers losses that do not involve accidents or collisions. Theft and weather-related incidents are two examples in which a comprehensive claim could be filed. With collision, you could file a claim when you damaged your own car in an accident.

The accident wouldn’t necessarily involve hitting another car. Running into a tree stump or mailbox when pulling away from a delivery spot could lead to serious damage.

Protect Yourself with the Best Insurance

Delivering pizza for Papa John’s could pay a lot for someone who works hard and often. Buying a top auto insurance policy cuts down on the chances of delivering pizza for Papa John’s creates financial troubles.

Responsible drivers do need to take personal responsibility and get the right coverage at the best price. Reviewing online quotes definitely helps.

Compare car insurance quotes today by using our free rate tool below.


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