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Is Motor Club of America Auto insurance?

Things to remember...

  • Motor Club of America provides a roadside assistance program and other services for drivers
  • While these benefits can be valuable, they are not car insurance
  • Auto insurance is mandatory in almost every state in order to protect you and other drivers
  • It is illegal almost everywhere to drive without insurance
  • If you join MCA, you will also need to purchase or maintain car insurance

Services like the Motor Club of America can be helpful to drivers. They offer various benefits to drivers to assist with problems you could encounter on the road. For more information, read this National Motor Club Auto Insurance Company review.

However, the Motor Club of America does not provide car insurance. Services like the MCA offers, including roadside assistance, bail bonds support and legal plans, could certainly be helpful if you have a car crash or other roadway emergency.

It could be easy for drivers to misunderstand the services provided by Motor Club of America and other automobile associations and clubs. Being stranded without help on the side of the road with a flat tire or an empty tank can be frightening and difficult to deal with. Many people may want assurance that they can receive immediate help if they need it in that situation.

These types of services do not provide car insurance. They are supplemental programs that you can opt to join for a different, additional type of protection as you drive than that provided when you purchase auto insurance.

In nearly every state in the country, auto insurance is mandatory. Membership in Motor Club of America or similar programs does not satisfy that legal requirement, which would leave you in a dangerous situation. It would also provide no protection for you or other drivers and passengers in case of a crash or other incident.

To make sure you have the insurance you need, you can shop online for the best choice for you. Use an online comparison tool to find and compare offers from an array of car insurance corporations and select the one that fits your need for value and coverage.

What is the Motor Club of America?

The Motor Club of America is an automobile club that is usually sold through direct and network marketing. It offers memberships to people throughout the United States and Canada. The company reports that it has been in business since 1926 and has millions of members. It is not dissimilar to other automobile clubs and associations that provide services to their members for an annual or monthly fee.

The main appeal of the MCA is its roadside assistance program. Roadside assistance works to provide help to people having difficulties on the road who need small forms of assistance or a short tow. For example, roadside assistance can include unlocking a car with keys locked inside, recharging a dead battery or providing a jump, changing a flat tire or providing a tow to the nearest garage in case of a breakdown.

People can determine whether membership in a roadside assistance program pays off for them not only in their likely frequency of use but also in the amount of peace of mind provided by the assurance that if you do run into an emergency, you can call the program for help.

Many people who frequently drive alone or at night like to be assured of a roadside assistance option.

Other choices for roadside assistance providers include other automobile clubs and associations selling a similar product, some car insurers who include roadside assistance in their packages, automobile dealerships, and credit card companies.

Because roadside assistance is a desirable perk, it can be part of the services offered by an array of companies.

Some car insurers include roadside assistance in your premium. When you shop online and compare the options available to you, you can choose a car insurance package that bundles roadside assistance with your liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. Online tools can help you find an insurer that is right for you.

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What other services are offered by MCA?

Motor Club of America does provide member services other than roadside assistance. Some of the other benefits of membership in the program include the following:

  • Travel assistance – Reimbursement for a rental car, lodging or other expenses if a member’s vehicle is rendered inoperable in a car crash.
  • Travel planning and reservations – Map and GPS guides, places of interest and hotel guides for a planned trip.
  • Arrest bonds – Arrest bond certificates valid in some states instead of bail for a traffic offense.
  • Bail bond support – Arranging bail bonds in case you are arrested and jailed for a moving violation on the road.
  • Attorney fee support – Funds toward an attorney if you are charged with a violation while driving your car.
  • Reward for a stolen vehicle – Money offered as a reward for someone who turns in the person responsible for stealing a member’s car.
  • Credit card protection – Identity theft protection for misuse of your credit.

The service also provides some additional support for hospital and emergency room costs as a result of a car accident while driving. While these services are valuable to many drivers, they do not provide the same type of protection that auto insurance does.

A basic membership in MCA costs $9.95 monthly, while an upgraded membership is $19.95 each month with added towing support. Many MCA memberships are sold by friends and family members through a direct marketing system.

What about car insurance options?

While MCA can seem to include some of the benefits that you receive from auto insurance, it is not the same type of coverage or support, and holding MCA membership is not sufficient to comply with state laws requiring car insurance.

In every state, you are responsible for the damages that you could cause when driving, and in 49 of 50 states, this means a mandatory car insurance policy. Even when you own your car outright, you must purchase a basic liability insurance policy.

This type of insurance provides coverage for the personal injuries and property damage of other drivers if you have a car accident while driving.

In many states, mandatory liability coverage also includes some medical insurance coverage for injuries for yourself or your passengers or uninsured motorist coverage that provides reimbursement if you are hit by another vehicle whose driver is illegally uninsured.

It is illegal to drive without having liability insurance. Because it is not a substitute for car insurance, Motor Club of America does not include any liability coverage at all. There different coverage types provided by car insurance.

Many drivers also choose to purchase additional forms of auto insurance coverage for maximum protection.

If your car is not fully paid off, these types of insurance are often mandated in the agreement with the car lender as well.

Collision coverage provides reimbursement for damages to your vehicle as a result of an accident or crash involving another vehicle or object. This kind of coverage protects you even when you are at fault and includes damages in the case of a single-car accident, hitting a pothole or running into a tree as well as crashes with other cars and vehicles on the road.

In addition, comprehensive coverage is another type of policy option that many drivers choose to include in their car insurance. This policy option provides coverage for damages to your vehicle that are not caused by a collision.

The types of matters covered under comprehensive insurance include fire damage, flood damage, vandalism, falling rocks or trees, theft, natural disasters and weather damages from incidents like tornadoes, hail storms, rain storms, hurricanes and other events.

Comprehensive insurance is the type of insurance that protects you in the case of sudden or catastrophic incidents not caused by a car crash.

There are other types of policy options that you can add to your auto insurance, including roadside assistance, glass coverage and insurance for custom and performance additions to your car. People leasing a vehicle or buying one new off the lot may also wish to purchase GAP insurance, which covers the difference between the value of the car and the remaining lease or purchase balance in case of damages.

Some car insurers may offer optional, add-on or included benefits similar to those offered by the Motor Club of America. You can also check to see if you are eligible for similar perks from a credit card or membership in another association. However, even if you choose to join MCA for the protections it offers, you still need standard car insurance for your protection, the protection of others and in order to obey the law.

These protections can only be ensured by purchasing an auto insurance policy. Online shopping makes it easy for you to look at the various options provided by car insurers and choose the one that’s right for you.

According to BBB, Motor Club of America Enterprises has only 15 complaints in the last 3 years, out of which 6 complaints were closed in the last 12 months.

You can compare premiums and coverage types to find the best car insurance choice for you and your vehicle.


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